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The Cheuvront Family 

Joseph Cheuvront Birth in France

Baptismal certificate for Joseph Cheuvront reads - Translated: 

Republic of France, Archives of the town of Strasbourg, Registration of Baptism. Catholic Parish, St Laurent Cathedral, 1757, Book N. 70, page 307

"Today, the second day of February in the year one thousand seven hundred fifty seven, by me the Rector, signed below, at the Cathedral Church of Argentine was baptized Joseph, son of Francis Chevron and Nicola Febvre, a married pair, who have lived in this parish two months. The birth was yesterday. The godfather was Joseph Brutan living in the parish of St. Louis and the godmother, Regina Pelliceir, all who have written below (signed below)

Signatures: Godfather: Brutan
Godmother: Raine Pelliceir
Father: F. Cheuvront
Lider, Rector at St. Laurence

The Cheuvront Family Tradition of Joseph's Early Years

There is no proof of the following, but it is family tradition.   Joseph was the second son of a French nobleman under Louis XVI of France. According to tradition, his father was determined that he become a priest, while Joseph's mother contended that he be allowed some choice in the matter. Joseph was educated for the Roman Catholic priesthood at Nantes, France, but later denounced this faith and was disowned and disinherited by his family. In 1771, when he was 15 years old, he left home and supposedly threw his cap with gold braid and insignia of rank on it, denoting his royal connection, into the river Seine, thereby severing his connection with French royalty, and went to England. 

In London, England, he took an English primer and went to school, while being employed as a guilder (goldsmith). Although he read and spoke six different languages, including Greek and Hebrew, he was not familiar with English. One day a youth, much further advanced than he, was working a problem in Math when Joseph, looking at his work, said, "That is not right", speaking aloud as was the custom in those days. The "Master" immediately inquired what Joseph knew about it and was shown wherein the problem was wrong.  He was listed as a "Guilder" by trade when he sailed for America with 35 young men from London on the ship "Virginia" Nov 18, 1773. His name appears on the ship passenger lists as Joseph Cheavant of London, age 20, a Guilder by trade.

Another tradition was that the name of Joseph Cheuvront was on a list of heirs to European properties. Supposedly, Dr. Jesse Cheuvront and a cousin made plans to go to France and claim the property at the end of the Civil War. Before they went they discovered that all unclaimed property reverted to the French government after fifty years.

Joseph Cheuvront in America

Upon arrival in America, Joseph was "bound" out to Moses Elsworth, to pay his passage. The Elsworths lived in New York City.  Joseph became a member of the Elsworth family and a tutor to the Elsworth children. While being fluent in several languages, including Greek and Hebrew, Joseph was not proficient in English and studied English in a New York school. Early in the year of 1777, at Germany Valley Augusta County, VA, he married the Elsworth's daughter, Elizabeth. Brooks Lockhart's Book states Jan. 1777 in New York. Joseph supposedly was was in New York for a few years. He became a Methodist minister in 1776, being licensed by the John's Street Church, New York, the first Methodist church in America.

Sometime during the year 1778 he, with the Elsworths, located in Rockingham County, Virginia, now the North Fork District Pendleton County, WV. He learned farming in the Germany Valley, where the Hinkles had settled some years before at Circleville. In the "Heads of Families of VA 1784 for Rockingham County", Joseph is shown, along with Moses Elsworth, Sr and Jr. and Yost Henkle. The list is Isaac Henkle's.

According to his statements, in 1779 He was "converted to God" and the year following, united himself "with the despised Methodist". He was almost immediately licensed an exhorter. By 1780 he was licensed a "local preacher".

Joseph Cheuvront was called out with the VA Militia in April, 1780 when requisition was made on the state of Virginia for 300 men in the American Army of the Revolution. Rev War R1907 Virginia. He served until, and was present at, the surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown, VA, in Oct 1781. A family tradition has it that he served as substitute Chaplain although just being enlisted as a private. The Daughters of the American Revolution have recognized his record of service, and membership has been granted his descendants. In an excerpt from a letter written by Isaac Robbins to Bishop Asbury, 1813, concerning the death of the Reverend Lasley Matthews, Matthews dated his turning to God in the fall that Cornwallis was taken, "through the instrumentality of Brother Joseph Cheuvront, who used to carry a Bible in his pocket and read to him and converse with him pertaining to the kingdom of God." From Memoirs Minutes of Baltimore M.E. Church Conference, 1813.

"Lasley Matthews was also a pioneer itinerant of these times, an Irishman, and a papist, who had served in the Revolutionary war. While in camp, he was associated with Chieuvrant, who himself had been a papist, but who now read to his comrade a small Bible which he carried in his pocket, and thus led him to a religious life. Both became zealous preachers and founders of the Church in the West. We have met Chieuvrant repeatedly, and seen him last preaching in moccasins and pursuing with his rifle the murderous Indians on the Monongahela, a brave man as well as a devoted evangelist. Matthews began to travel in 1780, and preached during twenty-seven years, mostly in the hardest parts of the work. After doing chivalric service he was crowned with a fitting victory. He died in 1818, on his way to meet his brethren in Conference. "When," wrote one of his friends, "he could no longer articulate, by putting my ear to his lips, I could hear him attempting to say, 'Glory! Praise him! My Jesus come!' " "

There is a record in Rockingham County VA dated 1787 Book 1, page 397 showing "Chenveront, Joseph" 62 acres Flat Spring, N Fk. Pot. Name is copied as 'Chenveront, Joseph'. Pendleton County (West) Virginia deedbook records, 1788-1813 By Rick Toothman:  Page 12: Joseph and Elizabeth Cheuvront of Randolph county to Moses Henkle power of attorney to sell 62 acres east side of the North Fork to Christian Hynecker. Witnesses were John and David Sleeth and David Sleeth. May 2, 1791 sale of land.

On March 29, 1796 a marriage was performed between John Hacker and Sussannah Smith, daughter of David Smith by Joseph Cheaveront in Randolph County, VA

The Cheuvront,Elsworths, Henckles, and Bumgardners relocated to Harrison County, (W)VA sometime around the end of the 1700's. The Elsworths and Cheuvronts first settled on Coburn's Creek, near Clarksburg, but later they all moved up on the West Fork River, near where the village of Good Hope now stands.

Joseph Cheuvront the Minister

Joseph was ordained into the Methodist ministry at the Conference meeting in Uniontown, PA on July 29, 1790 after having served some ten years as a licensed local preacher. He gave bond to perform marriage services on the 20th of Sept. 1790 in Harrison County, Virginia.  

History of Harrison county by Henry Haymond reports:
September Court 1790 - Joseph Chevuront a minister of the Methodist Church, qualified to administer the rights of matrimony.

Know All Men by these presents that we Jos.Cheuvront, David Sleeth & William Radcliff of Harrison Cty & state of Virginia are held & firmly bound in the XXXX sum of XXXX Five hundred pounds Virginia Currency payable to Beverly Randolph Governor of Virginia XXXX or his successors XXXX for the true & legal performance XXXX XXXX XXXX thereof we also Bind ourselves Heirs Exors. & Admrs in the Above Mentioned sum In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands & seals this 20th day of September 1790.

The Condition of the Above obligation is such that if the Above Bounder Joseph Cheuvront Minister of the Gospell in ye Methodist Episcopal Church Shall truly perform his Duty Agreable to the Act to Regulate the solemnization of Marriages passed by An Act of assembly in the Year 1784 Then this Obligation to be Void otherwise to Remain in full force & Virtue in Law.

Jos. Cheuvront 
Acknowledged in Open Court 
David W. Sleeth
Teste Benj.Wilson  and William X Radcliff

The first recorded marriage celebrated by Joseph was that of David Bennett and Christina Bumgardner, April 5, 1791. Then April 11 of the same year he officiated at the marriage of Edmond West and Catherine Elsworth, his wife s sister. On Feb 2, 1818, he officiated at the marriage of Gideon Cheuvront, his son and Phoebe Post.  The last marriage he performed was that of Isaac Cheuvront, his grandson and Catherine Childers on September 30, 1830.

From Sketches of the Life and Labors of James Quinn by John Wright published in 1851 and from Quinn's journal, pages 47 and 48

"Methodism could obtain no footing in Clarksburg for many years -- not so now, I am told; but some eight or ten miles still further up the West Fork, a door was opened, and a blessed work ensured. Many souls were born of God. The patriarch in the membership here was old Moses Ellsworth, of German descent. He was great grandfather to our Ellsworths of the OHio conference. His wife was a Henkle, and a grandaunt to the Henkles who once were with us. I used to think of the father and mother of JOhn the Baptist, when I saw this venerable pair. They are long since gone, but Ichabod has not yet been written upon the family escutcheon.

"In this vicinity lived and labored and died in holy triumph, Joseph Chieuvrant, a Frenchman by birth. He was converted from Catholicism, and converted to God, about the commencement of the Revolution, and had permission to exhort. He was called out by draft as a militia-man in the army; he became acquainted with and was insturmental in the conversion of Lasley Matthews, an Irish Catholic. These men were mighty in the Scriptures; they preached, and loved, and lived holy. Many a good Bible lesson hav I taken from them; for I always intended to learn something when I got in company with such men. Old brother Chieuvrant was one of the most extensively-useful local preachers I ever knew. He was son-in-law of old father Ellsworth." 

He was ordained into the Wesleyan ministry before the organization of the Methodist Episcopal church and on May 1, 1801. was admitted to the Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Church and served two charges in the Pittsburgh District of that Conference, both being Ohio.

There is a tradition that he served as Presiding Elder of the Ohio District through the last months of 1790 and the first months of 1791. 

As a minister of the Methodist church, the work of Joseph Cheuvront extended to different circuits of Northern West Virginia and Ohio, but his initial experience was confined to the backwoods settlements on the West Fork River. Here the first church services were held in private homes. It is said he was the first minister at the Bethel Methodist Church at Good Hope, Harrison County West Virginia. According to Hammond's History of Harrison County: "Methodism could obtain no footing in Clarksburg for many years, but some eight or ten miles up the West Fork was a flourishing society, headed by Moses Elsworth. In this neighborhood was Joseph Cheuvront of great usefulness and much loved by his people. He was a Frenchman."

The Rev. Henry Smith of the Baltimore Conference visited the Clarksburg Circuit in 1794. He speaks of finding a goodly society under the charge of Rev. Joseph Cheuvront, 15 miles from Clarksburg. Narrating his experience, he tells the following:

"From this place, I pushed ahead through Clarksburg and met my first appointment at the house of Joseph Bonnette, about 5 miles above Clarksburg. The people came to this meeting from 4 or 5 miles around, among them Joseph Cheuvront, quite a respectable local preacher. They were all backwoods people and came to meeting in backwoods style - all on foot -- a considerable congregation. I looked around a saw one old man with shoes on his feet. The preacher, Joseph Cheuvront, wore Indian moccasins. Every man, woman and child besides were barefooted. Two old women had on what was
then called short gowns, and the rest had neither short nor long gowns. This was a novel sight for me for a Sunday congregation. Brother Cheuvront in the moccasins could have preached all around me, but I was a stranger and withal the circuit preacher and must preach. Of course I did my best and soon found if there were no fine dresses in the congregation, there were attentive hearers and feeling hearts. Here I saw men coming to meeting with their rifles on their shoulders, and setting their guns in the corner till after the meeting."

Other notes from History of Methodist Church:
In this vicinity (West Fork area of Harrison County) lived and labored, and died in holy triumph, Joseph Chieuvrant, a Frenchman by birth. He was converted from Catholicism, and converted to God, about the commencement of the Revolution, and had permission to exhort. He was called out by draft as a militia-man in the army; he became acquainted with and was instrument in the conversion of Lasley Matthews, an Irish Catholic. These men were mighty in the Scriptures; they preached and loved, and lived holy. Chieuvrant was one of the most extensively useful local preachers I ever knew. Still on the West Fork, ascending, a Society was raised at an early date. Some of these people journeyed to the West, and settled in Champaign County, Ohio, where some of their posterity are still in the ranks of Methodism. 

After the death of his first wife, he was assigned the Muskingum and Hockhoekin Circuit, with some 30 preaching places. According to the Rev. J.A. Earl, he organized the first Methodist Church in Randolph County.

In an excerpt from a letter written by Isaac Robbins to Bishop Asbury, 1813, concerning the death of the Reverend Lasley Matthews, he (Matthews) dated his turning to God in the fall that Cornwallis was taken, "through the instrumentality of Brother Joseph Cheuvront, who used to carry a Bible in his pocket and read to him and converse with him pertaining to the kingdom of God." See Memoirs Minutes of Baltimore M.E. Church Conference, 1813.
  In "A Compenious History of of American Methodism" by Abel Stevens, page 356, there is a report of this meeting:

Other Events in his Life

Andrew Withers in 'Chronicles of Border Warfare' reports "On the 24th of July (1794) six Indians visited the West Fork River and at the mouth of Freeman's Creek met with and made prisoner a daughter of John Runyon. She was taken off by two of the savages, but did not go more than ten or twelve miles before she was put to death. The four Indians who remained proceeded down the river and the next day came to the house of William Carder near below the mouth of Hacker's Creek. Mr Carder discovered them approaching in time to fasten his door, but in the confusion of the minute, shut out two of his small children, who however ran off unperceived by the savages and arrived in safety at the house of a neighbor. He then commenced firing and hallooing so as to alarm those who were near and to intimidate the Indians. Both objects were accomplished. The Indians contented themselves with shooting at the cattle, and then retreated. Mr. Joseph Cheuvront, who lived nearby, hearing the report of the guns and the loud cries of Carder, sent his own family to a place of safety, and with nobleness of purpose, ran to the relief of his neighbor. He enabled Carder to remove his family to a place of greater safety, although the enemy was yet near."

About 1799 Joseph Cheuvront built the first frame house in the Upper Monogahela Valley, of hand-sawn lumber. One room was set apart for itinerant ministers, and was fitted with fireplace, a bed and bookcase, and was known as "the preacher's room" as long as the house stood. 

In August of 1800 his wife and his son Joseph Jr both died of typhoid fever. Another son, Simeon, died the same year.

On January 26, 1802 he married Sarah Bollen, his second wife.

In  Harrison County (W)VA, Joseph Cheuvront was elected Overseer of the Poor Upper District.

Final Words of Joseph Cheuvront

He died August 12th, 1832. He was suffering with quinsy that caused his throat to swell, and he was unable to speak. He used a slate to write the following words:  This text was transcribed in 1862 by Lemuel G Cheuvront, great grandson of the Rev Joseph Cheuvront. Lemuel and his brother Andrew received a copy of Joseph's last words from their grandfather Aaron Cheuvront who had copied his from Joseph's original written with chalk on a slate just days before Joseph died.

"Since it has pleased God to deprive me of the power of speech, I bless His holy name I enjoy my mental faculties. My fingers can communicate my wishes on the slate. I address this to you my children as a memento, which I request each of you to transcribe for future generations. I was born in the city of Strasbourg in the empire of France on the 2nd day of February AD 1757. I was reared in the city of Nantes and received my education when very young. In the year of 1771 being in the fifteenth year of my age, I went to England where I remained until 1773 when I embarked for America and landed at Frederickburg in Virginia AD 1774, and was converted to God in the following year.

I united myself with the despised Methodists, and by them have been employed in various stations, to wit, 1st as a class leader, 2nd as an exhorter, 3rd as a local preacher, 4th as a traveling preacher, 5th as a deacon, 6th as an elder and 7th as a recording steward; in all of which places I have I believe given satisfaction to my brethren. I have now been in the Church 53 years, and have never had a charge brought against me. I don't say this to boast, but to ... stimulate you to support and maintain a good character. In the year 1781 at the siege of Yorktown God delivered me from all tormenting fear, and gave me two seals to my ministry. I have filled some important stations in the state in all of which I have endeavored to establish mine and your characters. I have tried to be a father to you, and through great difficulties I have raised you to what you are.

I have often counseled you, and have endeavored to set good examples before you yet some of you remain unconverted, and some of your who profess religion are I fear very superficial and lukewarm. I am soon going to leave you. Must I leave you in the hands of the wicked one? May the good Lord hear and answer my prayers on your behalf! This is the last advice of your dying father. Try to set the fear of God before your eyes. Do not grieve one another, live in peace and love together. Be good to your mother. Do not lay anything in her way that might distress her. I now bid you farewell,. I am truly resigned to the sufferings I experience. I have long looked for and desired the hour of my dissolution. I love God and all mankind. I feel that I am bound for the Kingdom of Glory. Glory to God in the highest!"

Family Graveyard is located on a hill some 500 yards southwest of the forks of the road, by which is the residence of Raymond Cheuvront Vanscoy. The western end of the graveyard has three graves in which are buried Joseph Cheuvront, Elizabeth Elsworth, and Sarah Bollen, his 2nd wife. The Daughters of the American Revolution have erected a tombstone in his memory.

His will disposed of 1300 acres of land and mentions having given his sons some of his holdings before the will. 1790, records showing ownership of 400 acres in Good Hope. His land was on South side of West Fork River and extended from half a mile below bridge at Good Hope about two miles further up, or near the Gusman Bridge.

A copy of the will of Joseph Cheuvront is at the Harrison County Court House in Clarksburg, West Virginia - Will Book #4, page 461

The following information about Joseph Cheuvront was compiled by Barr Wilson and is part of his manuscript, 
Your Ancestors & Mine, a copy of which is in the Archives & Manuscripts Section of the WV Collection at the West Virginia University Library. The following is pages. 17-20.

Cheuvront is not a familiar Ritchie County (WV) name, but when we learn what an army of Ritchie County people are descendants of it, we shall better understand.

Joseph Cheuvront was born in France on February 2, 1757, and early became an altar boy in the Catholic Church. He was place in a parochial school for the purpose of being trained for the priesthood, which was distasteful to him, and he ran away, and was subject to persecution. 

Finally he made his escape to America as a stowaway on a ship, but when he landed, he was bound out to a family by the name of Ellsworth, for two years, for he was yet quite a lad. We have the impression that his first home was in New Jersey, but he was educated in New York; and as the Ellsworths were educated people - Mr. Ellsworth being able to speak several languages, the young man fared well. About the year, 1776, they removed to what is now Coburns Creek near Good Hope in Harrison County, and built a log house which was used for both church and school purposes. Young Cheuvront taught the first school in this house, which he later inherited, and early accepted the call to the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Near 1776 he married the daughter of the house, Miss Elizabeth Ellsworth, who was born on March 20, 1759. 

Just about this time, the American Revolution called for volunteers, and Joseph Cheuvront enlisted for the Colonies in 1776, and continued his service until the surrender at Yorktown, in which he participated. This service was of such a character as to admit his descendants to membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution, and in the Sons of the American Revolution. Miss Hazel Batten, a Ritchie County girl, now of Parkersburg, being the first to establish this right.

Joseph Cheuvront evidently carried his religious fervor into the army with him; for in an excerpt from a letter written by Isaac Robbins to Bishop Asbury, 1813, concerning the death of Reverend Lasley Matthews, he (Matthews) dated his turning to God in the fall that Cornwallis was taken, "Through the instrumentality of Brother Joseph Cheuvront, who used to carry a Bible in his pocket and read to him and converse with him pertaining to the kingdom of God." (See Memoirs Minutes of Baltimore M. E. Church Conference, 1813).

After the Revolution, Joseph Cheuvront and his bride of a few years, settled in Harrison County opposite Good Hope, where he gradually added to his domain until it covered twelve hundred acres. Here he taught and preached. He also preached in Ohio and in Pennsylvania as well. However, his home here at Good Hope was an open forum for the people of God. It is said that the first quarterly meeting in the Upper Monongahela Valley was held at this home here. And Wilbur C. Morrison in the Clarksburg Exponent, 1933, is authority for the statement that the proof of this was found in the cornerstone of the old Goff Chapel, at Clarksburg, and that this proof has been removed to the First Methodist Episcopal Church at that place.

The Cheuvront Family encountered dangers from the Indians but escaped tragedies. Judging from the numerous times his name appears upon the marriage records in Harrison County, one might term him "the Marrying Parson." And among these marriages appear the names of five of his own sons and two of his daughters, at least. That he was a man of character and ability cannot be denied, and he has a wonderful posterity that has pride in the honored name that he left as a heritage. His wife died on August 18, 1800 and was laid away on the old homestead. 

His work carried him into Ohio, and there, at Painsville, he was married a second time on December 2, 1802 to Miss Sarah Bolin, who survived him. After his death on August 12, 1832, she lived on at the old home until her death, 1864. When she was old and infirm, 1853, at the age of seventy-two, she made application for a pension, but for some reason did not get it; as Joseph Cheuvront's discharge had been lost, but these papers are valuable for information herein included, and for the descendants, who are patriotically inclined. (See pension number R-1907 VA)

Joseph Cheuvront and both of his wives lie within a small enclosure just above the tree shown in the picture. The foundation of the original Cheuvront mansion is still to be seen. Shrubbery that they planted, as well as this tree is upon the lawn today; and nearby the old spring that so bountifully quenched the thirst of family and stock in those early days, still sends forth its crystal stream.

The children of Joseph Cheuvront and Elizabeth Ellsworth: Mary Elizabeth, Mrs. William Runyan, Catherine, Mrs. Thomas Stanley - they were the progenitors of the numerous Stanley families of Ritchie County.

They were the first pioneers on Indian Creek, and we turn to that chapter for their line of descendants. Aaron Cheuvront, Joseph died in youth; Priscilla, Mrs. John Powers; Sophia, died at the age of twenty two; Simeon, died in youth; Caleb, later; Amos Cheuvront was the ancestor of Charles Hall, the theater man of Parkersburg; of Mrs. George Abels, and of Herman E Cheuvront, all of Parkersburg; Gideon Cheuvront and James L. Cheuvront.

Children of Joseph Cheuvront and Sarah Bolin: Thomas S. Cheuvront, who by his father's will inherited the family Bible with its record penned in the hand of Joseph Cheuvront, himself and which is still in the hands of his descendants. Enoch, Casandra, who died single; and David Witt Cheuvront. We turn to the Appendix for Bible records.

The will of Joseph Cheuvront is on record of Clarksburg under date of August 1832, and it is quite an interesting document. He had land to give to all of the sons, and had already provided for the married children. Three of the daughters were now married, but he did not forget to provide for the trousseau of Casandra Cheuvront, the youngest daughter, and to her he gave a new Bible. But Thomas Cheuvront, the eldest son by the second marriage fell heir to the precious old French Bible, which is still in the hands of his family.

Joseph Cheuvront´┐Żs Bible is part of the collection of the Methodist Historical Society, West Virginia Wesleyan College Library in Buckhannon, WV    Rev. Wesley L. Cheuvront's widow donated this "new bible" (as Joseph called it in his 1832 will) to the historical society in about 1967. 

This is what is written on the 2nd page, behind the title page, in Joseph's hand: 

Record of births 

  Joseph Cheuvront was born the 2nd day of February 1757 

  Elizabeth Elsworth his first wife was born 20th of March 1759 

Children's ages 

  Mary Elizabeth was born 8th of December 1777 

  Catharine was born 29th of September 1779 

  Aaron was born 14th of March 1782 

  Joseph was born 26th of December 1783 

  Priscilla was born 22d of October 1785 

  Moses was born 30th of December 1787 

  Simeon was born 16th of March 1790 

  Caleb was born 10th of February 1792 

  Amos was born 23rd of April 1794 

  Gideon was born 14th of February 1796 

  James Liteford was born 25th of February 1798 


  Joseph died 12th of August 1800 

  Elizabeth Elsworth died 18th August 1800 

  Simeon died in the year 1800 day unknown 

  Moses died in the year 1802 

Descendants of Joseph Cheuvront:

1 Joseph Louis Cheuvront b: 01 Feb 1757 in Strasbourg, France d: 12 Aug 1832 in Good Hope, Harrison Co, VA

. +Elizabeth Elsworth b: 20 Mar 1759 in Rowen (now Davidson )Co NC m: Feb 1777 in Augusta Co, VA d: 18 Aug 1800 in Good Hope, Harrison Co, VA

........ 2 Mary Elizabeth Cheuvront b: 08 Dec 1777 in VA d: in Ritchie Co, WV

........... +William Runyon b: Abt. 1750 m: 24 Mar 1801 in Harrison Co, VA alt date 9/22/1801

.................. 3 Daugher Runyon b: Abt. 1802

........ 2 Catherine Cheuvront b: 29 Sep 1779 in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania Co, VA

........... +Thomas Stanley b: 20 May 1778 in VA or Ireland m: 29 May 1800 in Harrison Co, VA by father Joseph Cheuvront d: Abt. 1841 in Wood County, VA

.................. 3 Bridget Stanley b: Abt. 1800 in VA d: 08 Aug 1858 in VA

..................... +Joseph Park b: Abt. 1791 in Pennsylvania son of Thomas and Ann Kerr Park m: Abt. 1819 in Wood County, WV d: 02 Feb 1861 in VA

.................. 3 Sarah Stanley b: Abt. 1800 in VA

.................. 3 John Stanley b: 1803 in VA d: 03 Oct 1860 in Ritchie, Virginia

..................... +Eleanor Ellen Ayrers b: Abt. 1805 m: 27 Feb 1827 in Wood County, VA

.................. 3 James Stanley b: 1805 in VA d: 1880 in WV

..................... +Sarah b: 1823

.................. 3 Mary Jane Stanley b: 1808 in VA

..................... +Eli Watkins

.................. *2nd Husband of Mary Jane Stanley:

..................... +William F Bumgardner b: Abt. 1805 m: 12 Jan 1826

.................. 3 Adam Stanley b: 10 May 1816 in Wood County, VA d: 17 Sep 1883 in Murphytown, Wood, WV

.................. 3 Margaret Stanley b: Abt. 1812 in VA

.................. 3 William Stanley b: 1814 in VA d: 1863

.................. 3 Thomas Jr Stanley b: Abt. 1815

........ 2 Aaron Charles Cheuvront b: 14 Mar 1782 in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania Co, VA d: 19 Feb 1863 in near Lockhart, Jackson Co, VA alt date is 2/9/1863

........... +Sarah Richards b: 11 Oct 1781 in Harrison Co WV m: 11 Jul 1803 in Harrison Co, VA d: 10 Jan 1841 in Lockhart, Jackson Co, WV Maddox Cemetery

.................. 3 Isaac Cheuvront b: Abt. 24 Aug 1802 in Harrison Co,VA alt date is 1809 d: 22 Mar 1896 in Roane Co, WV near Reedy

..................... +Catherine Childers b: Abt. 1808 in Harrison Co, VA m: 30 Sep 1830 in Harrison Co, VA d: 06 Jun 1874 in Mattox Cemetery, Jackson Co, WV

.................. *2nd Wife of Isaac Cheuvront:

..................... +Fanny G (Simpson) Way b: 1835 in Ohio age 39 in marriage in 1875 m: 26 Jun 1875 in Wirt Co, VA

.................. 3 Anna Marie " Elizabeth" Cheuvront b: 20 Apr 1804 in Alt date is 9/12/1804 d: 07 Nov 1866

..................... +William Oscar Sr Maddox b: 03 Apr 1808 m: 01 Apr 1833 in Harrison Co, VA d: 21 Aug 1841

.................. 3 Joseph Cheuvront b: Abt. 1809 in VA d: Bef. 1870 in Not in 1870 census but may have been away from home?

..................... +Hannah McInnis b: 1811 in NewJersey or NY per 1870 Census Ritchie Co, WV m: Abt. 1835 d: Aft. 1870

.................. 3 Amos Cheuvront b: 1809 in VA d: 1847

..................... +Delilah Morehead b: 1825 in Wood Co, VA m: 18 Sep 1845 in Jackson Co, WV

.................. 3 Lemuel Cheuvront b: Abt. 1810 in VA

........ *2nd Wife of Aaron Charles Cheuvront:

........... +Matilda Bollen b: 02 Apr 1812 m: Aft. 1841 d: 06 Mar 1889 in Jackson Co, WV

........ 2 Joseph Jr Cheuvront b: 12 Dec 1783 in VA d: 12 Aug 1800 in died of typhoid

........ 2 Priscilla Cheuvront b: 22 Oct 1785 in Fredericksburg, VA 1850 census says Harrison Co, VA d: 08 Dec 1850 in Bridgeport, Harrison Co or Lockhart, (W)VA

........... +John Powers b: Abt. 1789 in age 61 in 1850 Jackson Co census b in VA m: 29 May 1806 in Harrison Co, Bridgeport VA

.................. 3 [2] Sarah A B Powers b: 1819 in VA

..................... +[1] Joseph Chapman "Chap" Cheuvront b: Sep 1830 in Lewis Co, VA m: 17 Nov 1851 in Jackson County, VA d: 13 Aug 1866 in Jackson Co, VA

.................. 3 Nancy Powers b: 1824

........ 2 Moses Cheuvront b: 30 Dec 1787 in VA d: 1802 in Good Hope, Harrison Co, VA

........ 2 Simeon Cheuvront b: 16 Mar 1790 in VA d: 1800

........ 2 Caleb Cheuvront b: 10 Feb 1792 in Good Hope, Harrison Co, VA Alt date is 1791 d: 15 May 1865 in Good Hope, Harrison Co, VA

........... +Rebecca Covert b: 25 Dec 1795 in Uniontown, Fayette Co, PA alt date is 1796 m: Jul 1818 in Uniontown, PA d: 04 Mar 1880 in Fayette Co, PA

.................. 3 Morris Cheuvront b: 02 Sep 1819 in Probably PA

..................... +Harriet Preston b: Abt. 1820 m: Abt. 1845

.................. 3 Joseph Cheuvront b: 04 Jul 1821 in Fayette Co, PA d: Bef. 1883 in Fayette Co, PA

..................... +Mary Ripley b: Abt. 1825

.................. *2nd Wife of Joseph Cheuvront:

..................... +Barbarah Ann H Stuart b: 30 Apr 1828 in Alt date is 1824 Romines Mills, Harrison Co, VA d/o Eduard & Margaret Stuart m: 06 Nov 1845 in Elk Creek, Romines Mills, Harrison Co, VA d: 27 Feb 1877

.................. 3 Elizabeth Cheuvront b: 25 May 1823 d: 28 Apr 1893

..................... +Henry Myers Miller b: Abt. 1820 m: 31 Oct 1845 in Harrison County, VA

.................. 3 Jeremiah Patterson Cheuvront b: 02 Oct 1827 in Uniontown, PA Alt date is 1826 d: 12 Sep 1889

..................... +Marianna Brooks b: 28 Oct 1837 in Cabell Co near Charleston, WV m: 24 Feb 1857 in Harrison Co, VA d: 29 Mar 1919

.................. 3 Jesse Cheuvront b: 20 Nov 1829 in Never married d: 01 Sep 1863

.................. 3 Mary Ann Cheuvront b: 18 Jul 1833 in Harrison Co, Va d: 02 Jan 1929

..................... +Lorenzo Dow Waugh m: 14 Mar 1880

.................. 3 Benjamin F Cheuvront b: 15 Jul 1841 in Harrison County, VA d: 07 Feb 1842 in Harrison County, VA

.................. 3 James Edwin Cheuvront b: Abt. 1842

........ 2 Amos Cheuvront b: 23 Apr 1794 in Good Hope, Harrison Co, VA d: 12 Jan 1873 in Portland, Meigs Co, OH

........... +Sarah E Joseph b: 09 Oct 1802 in OH m: 11 Sep 1819 in Good Hope, Harrison Co, VA d: 29 Jan 1892 in Portland, Meigs Co, OH

.................. 3 Nathan Cheuvront b: Abt. 1820

.................. 3 Mary Jane Cheuvront b: 27 Aug 1820 in Harrison Co, VA d: 26 Mar 1895 in Lockhart, WV - at son Albert Lockhart's home) alt date is 1905

..................... +John Lockhart b: 27 Mar 1815 in Wood Co (now Wirt Co), VA m: 05 Mar 1840 in Jackson Co, WV by William Sheppard Justice of the Peace d: 12 Jan 1882

.................. 3 Joseph B Cheuvront b: 18 Apr 1822 in Harrison County, VA

..................... +Elizabeth Lockhart b: 17 Apr 1826 in Wood Co, VA m: 16 Jun 1843 in Jackson Co, VA d: 22 Apr 1891 in Jackson Co, VA Maddox Cemetery

.................. 3 Perry G Cheuvront b: 1823 in Harrison County, VA d: 1872 in Lockhart, WV not in 1860 Wirt Co census with family

..................... +Nancy Lockhart b: Jul 1832 in Wood Co, VA m: 03 Sep 1849 in Wirt Co, VA d: 17 Jan 1912 in Palestine, Wirt Co, WV

.................. 3 Benjamin S Cheuvront b: Abt. 1824 in Harrison County, VA

..................... +Florence Camden Flesher b: 28 May 1839 in Wirt Co, WV m: 10 Nov 1863 d: 13 Oct 1903 in Parkersburg, Wood , WV

.................. 3 Cassandra Cheuvront b: 20 May 1835 in Harrison County, VA d: 05 Mar 1894 in Meigs Co, OH

..................... +Francis A Blaine b: Abt. 1830 m: 16 Jul 1857 in Jackson Co, WV d: 1895 in Portland, Meigs, OH

.................. 3 Sarah N Cheuvront b: Abt. Jun 1841 in Harrison County, VA d: 04 Jul 1851 in 10 years and 24 days

.................. 3 John W Cheuvront b: Abt. 1843 in Harrison County, VA d: 23 Apr 1851 in 8 years, 8 months, 1 day

.................. 3 Frances A Cheuvront b: Abt. 1849 in Harrison County, VA d: 24 Jun 1851 in Ravenswood, VA 2 years 2 months and 12 days

........ 2 Gideon Cheuvront b: 14 Feb 1796 in Good Hope, Harrison Co, VA d: 14 Nov 1842 in Preston Co, VA

........... +Phoebe Frances Post b: Abt. 1798 in Harrison County, VA m: 28 Feb 1818 in Harrison Co, VA by father Joseph Cheuvront d: 27 Sep 1872 in Lewis County, VA buried on Jesse's Run near Jane Lew, WV

.................. 3 James Martin Cheuvront b: Abt. 1820 in VA

.................. 3 Elizabeth Cheuvront b: 25 May 1823 in VA

..................... +Vincent Castor b: Abt. 1820 m: 13 Dec 1852 in Lewis Co, VA bk 7, pg 4 by Henry Bonnet

.................. 3 Aaron Cheuvront b: Abt. 1829 in Lewis Co, VA d: Bef. 1867 in Harrison Co, VA

..................... +Jane Lytle b: Abt. 1830

.................. 3 George O Cheuvront b: 30 Jul 1833 in VA d: 30 Aug 1882 in Sullivan Co, MO

..................... +Phoebe Matilda Wolf b: Abt. 1830 in dgtr of Andrew F Wolf m: 23 Sep 1856 in Lewis Co, VA

.................. 3 Edwin Cheuvront b: Abt. 1834 in VA

.................. 3 Mary Jane Cheuvront b: Abt. 1840 in VA

........ 2 James Liteford Cheuvront b: 25 Feb 1798 in Sand Creek, Harrison Co, VA d: 06 Sep 1840 in Jackson Co, VA

........... +Stalnaker b: Abt. 1800 m: 23 Sep 1816

........ *2nd Wife of James Liteford Cheuvront:

........... +Eliza Mary England b: 1805 in VA m: 23 Sep 1826 in Harrison Co, VA d: 1885

.................. 3 James W Cheuvront b: 1826 in Jackson Co, VA d: in Marion, Shelby Co, IN

.................. 3 Mary E Cheuvront b: 1828

..................... +Thomas R Jackson b: 1813

.................. 3 Joseph Marshall Cheuvront b: 09 Apr 1830 in Calhoun Co, VA d: 19 May 1910

..................... +Virginia Humphries b: 1835

.................. 3 Elizabeth Emmeline Cheuvront b: Abt. 1833 d: 1894 in Huntington, WV

..................... +Alexander H Hall b: Abt. 1819 m: 1848 d: 25 Aug 1891

.................. 3 Edward J Cheuvront b: Abt. 1841 in Good Hope, Harrison Co, WV (age 49 in 1891 marriage) d: 1921 in Mineral Wells, Wood Co, WV

..................... +Rebecca Rose Maddox b: 26 Jun 1836 d: 17 Oct 1866

.................. *2nd Wife of Edward J Cheuvront:

..................... +Martha Currey b: Abt. 1840

.................. *3rd Wife of Edward J Cheuvront:

..................... +Brittania Saunders b: Abt. 1858 in age 33 marriage 1891 m: 04 May 1891 in Wirt Co, WV

.................. 3 Gideon Cheuvront b: Abt. 1840

*2nd Wife of Joseph Louis Cheuvront:

. +Sarah Bollen b: 22 Jun 1780 in VA or PA m: 26 Jan 1802 in Painesville, OH d: 1864 in Good Hope, Harrison Co, VA

........ 2 Thomas Stanley Cheuvront b: 25 Mar 1803 in Probably Harrison County, VA d: 08 Oct 1867 in Meigs Co, OH

........... +Belinda or Matilda Grant b: Abt. Jul 1810 in VA m: 28 Oct 1827 in Harrison Co, VA d: 01 Oct 1878 in Lewis County, WV

.................. 3 [1] Joseph Chapman "Chap" Cheuvront b: Sep 1830 in Lewis Co, VA d: 13 Aug 1866 in Jackson Co, VA

..................... +[2] Sarah A B Powers b: 1819 in VA m: 17 Nov 1851 in Jackson County, VA

.................. *2nd Wife of [1] Joseph Chapman "Chap" Cheuvront:

..................... +Margaret Cheuvront b: 1835 in Jackson County, VA m: 04 Feb 1857 in Jackson Co, VA

.................. 3 Thomas M Cheuvront b: Abt. 1830 in VA

.................. 3 Rufus Allen Cheuvront b: 18 Dec 1828 in VA

..................... +Lydia Woofter b: Abt. 1830 in VA m: 10 Jul 1852 in Lewis County, VA

.................. 3 James Marshall Cheuvront b: 1832 in VA

.................. 3 Edward Francis Oscar Cheuvront b: 1836 in VA

.................. 3 Sarah E Cheuvront b: 1838 in VA

.................. 3 Priscilla A Cheuvront b: 1844 in VA

.................. 3 Mary Elizabeth Cheuvront b: 27 Aug 1845 in Good Hope, Harrison Co, VA d: 19 Jan 1927

........ 2 Enoch B Cheuvront b: 05 Jun 1806 in Probably in Harrison County, VA d: in Wood Co, VA

........... +Jane Courtney b: Abt. 1810 d: in Harrison Co VA

.................. 3 William H Cheuvront b: 08 Nov 1841 in Harrison Co VA

..................... +Lelia M McCally b: Abt. 1845 in Clenville, Gilmer Co, WV

........ *2nd Wife of Enoch B Cheuvront:

........... +Matilda Gates b: Abt. 1810 m: 20 Mar 1845 in Jackson Co, VA d: in Harrison Co, VA

.................. 3 Theodore Cheuvront b: Abt. 1846

........ 2 Cassandra Cheuvront b: 28 Dec 1812 in Probably in Harrison County, VA

........ 2 Daniel Hitt Cheuvront b: 20 Jan 1821 in Probably in Harrison County, VA


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