Dowden Family Reunion 2000

John C. Dowden and Aunt Jewell Dowden

Cousins Ed and Jim visiting.

Carolyn provided the long family tree.

Cousin Bill

Kay Dowden and her Aunt Charlotte

The tables were heavily loaded with goodies.

Cousin Dixie, Beatrice and Carolyn

Getting reacquainted over Fortune Cookies

Greeting Aunt Jewell

John Dowden visiting with Laren Wayne

Aunt Jewell

Brothers David and Bill Dowden (left to right)

Brenda Chance and John Dowden

Cousins Ralph Dowden and John Dowden

Some of Uncle Walter's Clan

Melvin Dowden visiting with Beatrice's husband.

Unidentifed younger cousins

Cousin Dixie backed up by husband Walter

Enjoying a hearty meal iwth extended family

Kay and Grace Dowden caught playing games.

John Dowden with daughter Kay.

Carolyn Dowden Jamail with Aunt Jewell

Families had plenty left over for supper.

Desert Table

Uncle Johnnie's Daughters -- Lois and Gloria

Glennon Richardson visiting with Keenan Dowden

Red-Headed Tot 

Lively conversation with Dixie Dowden Tucker

Grace Dowden preparing for games.

Overview of the Gathering

Uncle Charlie's Clan

Uncle Walter's Clan

Uncle Johnnie's Clan

Cullen Phillip Darrell and Rebecca (Dowden) Bordages

Unidentified Cousins

Cousins Dixie Dowden Tucker, Melvin Dowden, Bernice Elgar

Uncle William's Clan

Uncle Mitchel's Clan (Brenda Dowden Chance and Ernest Chance)

Carolyn Dowden Jamail

More unidentified Cousins

Lively youngsters promise future reunions

Cousin Keenan Dowden and Aunt Jewell

Ed Dowden and Bill Dowden, both Texas A&M Alumni

Mert Dowden playing intense Dowden Bingo

Bea Dowden Smith and Sue Dowden Avery playing Bingo

Carolyn auctioning off a lovely China cup.

Carolyn auctioning Dowden Coat of Arms

Ed and Sue Dowden got the Dowden Coat of Arms

Running the Dowden BINGO game

Sue is about ready to call "BINGO!"

Door Prizes?

Earnest Chance looks ready to go.

Cousin Ralph at the piano

Eat or play Bingo?

Ralph at the piano accompanied by Kay and Bernice.



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August 20, 2001