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Listing of Dodsons of Chester County Pennsylvania before 1800 

Chester, Philadelphia, and Bucks were the three original Pennsylvania counties created by William Penn in 1682. At that time, Chester County's borders were Philadelphia County to the north, the western edge of the colony (approximately the Susquehanna River) to the west, the Delaware River to the east, and Delaware and Maryland to the south. 

1715 Map of Townships - Dodsons were primarily in Vincent, Coventry or Nantmeal 

Note:   Generally tax lists showed white males age 21 and over.  A person on a tax list would fall into one of the following categories:. 
1.  Freeman (a single male who did not own land); 
2.  Inmate (a non-landowner, such as a renter), 
3.  Landowner with acreage with livestock listed and sometimes tax rate
4.   Non-resident landowner. 
5.  Sometimes a female widow of a former landowner will show in a list. 
6.   Elderly, poor or infirmed may not show on lists. There were provisions for exemptions.

Note:  Most of the following information is documented from official records.
The information published by Thompson P Ege in 1908, not documented by other sources, is showing as
per Ege  

1715 Will Book A, Page 21:  John Hanes of Darby, Describes himself as "late of Great Britain." To my mother Dorothy Wallis 5 to be paid out of the money due me in England. To my sister Dorothy about the sum of 5. To cozin John Abbot 7-10 to be paid out of that 25 due me in England. To cozin Rebeckah Abbot, ditto. To brother John Wallis 3. To friend John Dodson 3. To friend Lewis Davis 3. Executors: Friends John Wallis and John Davis. Witnesses: William Davis, Ann Davis, Katherine David.

1723 Thomas Dodson purchased land from the Franklins in Vincent Twp in Chester county - per Ege 

1730 Thomas Dotson on tax listing for Vincent Township, Chester County

        Thomas Dotson Landholder Chester County

1731 December 3rd - Baptism of 3 children of Thomas Dodson of French Creek in Vincent Township by John Caspar Stoever.   Sponsors were Peter Richter and the parents.  Children:

Hannah born 07 Dec 1727
John William born Aug 1729 
Richard born 26 Jun 1731

1732 Thomas Dodson was a landholder in Vincent Township.

1738  According to a survey ordered by the court, Vincent township was bounded as follows: northeast by Schuylkill River, northwest by Nantmell and Coventry, southwest by Uwchlan, and southeast by Joseph Pike's land. 

1745 John Dodson obtained a license to marry.

1746 Thomas Dodson obtained a warrant for 100 acres of land, and also an order of the same date to have a survey made. Thomas had settled on these lands prior to this date.  

By the Proprietaries
Whereas by virtue of a Warrant under the Lesser Seal of our Province bearing date the 12th Day of March in the year 1734, the quantity of one hundred acres of Land, situate near French Creek in the County of Chester, was granted unto John Evan of this County. Under certain conditions in the said warrant mentioned which conditions not having been completed with by the said John Evan, the said warrant is become utterly void and Thomas Dodson of the said County having requested that we would grant him the said Land and agreed to pay to our Use the Conservation Money which ought to have been paid by the said John Evan for the same. These are therefore to authorize and require You to Survey or cause to be surveyed unto the said Thomas Dodson the said quantity of One hundred Acres of Land and make Return thereof into our Secretary's Office for the use and behoof of the said Thomas Dodson in order for futher Confirmation, and in so doing this shall be your sufficient Warrant given unto my hand and Seal of the Land Office by virtue of certain powers from the said proprietaries, at Philadelphia this Twenty sixth Day of May Anno Domini 1746.

Signature unreadable.

William Parsons Surveyor General

In 1755 a survey was completed, copy below, when he sold the land to John Davis. Land was in Coventry Township in Chester County. 

1746 Thomas Dodson listed as Insolvent Debtor in Chester County, PA - petition.

1750  James Dodson and Michael Dotson Tax list Vincent Township.

1751  James Dodson tax list Vincent Township.

1752  April 24  Michael Dodson "Carried a letter to George Taylor from Anna Nutt and Robert Grace to discharge the sd Geo. Taylor as manager for the sd Nutt and Grace as their manager at Coventry Forge and the sd Taylor took the letter from me and said he would write an answer as soon as he had time to do so."  (Signed) Michael Dodson (His Mark). Witness, Jno. Hunt. 

1753 Tax List - John Dodson is listed as a landholder and taxable in Vincent Township. 

        Tax List - Michael Dodson Vincent Township

1754 Tax List - John Dodson Vincent Township

1755 January 14 Thomas Dodson entered into an agreement with John Davis respecting the sale of land and received the full payment.

        Thomas Dodson Survey of 128 acres and 70 acres of land was made. Land was adjacent to John Dodson per Ege

1756 Thomas Dodson moved to East Nantmeal Township Chester County per 

        John Dodson is on tax list Vincent Township

        May 22 Date of Enlistment Capt Mercer's Company:  William Dodson, 5'7" age 22 enlisted Chester, Pennsylvania, carpenter, brown complexion, short, well set, slow in speech.

       Aug 26 William Dodson on roll of Capt Mercer - from Chester County PA; age 22, 5 feet 7 inches; trade carpenter.

1758 Thomas Dodson, East Nantmeal Township

        John Dodson tax listing of Chester County.

1760 John Dodson is on tax list Vincent Township

        Will of John Evan of Vincent Twp, Chester County was proved, naming daughter Eleanor as wife of John Doddson and daughter Ann as wife of Michael Doddson who was living in Maryland.     

1762 Joseph Dodson Coventry Township, Chester County

       John Dodson on tax listing for Chester County

1763 Joseph Dodson Inmate, Chester County

       John Dodson Chester County tax index

1764 Joseph Dodson, Inmate, Chester County

       John Dodson Vincent Township, Chester County tax index

       Samuel Dotson Coventry Township, Inmate

1765  John Dodson 80 acres, 1 horse, 2 cows, 7 sheep Vincent Township

         Joseph Dodson 20 acres, 1 horse, 1 cow - occupation shoemaker; East Nantmeal Township

1766  John Dodson Vincent 64A 2 horses, 4 cows, 6 sheep

         Joseph Dodson East Nantmeal 20A 1 horse, 1 cow shoemaker

1767  John Dodson 60 acres, 2 horses, 4 cows, 3 sheep, Vincent Township

1768  John Dodson 60 acres, 2 horses, 2 cows, 5 sheep Vincent Township

1769  Joseph Dodson 100 acres Coventry Township 

         Joseph Dodson on tax discount list Coventry Township - absconded

         John Dodson  50 acres, 2 horses, 2 cows, 2 sheep Vincent Township

1770 John Dodson is Listed as a landholder and another John Dodson is listed as a freeman (single).

1771 John Dodson 50 acres, 2 horses, 2 cows Vincent Township, Pauper.

        John Dodson Jr - Freeman Vincent Township

1773 Ann Evans, widow, will proved in Vincent Township Chester county and names daughters Elenor Dotson and Ann Dotson.

1774 John Dodson is a landowner and on the tax list Vincent Township 50 acres, 1 horse, 1 cattle, no sheep, no servants

1775 John Dodson, Vincent Township, 50 acres.

        Thomas Dodson enlisted in Rev War and later rec'd pension in Shenandoah County for his service in Pennsylvania. Thomas served in the Revolutionary War in the 5th PA Regiment of the Continental Line which was raised December 9, 1775 at Chester, Pennsylvania

1780  John Dodson, Inmate, East Nantmeal

1780  Map of Chester County Townships                

1781 John Dodson was a private in the 1st company, 2nd Btn. Chester County militia commanded by Lt. Col. Thomas Bull. This John was born 25 May 1758 in Pennsylvania.

       John Dodson, Inmate, Shoemaker, Tax 10.1

1777-1785 Oaths of Allegiance Chester County PA before Justices of the Peace:
John Dodson East Nantmeal
John Dodson Vincent Township 

1783 Will proved for William Evans of Vincent Twp, Chester county naming sisters Ann and Elenor Dodson and also mentions his plantation 
in Frederick County Maryland "whereon Michael Dodson now lives"

1785 John Dodson Sr and Jr East Nantmeal Township

        Thomas Dodson, Uwchlan Township 5.0

        Thomas Dodson listed on tax list for Chester County, Vincent Township 

1786 John Dodson Sr listed as gone from East Nantmeal township, Chester County, PA

        John Dodson Jr listed as gone from East Nantmeal township, Chester County, PA

        Thomas Dodson of Vincent Township, Chester County, PA is listed as poor.

1788 Thomas Dodson sold 70 acres in Chester County PA to Thomas Davis.

1789 Thomas Dodson is listed as gone from Coventry Township, Chester County, PA tax list

        John Dodson listed on tax list for Chester County, East Nantmeal Township.

        Richard Dodson is listed on tax list for Chester County, East Nantmeal Township.

        Thomas Dodson is listed on tax list for Chester County, East Nantmeal Township. 

1790 Thomas Dodson is listed as gone from Coventry Township, Chester County, PA tax list 

        John Dodson, East Nantmeal Township

1793 Mary Dodson, widow of Thomas Dodson, brought court action against Thomas Davis regarding the land of 1746

From:  Reports of cases adjudged in the Supreme court of Pennsylvania 1794 

Mary Dodson against Thomas Davis. Widow not entitled to dower of lands held under warrant, and sold by her husband in 1775.
(Note: date probably should read 1755) Dower of lands in Coventry township, Chester county. Plea ne unques seisie que dower.

The action was tried before M'Kean, C. J. and Teates, J. at West Chester, May assizes 1794, when the following facts appeared in evidence. Thomas Dodson, husband of the demandant, settled on the lands in question, and improved the same several years without an office title. On the 26th May 1776
(1746?), he paid 5 pounds. into the receiver general's office, and obtained a warrant for 100 acres of land, and also an order of like date from William Parsons, surveyor general, to have a survey made.  On the 14th January of 1755, Thomas Dodson entered into an agreement with John Davis, under whom the tenant claims, respecting the sale of the land, in consideration of 152 pounds. 10s., and afterwards received the full amount thereof.

On the 25th April 1755, a survey of 128 acres and 70 acres of land were made, which was not returned into the surveyor general's office on the 27th March 1788. John Davis, in the same month, paid 36 pounds, 14 shillings 6 d., the residue of the purchase money, into the office of the receiver general, and on the 27th April 1790, a patent issued to his son, Thomas Davis

On the trial it was agreed that a verdict should be entered for the demandant, with six pence damages and six pence costs, subject to the court's opinion on the point reserved, whether the said John Davis had such an estate in the premises as would entitle the demandant to dower.  Messrs. T. Ross for the demandant and Tilghman for the tenant, submitted the question to the decision of the court, without arguing the same. Per curium. Dower must be of a legal estate in the husband. The right which John Davis had to these lands in 1755 cannot be deemed such. Under the customs and established practice of the country, lands warranted and even surveyed, were considered at that early period and afterwards as chattel interests, and sold as such in the course of administration. This doctrine has been established in a variety of cases, and particularly in Duncan's lessee v. Walker, in January term 1793. Judgment therefore must be entered for the tenant.