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Pendock Volume 1 Burials Pendock, Worcestershire
Volume 1 1558-1685
Compared with the Bishops Transcripts with additional information included
and shown as underlined.

Part 3 - Burials 1558-1667
The names of such persons as have been buried synce the first yeare of the Raigne of or Sovueraigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of God Queene of England Frannce and Ireland defender of the faith &c
Anno 1558 Anno primo Elizabeth 
Robert Baker 
18 November
Ao Dom 1559 Anno tertio Elizabeth 
Thomas Beale the sonne of Thomas Beale theldr
6 December
Robert Jackeman the sonne of Thomas Jackeman 
18 December
Anno dom 1563 Anno Elizabeth iiijo
William Loue 
12 November
Anno dom 1565 Anno Elizabeth vo
Agnes Beale 
19 September
Thomas Merry thelder
9 December
Agnes Merry 
6 July
Anno dom 1573 Anno Elizabeth xvo
Julyan Sandford the mother of William Sandford 
27 June
Anno dom 1574 Anno Elizabeth xvjo
John Merry theldr
15 September
Joane Jackeman widdowe
20 October
Anno Elizabeth xvijo
Agnes Dugmore wyddowe
24 February
Anno dom 1575 
Margaret Curtesse the wife of Thomas Curtesse 
25 April
Elizabeth Barnard the wife of William Barnard 
26 October
Anno Elizabeth xviijo
Joane Jackeman the daughter of William & Margeret Jackeman 
30 January
Thomas Merry parson 
Richard Reade & John Barnard Churchwardens
Isabell Webbe the daughter of William & Alice Webbe 
12 March
Richard Davys the sonne of Hughe & Anne Davys 
20 March
Anno dom 1576 
John Gatfield theldr
20 April
Anno Elizabeth xixo
Anne & Alice the daughters of William & Margaret Jackeman 
17 December
Anno dom 1577 Anno Elizabeth xxo
Anne Jackeman the daughter of William & Margaret Jackeman 
24 December
Anno dom 1578 
Margery Webbe the daughter of William & Alice Webbe 
1 April
Alice Nanfan the wife of John Nanfan Esq
1 May
Agnes Gatfield the wife of Robert Gatfield theldr
29 May
John Beale thelder
9 July
Anno dom 1579 Anno Elizabeth xxjo
Anne Jackeman the daughter of William & Margaret Jackeman 
19 August
John Beale the sonne of Thomas & Joane Beale 
3 October
Anno Elizabeth xxijo
Richard Beale 
24 November
Thomas Beale thunger & sonne of ye said Richard
the day aforesayd
Anno dom 1580 
Robert Gatfield thelder
17 March
Anno Elizabeth xxiijo
Margaret Gatfield the wife of Richard Gatfielde 
4 December
Anno dom 1582 Anno Elizabeth xxiiijo
Margery Watts the wife of James Watts 
26 March
William Beale thelder
29 August
Anno dom 1583 Anno Elizabeth xxvo
Henry Reade the sonne of Richard & Elenor Reade 
12 June
Danyell Freeman 
15 October
Anno dom 1587 Anno Elizabeth xxxo
William Reade the sonne of Richard & Elenor Reade 
25 December
Anno dom 1588 Anno Elizabeth xxxjo
Robert Hall the sonne of Robert & Joyse Hall 
3 January
Anno dom 1589 Anno Elizabeth xxxijo
Elizabeth Russell the daughter of Robert & Alice Russell 
23 November
Anno dom 1591 Anno Elizabeth xxxiijo
Xpofer Russell thelder
13 April
Anno Elizabeth xxxiiijo
Jane Gurney the wife of Thomas Gurney 
17 March
Anno dom 1592 
Alice Lane wyddowe
29 April
Elizabeth Jackeman single woman
20 August
Thomas Merry parson 
Richard Reade & John Barnard Churchwardens
Anno Elizabeth xxxvo
Richard Gylbert thelder
15 December
Anno dom 1593 
Thomas Beale thelder
22 September
Anno dom 1595 Anno Elizabeth xxxvijo
Robert Ryver thelder
27 April
Anno dom 1596 Anno Elizabeth xxxviijo
Robert Gatfield thelder
31 July
Anno Elizabeth xxxixo
Anne Romsbury the daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Romsbury 
25 November
Anno dom 1597 
Margery Beale widdowe
25 March
Hughe Romsbury the sonne of Thomas & Elizabeth Romsbury 
21 June
Anno Elizabeth xlo
John Lane thunger
23 January
Margery Barnard the wife of Thomas Barnard thelder
14 February
Anno dom 1598 Anno Elizabeth xljo
Joane Lane the daughter of John & Elizabeth Lane 
3 January
Margery Beale the daughter of Thomas & Margaret Beale 
the day aforesaid
William Barnard thelder
28 January
Richard the base sonne of Anne Watts 
10 March
Anno dom 1599 
Alice Beale widowe
26 June
Elizabeth Stone widdowe
27 August
Anno Elizabeth xlijo
Thomas Hall thelder
6 January
Fraunces the sonne of Thomas Wattis 
24 January
Robert Russell thelder
9 March
Anno dom 1600 
Thomas Hooper 
25 May
Christopher Beale 
2 July
Anno Elizabeth xliijo
Richard the sonne of Thomas Skalls [?]
20 March
Anno dom 1601 
Mauld the daughter of Robert and Mauld River 
5 April
John the sonne of Thomas and Margery Merry 
13 June
Thomas Dugmore 
25 July
Thomas Merry parson 
John Greeneway & Thomas Beale gard.
Anno Elizabeth xliiijo
John the sonne of Jephrey Cockeshoot 
3 February
Mary the daughter of John Band [?]
6 March
Anno dom 1602 
Florice Merry 
6 July
Anno Elizabeth xlvo
George Kent 
24 November
Anno dom 1603 Anno Regis Jacobi primo 
Thomas Barnard 
9 April
Elizabeth Gatfield widdow
31 January
Anno dom 1604 Anno Regis Jacobi secondo 
Thomas the sonne of Thomas Turner and Alice his wife 
27 April
Johan Beale widow
13 June
William River 
16 July
Ao Dom 1605 Anno tertio Jacobi 
Margery the wife of Thomas Merry cler
19 August
Richard Beale the sonne of Robt & Johan Beale 
25 October
George Churchey 
7 February
Thomas the sonne of William & Margery Norris 
14 March
Ao Dom 1606 Ao Jacobi quarto 
Anne Wood widdowe
27 March
Samuell Beale 
20 August
Ao Dom 1607 Ao Jacobi quinto 
Thomas the sonne of Robt Hall 
5 January
Jane the daughter of John Jennings 
10 January
Blaunch daughter to the foresaid Jennings 
21 January
Thomas the sonne of William Norris 
7 March
Ao Dom 1608 Ao Jacobi sexto 
Johan the wife of John Barnard Junr of Forthampton
5 June
Alice the wife of Thomas Gurney 
7 August
Thomas Merry pson of Pendock 
John Barnard & John Reade Churchwardens
Anne the wife of Robt Beale 
18 January
William Webbe 
10 February
Ao Dom 1609 Ao Jacobi septimo 
Richard Barston 
28 April
John Kennie 
23 June
Elinor Rede als Weaver the wife of Richard Reade 
20 November
George Symons 
12 March
Agnes Russell wid.
22 March
Franncis Beale 
23 March
Ao Dom 1610 Ao Jacobi 8o
John Pratte 
12 April
Katherine Watts 
27 May
William the sonne of William Barnard [?]
26 July
Ao Dom 1611 Ao Jacobi 9o
Alice the wife of William Dugmore 
5 October
John Smyth 
23 October
Ao Dom 1612 Ao Jacobi 10o
Blaunch the wife of Florice Daniell 
9 September
Agnes Lane wid.
11 September
Thomas Gurney 
31 October
Robt Pritchard 
5 January
Agnes Hall wid.
11 December
Ao Dom 1613 Ao Jacobi 11o
Margery the wife of William Norris 
11 October
Joane the wife of Jo: Collins 
26 November
By us Thomas Merry pson of Pendock 
Robt Beale & John Beale Churchwardens
John Lane Senr
26 February
William the sonne of William Wodley 
10 March
Anno Dmi 1614 Ao Jacobi 12o
Thomas Barrer 
25 May
William Dugmore 
19 September
John Dugmore 
18 October
William Jackeman 
16 November
Margarette Jackeman wife to the pres. William 
19 November
Richard Rede 
22 November
Agnes Dugmore widd.
13 February
Paule the sonne of Roger Kersey 
2 March
Ao Dom 1615 Ao Jacobi 13o
Ursula the daughter of Blaunch Jackeman widd.
26 April
William Russell the sonne of Robert Russell also deceased
2 May
Franncis the sonne of William Norris 
14 May
Margerie the wife of Robert Beale 
15 October
Ao Dom 1616 Ao Jacobi 14o
John Wingod the sonne of William Wingod & Alice his wife 
29 June
Margery the daughter of Tho: Beale iunr
21 January
Ao Dom 1617 Ao Jacobi 15o
Roger base sonne of Joane Webbe 
29 March
Joane the wife of John Beale 
15 May
Thomas the sonne of John Merry 
19 June
Anne the daughter of William Barnard & Elsabeth his wife 
26 May
By us Thomas Merry Rectr ibid 
John Merry & William Wingod Churchwardens
Thomas the sonne of Thomas Webbe 
19 June
Margarette the daughter the foresd Thomas Webbe 
22 June
Will Wodley 
13 December
Anno Dom 1619 Ao Regis Jacobi Anglie etc xvijo
Johan the wife of Thomas Bishoppe 
2 December
John the sonne of Robert Beale & of Johan his wife 
9 January
Anno Dom 1620 Ao Regis Jacobi Anglie etc xviijo
Margerette Beale widdow
4 July
Elsabeth the wife of Thomas Beale the elder
31 October
Margery Stone spinster
8 December
Ao Dom 1621 Ao Regis Jacobi Anglie etc xixo
Walter the sonne of Jo: Jenninges
21 December
Richard the sonne of Jo: Elles
27 December
Mauld the wife of John Jackeman 
20 January
Ao Dom 1622 Ao Regis Jacobi 20o
Katherine the wife of John Barnard 
28 December
Perrin Taylor widd.
23 January
Ao Dom 1623 et Ao Regis Jacobi Anglie etc xxjo
Isabell the wife of William Birche 
13 October
William the sonne of Thomas Webbe
1 November
John Rede
15 February
Ao Dom 1624 Annoqe Regis Jacobi Anglie etc xxijo
Thomas the sonne of Thomas Benfield 
11 August
Ao Dom 1625 Aoqe Regis Caroli 1o
Robt Jakeman
12 April
Thomas Bishoppe 
11 July
Thomas Turner [?]
17 August
Elizabeth Lane widd.
21 August
By us Thomas Merry Rectr ibid 
William Dugmore Churchwarden
John the sonne of Thomas Webbe 
8 January
Robt Russell 
17 January
Julian the wife of William Simons 
18 January
Anno Dom 1626 Aoqe Regis Caroli 2o
Joane the wife of John Greeneway 
3 May
Elizabeth Jackeman widdow
14 October
John Barnard 
24 October
Thomas the sonne of Jo: Jackeman 
6 November
Willm Symons 
17 December
Willm the sonne of Robt Beale
14 March
Ao Dom 1627 Aoqe Caroli Regis tertio 
ye base daughter of Alice Sharpe 
25 July
Ao Dom 1628 Aoqe Caroli 4 
Joane Cockeshotte widd
14 February
John Reade 
17 March
Anno Dom 1629 Aoqe Regis Caroli 5o
Alice the wife of Thomas Lane 
13 May
Elizabeth the daughter of Luke Reeve 
30 October
William the sonne of Thomas Merry clearke
8 December
Ao Dom 1630 Aoqe Regis Caroli 6o
Richard the sonne of Robert Beale & Joane his wife 
15 April
Elizabeth Symonds wid
12 May
Thomas Merry minister 
Thomas Beale Junior & John Jackeman senior gardiani
John the sonne of William Bycke & Margarette his wife 
28 July
John Pope 
27 August
William Barnard 
1 September
Battrice Whitney the daughter of Lewis Whitney 
28 November
Joane Webbe spinster
7 February
Alice Webbe widdow
11 February
Thom: the sonne of Walter Edwards 
12 February
Margaret the wife of Jephrey Cockeshutte 
24 February
Anno Domini 1631 Aoqe Regis Caroli septimo 
William Walker 
13 November
Anne the wife of Tho: Merry cler
17 November
Joyce the wife of Robt Hall 
13 January
Anno Domini 1632 Aoqe Regni Regis Caroli octavo 
Elizabeth the wife of Ric. Mayoe 
12 June
Robt Beale the elder
5 July
Alice the daughter of Tho: Webbe 
30 July
Anno Dom 1633 et Regis Caroli 9o
Roger Cockeshutte 
10 May
Elioner the wife of John Elles 
19 November
Joane Barrett widd
23 March
Ao Dom 1634 Caroli Regis 10 
Margaret the base daughter of Joane Beale 
26 November
Thomas Merry minister 
Thomas Beale Junior & Gabriell Beale gardiani
Margarett the wife of Thomas Beale Junr
26 December
Joane Homme widdowe
14 March
Ao Dom 1635 Aoqe Regis Caroli undecimo 
Mary the daughter of John Dugmore & Dorothee his wife 
30 April
Jane the wife of John Wodley 
4 January
John the sonne of Luke Reeve & Margery his wife 
10 January
Ao Dom 1636 Aoqe Regni Regis Caroli xijo
Jane the wife of Roger Kersey 
2 May
Jo: the sonne of Jo: Jackeman iunioris
22 June
Jo: the sonne of Jo: Dugmore & Dorothee his wife 
6 August
Thomas Lane 
17 August
Richard Owen 
2 October
Joane the wife of John Cockshutte 
12 October
Robt Hall 
19 October
William the sonne of William Webbe 
4 November
Anne the wife David Lewies 
12 December
Sible the wife John Lane 
29 December
John Lane 
11 January
Tho: Merry Clearke 
Roger Kersey
24 June
Anno Dom: 1638 aoq: Regis Caroli Decimo quarto 
Tho: Merry Clerke & Rector of the parish church of Pendocke
21 May
John Jackeman 
22 November
Mary the wife of Richard Whopper 
4 December
Eliz: Bernard widdowe
5 March
Anno Di 1639 Aoq: Regis Caroli Decimo quinto 15o
Jo: Merry senior
16 April
Elizabetha uxor Henrici Barbard generosi
16 March
1640 Regis Caroli 16o
Johannes Hill 
8 April
Anno Dom: 1641 Annoq Caroli 17o
Alice uxor Gabriell Beale 
11 April
Thomas Beale the elder Beale of Raynolds Beale 
12 September
John Dugmore 
2 February
John Greeneway 
3 February
Anno Dom 1642 
Gabriell Beale 
14 April
Elizabeth Clarke the daughter of Will: Clarke 
Will: Benfield the sonne of Barbara 
Anno Dom 1643 
Ann Beale the daughter of Gabriell Beale & Alice his wife 
3 February
Anno 1644 
Elizabeth the daughter of Richard & Susanna Lawrence 
13 May
Anno 1645 
Richard Jennings 
5 September
Alice the wife of Will: Wingod 
Joane the wife of Will: Dugmore 
24 January
per me Tho: Nanfan Rector 
Anno Dom 1646 
William sonn to John Jackman of the Cleeve-house
Luke Reeve 
11 January
on the morrow was buried Mary his daughter 
Anno Dom 1647 
Richd Gundy 
23 August
Anno Dom 1648 
Richard Maio alias Tyler of the Parish of Pendocke
21 September
Anno Dom 1649 
Elizabeth Beale 
Margery Merry wid
Ao 1650 
Willm Norris 
12 April
Margaret the daughter of John Merry & Ann his wife 
14 May
Doroty [?] Coxeat the wife of John Coxeat 
3 June
Edward Tergy the sonne of Willm Tergy 
16 June
Joane Owen widdow
7 October
John Jennings 
20 October
Anno 1651 
Joane Jennings 
30 May
Willm Wingod Senr
16 November
Tho: Dugmore 
26 November
Anno 1652 
Henry Barnard 
7 April
ye body of Tho: [?] Beale of Castle-Morton as Tho: Auford affirmed
25 September
Anno 1655 
ye Widow Jennings ye Relict of Jo: Jennings 
16 January
the wife of William Bicke 
Anno 1657 
Margarett ye wife of Jo: Jackman of the Cleeve-house
19 January
Ann the wife of Jo: Merry 
Thomas Auford 
19 August
Margaret ye wife of Tho: Reeve 
Mr Nicholas Ballard (A:B: Ball. Oxon) was inducted August the 20th 1661 By Mr William Terett (A:M: de ead Coll:) Rector of Maddresfield Mr Ballard succeeded by Brother John Ballard the Rector of Birtsmorton wher he continued about 3 years then removed to Pendock. 
Mathias Laurence 
26 September
Thomas Nanfan cler Rector of this Church
And a zealous minister of the word of Fod Memoria iusti benedicta etc 
19 February
Samuel Broad now of Rencomb comit Glouc: succeeded him for 2 years then Nich: Ballard from Morton Birch 
Anno 1659 
Edward Tomkins the sonne of Jane Tomkins wid
10 June
Thomasin Cockshoot widow
10 June
John Cockshoot senior
9 February
Anno 1661 
John the sonne of William Dugmore of Portway
28 July
Ann the wife of the said William Dugmore 
30 July
Elizabeth the daughter of John Ockley and Elizabeth his wife 
8 October
Mary the daughter of John Mayo & Sisley his wife 
18 December
Joane the wife of John Barnard 
21 December
John Merry 
4 January
Symon Lewis 
29 January
Thomas Jennings 
2 February
Anno 1662 
Joane the wife of Richard Lucie 
13 November
Anno 1663 
Elizabeth Sermon 
19 April
Alice the wife of Thomas Prosser 
10 May
John Davis 
19 August
William Stephens 
19 October
Barbarah the wife of William Marden 
28 October
Anno 1664 
Margaret the wife of Thomas Whitten gent:
28 July
Richard Lucie
28 August
Richard Wingod a poor fatherless & motherless orphan left on the parish
1 June
Richard the son of Franncis Carelesse
24 February
Anno 1666 
Sarah the daughter of Franncis Careles and Margerie his wife 
6 May
Alice Reeve widowe
29 August
Margaret the wife of William Webbe senior
11 February
Nicholas Ballard Rector 
Buriall Anno 1667 
Anne the wife of John Beale 
26 July

The entries for 1668 to 1685 have been duplicated at the beginning of Volume 2 of the Register.
Consequently they do not appear in this transcript.

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