Don Mason
This is a compilation of the details of the Mason, Mason-Williams, Wrench and Bright Family History along with the Carbert Family that I have managed to gather to this date.

We start with Thomas Wrench (dates unknown) and go to William Wrench(1771)and William Wrench(1808). This William Wrench had a son, George Wrench Mason who joined the army under the name of John George Williams. Some the descendants of John George Williams have changed their surnames names through time and their descendants now use the name Mason or Mason-Williams.

The first Wrench family members farmed at an estate called Huntington Hall just south of Chester, Cheshire, England. The original stable has been preserved as a heritage building and has been converted to a health spa.

Some of the descendants of John George Williams migrated to Canada where they spread from Ontario to Saskatchewan. Some members of the Bright family migrated to Pennsylvania, USA.

The Carbert Family originated in Yorkshire and moved to Ontario, Minnisota and then Saskatchewan.

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