Lincoln Marriage Temple, Mercer County, Kentucky
The Lincoln Marriage Temple
The Lincoln Marriage Cabin
In this historic cabin Thomas and Nancy Hanks were married June 12, 1806 by the Reverend Jesse Head.
The marriage bond signed by Thomas Lincoln and Richard Berry and witnessed by John H. Parrott dated June 10, 1806 and the minister's return of marriage or lodged in the records of the Washington County court at Springfield, Kentucky.
The Reverend Jesse Head who performed the marriage ceremony lived in Harrodsburg and is buried here. He was a regular ordained Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
This cabin was the first home of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks. It was known in pioneer days as the Richard Berry cabin and was located at Beechland, Washington County, Kentucky. Richard Berry was the Uncle and Guardian of Nancy Hanks.
The cabin was presented in 1914(?)by it's owner William A. Clements(?) of Springfield, Kentucky ......
(the rest I can not read)
Nancy Hanks 1784 - 1818
Thomas Lincoln 1778 - 1851
As of right now, I do not know what these signs say about Nancy Hanks and Thomas Lincoln. The angle was too narrow to take good pictures and I am not able to magnify the pictures enough to read them. I am trying to find out what they say, when I do I will post it here.
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