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My West Virginia Pioneer Families

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Links to my Family Documents and Photos

Cheuvront Family

Document Marriage Bond Isaac Cheuvront and Catherine Childers

Document Copy of Marriage Isaac and Catherine Childers Cheuvront

Photo Gravestone Joseph Cheuvront


Connolly Family

Document Transcript of Revolutionary War Pension Application George Connolly

Photo Elias & Matilda Connolly

Photo Gravestones for Elias & Matilda Connolly


Dotson Family

Complete Book Richard Dotson 1752-1847 and His Descendants with Pictures

Complete Book Dotson Land Grants by James M. Dotson

Photos My Direct Dotson Ancestors

Photo William Dountain Dotson 50th Anniversary 1952

Photo Photo of Emanuel Dotson born 1798

Photo Gravestone for Hannah Sayre Dotson 1803 to 1862

Photo Gravestone Richard Dotson

Photo Gravestone for Emanuel Dotson 1798-1880

Photo Amos Asbury Dotson

Photo Children William Dotson in 1938

Photo Wedding Clyde & Pauline Walker Dotson

Photo Amos Asbury Dotson with Children 1901

Photo Gravestone Amos Asbury Dotson

Photo Evaline Peck Harper Dotson 1843 to 1899

Photo William Dountain & Mary Emma Miller Dotson


Franks Family

Photo Gravestone Henry Taylor Franks


Greathouse Family

Book Greathouse Family History by Jack Murray Greathouse

Photo Gravestones John & Sarah McDade Greathouse


Hylbert Family

Photo John William & Bertha Lockhart Hylbert Family

Photo Henry Barnabas Hylbert


Lockhart Family

Photo Harrison Lockhart b. 1835 d. 1872

Photo Phoebe Cheuvront Lockhart


McDade Family

Document James McDade Revolutionary War Pension Application


Miller Family

Photo Gravestone Henry Hamilton & Elvira Thorn Miller

Photo Henry Hamilton & Elvira Thorn Miller

Photo Siblings of Mary Emma Miller Dotson


Peck Family

Photo George Peck 1805 - 1886


Thorn Family

Photo Gravestone Mary Jones Thorn


Walker Family

Document  Marriage Record Willis Walker and Mary Jane Boggs

Photo Gravestone for Willis Walker

Photo Fieldon & Sarah Connolly Walker

Photo Dwight Lyman Walker about age 20

Photo Gravestone Dwight & Opha Mae Hylbert Walker

Photo Dwight Lyman & Opha Mae Hylbert Walker

Photo Hylbert and Walker generations


Other Related Family Documents

Document Early Mt William Church Membership Wirt County