Elmestone Hardwicke Volume 3 Part 4 Elmstone Hardwicke, Gloucestershire
Volume 3, Christenings, Marriages & Burials 1680-1741
With additional information extracted from the Bishops Transcripts (shown underlined)

Part 4 - General Entries 1738-1741
William Williams Clerk was inducted to the Vicarage of Elmstone Hardwick the 29th of September 1738 as wit:
John Lloyd Rector of Kemmerton
Present: Will: Collins parish clark
Will Soal & Daniel Cook Churchwardens

Giles Hyate was buried 
14 October
Mary the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Smart was baptised 
5 November
Jane the wife of Almer Miles was buried 
10 January
Thomas Neal of Alston in the Parish of Cheltenham & Rebecka Lawrence of the same were married by Licence 
18 January
Elizabeth the daughter of Wm Gainor & Dorothy his wife was baptised 
10 February
William Marshal buried 
12 February
John Keare buried 
16 February
Margaret Wilks buried 
4 March
Mary the daughter of William Jueries & Anne his wife bap:
4 March
Catherine the wife of Thomas Stone buried 
6 March
Will: Williams Vicar 

Will: Soul & Dan: Cook Church-wardens

Francis Keare buried 
31 March
Tho: Guest & Anne Halling married 
31 March
Thomas the son of Tho: Kear & Sarah his wife baptised 
10 April
Joseph Pierce & Anne Hill Both of this parish were married by Banns 
7 May
George the son of Daniel Cook buried 
31 May
Tho: son of Tho: & Sarah Weaver baptised 
3 June
Wm the bastard child of Mary Holbrook bap:
23 September
Thomas Stone buried 
2 November
Elizabeth the daughter of Francis Toms & Alice his wife bap:
9 November
Anne the daughter of John & Eliz: Cook was bap:
19 January
Mary the wife of the Revd Mr Tho: Buckle of Staverton buried 
29 February
Betty the daughter of Thomas Barnard & ………. his wife bap:
16 March
Will: Williams Vicar 

Edward Merriman & Tho: Piff Churchwardens

William the son of Thomas & Joyce Piff buried 
30 April
Anne the daughter of Daniel & Mary Cook baptised 
4 May
Hanna the daughter of John Piff buried 
9 May
Anne the daughter of Eliz: Kear buried 
11 May
Mary the daughter of Tho: and Sarah Weaver buried 
8 June
Tho: the son of Tho: & Sarah Weaver buried 
18 June
William the son of Tho: & Sarah Kear bap:
24 August
Elizabeth the daughter of John Welsh & Eliz. his wife bap:
13 September
Anne the daughter of Daniel Smith & Eliz. his wife bap:
15 September
Robert the son of Will: & Mary Butt baptised 
28 September
John Togwell of Boddington & Elizabeth Cook of Uckington married by Licence 
1 October
Will: the bastard child of Mary Holbrook buried 
7 January
Will: the son of Will: Allen and Mary his wife baptised 
8 February
Daniel the son of Daniel Cook buried 
8 March
Thomas the son of Tho: Bub & Mary his wife baptised 
15 March
Will: Williams Vicar 

Tho: Piff & Edward Merriman Churchwardens

Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Marshal buried woollen
27 March
Eliz: the daughter of Tho: & Sarah Weaver baptised 
31 March
Richard the son of Thomas and Joyce Piff baptised 
3 March
William the son of Samuel Pye Junior & Mary his wife baptised 
5 April
William Soul Senr of Hardwick buried woollen
11 May
Charles the son of James Yeend and Anne his wife bap:
1 May
William the son of Tho: & Sarah Kear buried 
15 June
Dorothy the daughter of William & Dorothy Gayner baptised 
28 June
Joseph the son of Joseph and Anne Pearce baptised 
17 July
James Styles & Eleanor Parker married by Licence 
25 July
William the son of William and Mary Cook baptised 
20 August
Sarah Mathews buried 
7 September
Isaac Cole & Eliz. Little both of Cheltenham married by Banns 
4 October
William Turner of Boddington & Mary Lane of Bp's Cleeve were married 
21 October
William Frye of Ampney Crucis in ye County of Cloucester Gent: & Elizabeth Pope of Cheltenham married by Licence 
23 November
Josiah the son of Will: Everies buried 
22 January
John Cook the son of William Cook and Mary his wife buried
17 February

At the back of this volume are found a copy of the Bishops Transcript for 1716/17 and the following three entries:
Anne the daughter of Wm Collins was buried
10 February 1716
John son of John Collins was buried
16 February 1719
Richd son of John Collins was buried
28 May 1725

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