West Virginia Historical Society

WV Historical Society

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The West Virginia Historical Society (WVHS) is incorporated under the laws of West Virginia as a non-profit corporation.  The Society is organized solely for educational civic, benevolent, and philanthropic purposes.  All persons interested in assisting and supporting its program are most cordially invited to join.

The purposes for which the Society was incorporated are as follows:  

to promote interest in West Virginia history,
to discover, collect and preserve historical materials,
to assist in preserving historical sites and properties,
to cooperate with state, local and federal agencies in the promotion of 
recreational and educational facilities, including the preservation of historic
sites, places and properties; and, in general,
to do all things proper for the attainment of said objects.

Further, the WVHS cooperates with county and local historical societies in accomplishing their goals.

We have a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer and regional vice presidents from each congressional district.  We publish a quarterly magazine with articles of interest for both historians and genealogists.

The WVHS is the fifth statewide Society to be formed in West Virginia.  The first West Virginia Historical Society formed in 1869 and continued until 1884.  The present Society formed in 1940 and incorporated in 1946.