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The Hilbert - Hylbert Family 

Family tradition says that a Joseph Hilbert was born in Germany, sailed from Rotterdam, and came to Pennsylvania around 1798, and that he was the father of a John Hilbert born in Virginia around 1800.  

There is a record that on October 1, 1754 a Johannes Hilbert came on the Ship Phoenix with Captain John Spurrier. Ship sailed "from Rotterdam. last from Cowes. Inhabitants from Franconia, the Palatinate, and Zwesbrucken." From "Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants" by Prof I Daniel Rupp, originally published in 1876. 

However, there is no documentation that either person is related to the John Hilbert who was progenitor of the Hylbert family in (West) Virginia.  There are also records of other Hilberts in New York and Berks County, Pennsylvania in the 1700's. James Conrad Hilbert was born in 1787 in NY and was the son of a John C Hilbert. There is also a record of a John Hilbert who was a Hessian deserter who was given a VA land grant. We have no documentation that any of these persons were related to our ancestors.  It appears that our line is first one who changed the spelling from Hilbert to Hylbert, so most people of that spelling are relatives. 

Lewis Columbus Hylbert wrote to Clarence and Roy Hylbert in 1964:  "My great grandfather - Joseph Hylbert - from Germany - was born in 1776 and came to America in 1798 and settled in Harrisonburg, Virginia. My grandfather -John William Hylbert - was born in Virginia about the turn of the century - was educated in the Harrisonburg schools - and was an influential citizen in the district and became a teacher in the Harrisonburg schools. He married Esther Emmick from Germany or the Netherlands. They had two sons, John Callahan (elsewhere in the same letter he is referred to as James Callahan) and my father, Henry Barnabas. They moved to Nicholas County and lived in Point Pleasant (may be Mount Pleasant). Grandfather and Grandmother and my father joined the Point Pleasant Baptist Church."

John William Hilbert was born about 1800 in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and died between 1830 - 1840 in Virginia. Descendant  Jarrett Hylbert reported: "A researcher in Harrisonburg, VA reports a listing of a land purchase by "Hilbert" in 1801 and a land sale by "Hilbert" in 1803. " He also reported finding a record of the marriage of John Hilbert and Ester Amick on 20 February 1823. 

Lewis Hylbert also wrote that there was a steamboat explosion on the river and there was reason to think Grandfather (John William Hilbert) was involved. The other son was sent to find out about him and disappeared. He said that Grandfather had been no where near the explosion and was all right. Lewis Hylbert also noted that the family knew nothing of John William Hylbert's death or place of burial.

1830 census record of Nicholas County Virginia lists a John Hilbert with  no township listed.

From descendant Jarrett Hylbert: "This account has to begin with John William Hylbert, for that is as far back as we have any information. He must have lived from about 1800 to 1850, though we know almost nothing about him. It is said that he came from Virginia into West Virginia. One of his sons - Henry Barnabas - was born in 1827 and there was a second son, presumably elder, but we have no name for him. There is a story that John William went down the river on business one day and never came back. Great Grandmother - Aunt Easter - sent one of her sons to find his father and the son did not return, either. Great Grandmother realized that she was about to run out of men folks, so she kept Henry Barnabas (my Grandfather) at home. Otherwise the tribe of John William Hylbert would have ended abruptly."

On 14 July 2001 descendant Sam Hylbert reported he had copy of  a deed signed by a John Hilbert in 1827 in Nicholas County in which he rented land from Esther Amick's father; and borrowed money from Esther Amick's brother.  He said, "It isn't conclusive evidence; but it's rather convincing that John Hilbert is Barney's father".

Wife of John Hilbert has been reported as Easter, Esther, Ester, Aester, and Hester. Her maiden name has been reported as Amick, Emick, Emmick and Emig.  Ester or Easter is said to be a daughter of Henry Amick and Elizabeth Niemand. She was born about 1805 in Virginia and died about 31 Jul 1895 and is buried at Mt William Church Cemetery in Wirt County, WV.  It is believed that she and John Hilbert moved to Nicholas County between 1823 and 1827 where two sons were born. This family is in the 1830 census of Nicholas County. In the 1840 census of Nicholas Co, there is a listing of Aester Hilbert as head of Household with two sons between 10 and 15 years old.

She was married second to Joseph "Cranberry Joe" McClung 12 Aug 1841 in Nicholas County, Virginia.  From this marriage, Ester had two sons, Jacob and Joseph. Joseph McClung died at his home in Nicholas County on March 7, 1850. In 1850, Esther is listed in the census records of Nicholas County as the head of household at age 46 with Henry Hilbert, age 23; Mary McClung, age 16; Jacob McClung, age 7, and Joseph McClung, age 6. Henry was Henry Barnabas, son from her first marriage, but the relationship with Mary McClung is unknown.  She is possibly a daughter of Joseph from his first marriage.

In the McClung Greenbrier Project, it reported that  Franzy Creek was originally called Easter Branch after Easter Amick. She acted as the first midwife and as a sort of doctor in the earliest days of Mt. Lookout.  On April 17, 1854, Esther McClung, Michael Rader, Edward McClung, Dickinson McClung and Jane McClung appeared before David Hamilton, Justice of the Peace in Nicholas Co, VA and made declaration under oath regarding Esther McClung's application for a bounty land grant based on Joseph McClung's service in War of 1812. She states the date of her marriage and says she is still a widow. She says her prior married name was Hylbert (the spelling is with a Y). By 1857 it appears she had received a land grant of 40 acres.

Ester McClung is also found in the 1850, 1860 and in 1870 censuses of Wirt County, where it is believed she migrated with her three sons.  She is showing as age 65 in 1870.  In 1860 Easter McClung is showing age 55 as Head of Household in Wirt County with a post office of Zackville.  She is showing with sons Jacob McClung age 16 & Joseph McClung age 14. Zackville post office was located on Right Hand Reedy Creek.  In 1870 census of Wirt County, Reedy District, she is showing with son Jacob McClung age 26 born in VA farmer and head of household and son Joseph age 24 born in  VA listed as laborer. She is showing age 65 born in VA and keeping house. She is also listed in the 1880 census as Ester McClung.

Her tombstone shows Easter as her first name. Her grandson, Lewis Columbus Hylbert, said  "Everybody called her 'Aunt Easter'". Although her tombstone indicates she was born in 1800, her age, as reported it in the census records of 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860 and 1870, would indicate she was born in 1804 or 1805 .  Amick genealogy indicates her father was Henry Amick. In the 1840 census, she reported her father was born in the USA and her mother was foreign born. 

9 September 1887 dated form from Dept of Interior Pension Office says Esther McClung Cert No. 26839, PO address Evelyn, Wirt Co, WVa now 83 years old is still living.

30 May 1895 Esther wrote a handwritten deed transferring her property to her son, Joseph McClung.

Pension records show she was dropped from pension roll July 31 1895 due to death. Her death is recorded in Wirt County Book 1 page 442. Her tombstone at Mount William reads: Aunt Easter Hylbert McClung, 1800-1900. A grandson has alternately reported her death as November 18, 1894 and September 18, 1894.  A great granddaughter, Ruby Hylbert Conry, relates that on the day of Barney Hylbert's funeral someone sent a horse with a sidesaddle to Ester to transport her to the funeral. It was a hot August day in 1894. Reportedly she declined the offer saying it was too hot to travel. Ester added that she would be seeing Barney in a few months anyway.

Regarding the alleged John Callahan Hylbert son of John Hilbert

April 2, 1964 - 435 Drake Ave Uplan CA -- Letter from Lewis Hylbert in answer to Roy Hylbert's questions:

Q. Which one was on his way to Indiana or Illinois when he was lost on a steamboat on the Ohio River?

A. "Your grandfather, Henry Barnabas Hylbert, had a brother named John Callahan Hylbert. As far as I know, he was the only brother H. B. Hylbert ever had nor did he have a sister. Many times Henry Barnabas was a contractor. Sometime along there as a young man, he made a contract with one of the Ohio River Steamship Companies to furnish "cord wood" which was the fuel used on the steamboats to produce the steam. While he was continuing with this contract, one of the steam boats blew up with much damage and killed several passengers. Father was out in the woods with several men cutting wood -- he was not on the steamer. When the news of this tragedy reached his home in Nicholas county, John Callhan put out to find whether his brother was in any way connected with the tragedy. From that time, no one ever heard anything about him (John) again. Extensive search was made to find him and news items in the newspapers did what they could to spread the reports about John Callahans disappearance. No trace was ever found of him as far as his immediate family was concerned. From time to time, mysterious reports were heard, which reports were traced and proved to be only rumors."

It is believed that the John Callahan Hylbert was probably James C Hylbert who enlisted in the Mexican American War:  Date: February 18, 1848 - enlistment in Louisville KY under Cpl. Whiting, 6th Inf. discharged 30 July 1848 at Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, Mo - Note: A recruit.  James C Hylbert, age 21, gray eyes, brown hair, fair complexion 5' 7" from Nicholas County, VA in the Mexican/American War. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, had been signed on February 2, 1848 which ended the war.  He is not listed in the 1850 census with his mother and brother which would make sense if he had enlisted in the army in 1848.  His mother, brother and step brothers migrated from Nicholas County shortly after his discharge, and nothing further is known about him.

Henry Barnabas Hylbert was born 15 February 1827 in Nicholas County and died 5 August 1894 in Wirt County, WV and married  Mary McCutcheon 16 Aug 1855 in Wirt County, VA, who was a daughter of William McCutcheon and Nancy Callison. She was born 15 Apr 1825 probably in Greenbrier County, VA, and died 30 Jun 1864 in Wirt County, VA. He married second to  Sarah Jane McClung a daughter of George McClung and Abagail Callison. She was born 24 Aug 1846 in Nicholas County, VA, and died 10 May 1928 in Ludlow Twp, Champaign County, IL.

From "Nicholas County History" 1985 Submitted by Betty Fleming.

The Hylberts were early pioneers of this area. Tracing nine generations, I start with my great great great great grandfather, Joseph Hylbert (b. 1776 in Germany), who came to the U.S. in 1798. His son, John William Hylbert (b. 1800) married Hester Amick (m. February 20, 1823) in what would later become Nicholas County. They only had two children, Henry Barnabas Hylbert (b. February 18, 1827 --d. August 5, 1894) and John Callahan Hylbert (b. 1829). Widowed, Hester Amick Hylbert later married Joseph "Cranberry Joe" McClung (b. December 30, 1777-d. 1865). They had two sons, Jacob, who married a McCutcheon and Joseph, who went out West and is supposed to have been murdered. Henry Barnabas Hylbert converted at twelve, joined the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.  In 1852 he moved to Wirt County, where he married Mary McCutcheon (b. April 15, 1830-d. June 3, 1864) daughter of William M and N. McCutcheon. Their children were John William ( b. 1856-d. 1926), George Andrew, James Harrison (b. April 16, 1859-d. 1933), Sarah A "Sally", and Edgar (b. 1864-d.1900). Henry Barnabas Hylbert later married Sarah Jane McClung, a daughter of George Alderson McClung and Abagail Callison. Sarah Jane (b. 1846-d. 1928) was from Nicholas County. Their children were Samuel Leonard (b. 1866-d. 1961), Henry Clay (b. 1869-d. 1941), Jerome Murray (b. 1871 -), Lewis Columbus (b. 1876-d. 1966), a foreign missionary to China; Joseph Harvey (b. November 5, 1882-d. June 26, 1886), and Bessie (b. 1865-d. 1978). James Harrison Hylbert married Addie Payne (b. 1860-d. 1932)(m. March 24, 1880, Their children were Anna (b. January 15, 1881-d. June 27, 1883), Hester Estella (d. November, 1964), Dora (b. May 24, 1884 d. June 19, 1905) Carrie, and Iva Elizabeth (b. 5/26//1888-d. 1/4/1971).

Dawn Norman wrote to Pauline Dotson in 1995. She said she had visited the Mt. Pleasant Church, and that there was a plaque that listed Henry Barnabas and his mother and charter members.

According to his obituary, Henry Barnabas Hylbert, commonly known as Barney, came to Wirt County in 1852.It is said that Barney came with the family of William McCutcheon or moved shortly after their arrival. Both families lived on McCutcheon's run in the Spring Creek District,.  Henry Barnabas "Barney" was married to the McCutcheon's daughter, Mary. After Mary died from complications of childbirth June 30, 1864, Barney remarried in 1865 to a first cousin of Mary, Sara Jane McClung.  All references to Henry Barnabas through 1880 refer to him as Barney Hilbert.

In 1964 Lewis Hylbert wrote the following in a letter: (Henry Barnabas) was pleased with a tract of land that included the watershed of what became known as McCutcheon's Run. It took in the coves of Sugar Run that emptied into Reedy Creek, Buck Run above where Lewis Smith lived, Horse Run above the Burson Farm and Roberts Run where Abraham Kelly lived. He said Abraham Kelley bought a piece of land from his (Lewis') father.

1860 census shows H. B. Hilbert Wirt County VA post office Lees Mills.Family is shown as HB Hilbert 33 b VA Farmer, Mary age 35 b VA, John W age 4, James A age 2 and Sarah age 9/12  all born in VA. Neighbors are Will M McCutcheon (father in Law), Elisha McCutcheon, brother in law and other relatives.

1870 WV census Wirt County, Spring Creek District shows H B Hilbert age 43 b. in VA, Farmer with SJ age 34, JW age 14, James age 12, SA female age 10, George age 7, SL Male age 4 and HC male age 1.

1880: Spring Creek, Wirt, West Virginia:  Name: Henry B. Hilbert, Age: 53 ,Estimated birth year: abt 1827, Birthplace: Virginia,  Spouse's name: Sarah J., Father's birthplace: Virginia, Mother's birthplace: Virginia, Occupation: Farmer

Household Members: 

Henry B. Hilbert 53, Sarah J. Hilbert 34, Sarah A. Hilbert 20, George Hilbert 17, Samuel L. Hilbert 13, Henry C. Hilbert 11, Jerome M. Hilbert 8,   Lewis C. Hilbert 3  Joseph H. Hilbert 6M

Barney's son John Hylbert said his father was a member of Good Hope Baptist Church which was a log house. The Church was near the mouth of Cain's Run.   Records of Mt William Church church, organized April 14, 1889 and located near the Hylbert homestead, show Henry Barnabas Hylbert was baptized by Rev Martin Bibb in 1865; was dismissed from church rolls due to death 8/5/1894

Henry Barnabas Hylbert Obituary written & signed by Thomas J Monroe, pastor of Mt. William Church:

On the evening of August 5th, 1894 at his home in Wirt County, West Virginia, Henry Barnabas Hylbert departed this life, aged 67 years five months and 11 days.

He was born February 18, 1827 in Nicholas County, West Virginia and made that his home. He was converted at twelve years of age and joined the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and remained a member of that church until he moved to Wirt County, West Virginia in 1852. He then united with the Good Hope Baptist Church near Reedy, Roane County, West Virginia. Then in 1889 when the Mount William Baptist Church was organized he was a charter member and remained a faithful member of that church until death.

Uncle Barney, as he was called by all who knew him, was as near a model Christian as I have ever seen. He was a good neighbor and friend to all. When any benevolent object was presented to the church he was always ready to assist and that liberally. In paying the pastor he always gave more than any one else in the church.

His funeral was preached by Rev. Thomas J. Monroe, the writer who used as his text I Samuel 20:18, "Then Jonathon said to David, tomorrow is the new moon: and thou shalt be missed because thy seat shall be empty." That was the largest congregation ever assembled at that place for his friends were many, and he was kind to all.

His sons eight in number carried his remains to the Mount William Cemetery where he was buried. Uncle Barney leaves a widow, Mrs. Sarah Jane Hylbert, eight sons and two daughters, all living.

I have been his pastor three years and his home was his pastor's home. He always was the most resigned man to the will of the Lord I have ever seen. Mount William Church has lost a noble member and the community one of its best citizens. May the rich blessings of God rest upon the family in their bereavement.

Signed: Thomas J Monroe, pastor

Tombstone shows 67 years, 6 months, 15 days.

Dearest brother thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But this God hast bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal
An amiable father here lies at rest
As ever God with his mercy blest
The friend of man, the friend of turth
The friend of age, the guide of youth.

Wirt County death records show he died of cholera morbus:  This was previously used to describe both non-epidemic cholera and other gastrointestinal diseases that resembled cholera. 

Death is also recorded in Roane County also and cause is "heat exhaustion".

From Hylbert Family History:

"A special and close relationship seems to have existed between Barney and the family of William McCutcheon. Barney arrived at the age of 25 with William McCutcheon, age 50, and William's family, in 1852, that family consisted of wife Nancy Collison, age 50, and eight children: Mary, age 27; William Harrison, age 26; James Harvey, age 24; Elisha C., age 21; Sara age 15; Rebecca age 13; Ann, age 6; and Abigail, age 19. Barney settled with the McCutcheons in the area later known as McCutcheon's Run, in the Spring Creek district of Wirt Co. Barney later married William McCutcheon's daughter, Mary 8/16/1855. Barney and Mary had five children. Mary died of childbirth complications June 30, 1864. Mary's younger sister, Rebecca, then about 25 and unmarried, assumed the responsibility of caring for the infant Edgar. She continued that care even after her marriage to Thomas Jefferson Thorne."

"Nicholas County West Virginia History, 1985" p. 199: says Sarah Jane McClung was the daughter of George Alderson McClung and Abigail Callison. Nancy Callison was sister to Abigail and it is said that Sarah was Mary McCutcheon's cousin (Barney's first wife). She was living with her son near Rantoul, IL when she died died May 11, 1928. She was buried in a family plot at the Maplewood Cemetery near Ludlow, Illinois.


Children of Henry Barnabas Hylbert and Mary McCutcheon are:

John William4 Hylbert, born 18 May 1856 in Wirt Co, WV; died 16 Aug 1926 in Roane Co, WV 70 years 2 months 28 days Burial Hodam Cemetery.

 James Harrison Hylbert, born 16 Apr 1858 in Roane County VA; died 05 May 1933 in Reedy, Wirt Co, WV Bur Boggs Cemetery.

 Sarah Jane Hylbert, born 14 Aug 1860 in Elizabeth, Wirt Co, WV; died 29 Dec 1942 in Montgomery AL.

George Andrew Hylbert, born 05 May 1863 in Wirt Co, WV; died 19 Mar 1942 in Roane Co, WV burial at Hodam Cemetery.

Edgar Elisha Hylbert, born 05 Jun 1864 in Wirt Co; died 25 Feb 1900 in Boggs Cemetery Wirt Co, WV.


Children of Henry Hylbert and Sarah McClung are:

Samuel Leonard4 Hylbert, born 16 Nov 1866 in Wirt County, WV; died Abt. 28 Sep 1961 in Illinois.

Henry Clay Hylbert, born 14 Feb 1869 in Wirt Co, WV; died 18 Aug 1941 in Urbana Twship, Champaign Co, IL.

Jerome Murray Hylbert, born 15 Apr 1871 in Reedy, WV; died 05 May 1938 in Hicksville, Defiance, OH Bur Rantow, IL.

Lewis Columbus Hylbert, born 16 Oct 1876 in Wirt Co, WV; died 15 Aug 1966 in Upland, San Bernardino, CA (Source: Social Secruity Death Records.).

Joseph Harvey Hylbert, born 28 Mar 1879/1880 in Wirt Co, WV; died 30 Jun 1883 in Wirt County WV 

 Bessie Jane Hylbert, born 18 Nov 1885 in WV; died 23 May 1978 in Emmetsburg Hospital, Emmetsburg, Palo Alto Co., Iowa.


John William Hylbert, son of Henry Barnabas and Mary McCutcheon Hylbert  was born 18 May 1856 in Wirt Co, WV, and died 16 Aug 1926 in Roane Co, WV 70 years 2 months 28 days and is buried at Hodam Cemetery in Roane County, WV. He married Bertha Frances Lockhart  15 Mar 1883 in Wirt Co, WV. She was a daughter of General Lockhart and Phoebe Cheuvront, born 18 Oct 1866 in Wirt Co, WV, and died 26 Aug 1943 in Reedy, Roane Co, WV at 5 p.m. with burial at Hodam Cemetery.

The following letter appeared in the Reedy (WV) News on November 11, 1921, written by John William Hylbert. Some of the area and people he writes about were in Wirt County at the time, but became part of Roane County after that county was formed.

My father, H. B. Hylbert married Mary McCutcheon and lived on the headwaters of McCutcheon Run. I was born in 1856, the year that Roane County was organized. My mother died when I was nine years old. My father was married twice. His second wife, who is still living, was Sarah J. McClung. His family consisted of ten children – four boys and one girl by his first wife, and four boys and one girl by his last wife.

The history that I shall try to narrate took place between fifty and sixty years ago (1860-1870). Among the first things that I remember hearing talked of was the breaking out of the Civil War, and the oil excitement at Burning Springs.

At that time there lived on McCutcheon Run my father, Andrew Collison, James McCutcheon, William McCutcheon, my grandfather, and George Seaman, Thomas Lee and Zadoc Thorn near its mouth. At this time there was no road across to Spring Creek – the road ending at my father’s.

I never attended school until after the war, when free schools were established, therefore I was twelve years old before I attended school – our school term being three of four months. Among the first and best teachers that I went to was T. J. Thorn, who is still living at Saxton, Ohio. You would never guess that I had taught nine terms of school from my spelling. Some say moral suasion is the way to govern a school. However, I think the rod a pretty good persuader. If the foregoing suits you I shall in the future tell you something of the Town of Reedy fifty or sixty years ago.

In the November 18, 1921 issue of the Reedy News, the following began to appear as a series:

We will now travel from the mouth of McCutcheon Run (where I first learned to like paw-paws, to swim, and to catch fish) to the Town of Reedy.

After crossing the creek, the road at that time ran with the creek up as far as the John L Boggs residence. Boggs was said to be one of the wealthiest farmers on Reedy and passing the mouth of Stutler’s Run on which lived Criss and Joe Stutler and Thomas Goff. At that time John Smith had a water mill on the opposite side of the creek between J. L. Boggs and Disaway Dye, where Dennis Dye now lives.

Next was Dempsey Flesher’s being the first house we pass in Roane County, also at that time said to be the first house in the neighborhood. It might be proper to state this farm had what was considered a very rich silver mine on it. About this time the mineral excitement broke out and every man thought he had a silver mine on his place. It was no uncommon thing to see four or five men with mattocks and shovels going to open up a silver mine. Boys were allowed to go along and help carry the ore. But alas, like the South Sea bubble, it blew up and as far as I know, it only amounted to wearing out their pockets carrying around the rocks.

But we are not far behind our fathers, as each of us is aware of the fact that oil and gas are plentiful on our places if only opened up. While we do not realize that, we are losing our resources in fertility and timber. It would be better for us as farmers to try to conserve our resources than depend on what is possibly two or three thousand feet beneath the surface.

Next we come to Cain’s Run, near the mouth of which stood the Good Hope Baptist Church, a log house. A log house was nothing unusual then, as nearly all the buildings were built of logs. My father belonged to this church. The first Sunday School I ever attended was there. I remember hearing Pat Murray and George Burdette preach here. At that time Brother Burdette was a mere boy. He married Thomas Lee’s daughter and was pastor of many churches in the then Mt. Pisgah Association.

Nathaniel Ledsome and Uncle Tommy Cain lived on this run. After crossing the run there was a building in which I believe Robert Flesher lived. Across the creek the widow Watts and family lived, her husband being killed in the war.

Then we pass the mouth of Folly Run on which two noted characters lived – M. A. McClung, who was a farmer and lawyer, and William Board, who was a preacher and horse trader.

Next is Flesher’s Chapel, a really fine building for that day, and as there was no church in Reedy, it was counted as a Reedy church, although it sat on the bank of the creek nearly opposite where Clyde McClung now lives. The church was named for Uncle Dempsey Flesher, who did a great deal for it financially and spiritually, he being a class leader. He and Uncle Sandy Board did good work for their churches in the way of leadership. This church was finally moved into the Town of Reedy.

We then pass a turn in the creek where a steam sawmill was blown up. There were five men killed by this explosion – Robert Blosser, father of J. H. Blosser, William Cain, Hawk Boggs, Jacob Hardway and Samuel Wyatt. At this time most lumber was sawed by a water mill or whip sawed, which was by man power.

Next we come to a coal mine. We have the same vein of coal which is about a 20-inch vein, but on account of having a lack of transportation facilities, it is not worked at present.

Next we come to what was known as Three Forks of Reedy, or just Three Forks. I think the post office was named Reedy and the present town takes its name from the post office and the railroad station.

Three Forks, as a village, spread over more Timothy than the Town of Reedy. In fact, to see the Three Forks it is necessary to go three or four hundred yards beyond the Town of Reedy.

The resources of the Town of Reedy are about the same as those of the Three Forks of Reedy – the farming industry. Reedy’s prosperity today is dependent almost entirely on the farming community, there being very little manufacturing in town.

I don’t know of any town the size of Reedy that has half the number of stores. While this is the case, Reedy has the reputation of selling goods cheaper than adjoining towns. Goods can be bought cheaper at Reedy, by retail, than they can in Parkersburg. The merchants in Reedy cemented the street, which in wet weather was a mud hole, thereby making it easier to visit their stores.

The first house in Three Forks is Alfred Cain’s, brother of Uncle Johnny and Thomas Cain. He was a prominent man in the place, being what was called a "one-horse lawyer" – the kind at that day pleaded before a squire. At that time there was a great deal more litigation in the community than today. I don’t know whether it is because the squire or the people, or both, have got more sense or not. On Saturdays a great many of the farmers would go to the Three Forks to hear the trial. Alfred Cain, M. A. McClung and sometimes Joshua Lee from Spring Creek being the Attorney, all homemade lawyers. Well, it was as good as a debating society.

I never sued anyone in my life except once, when I gave one of the above five dollars to see after it. He got judgment for me but no money. So I was the attorney fee short. A. Cain acted as Sheriff a term or two. He also loaned money if one could dig up interest enough. Don’t forget that there was no bank in Roane, Wirt or Jackson County at this time, the Parkersburg bank being the nearest one. The house Cain lived in was a large log house known as a double log house.

At this time I don’t think there were more than half a dozen post offices in Roane County. I can only recall Reedyville, Spencer and Walton. Leroy and Sandyville were offices between Reedy and Ravenswood. Then Reedy did not receive near the mail that Grace does now. A good many letters came, but few papers. There was then no paper in Roane and only one in Jackson County.

I recall the prices of some things that were sold and bought at the store. Coffee, 50 cents; sugar, 15 cents; muslin, 25 cents; eggs, five to ten cents per dozen; butter in winter, 10 to 15 cents; butter in summer, nothing; feathers 50 cents. In this connection I will say there were a great many geese raised – probably twenty five times as many as now. When the women came to the store they often brought a poke of feathers, which I, as jim hand, generally emptied.

In this store I became acquainted with a great many citizens. Among the elder were Andy, Rause and Calvary Chancey, Uncle Sandy Board, Billy Jeff Board, Lige and George Callow, John Candler, Dempsey, John and Robert Flesher and the Seamans, Stutlers and Conrads, all of whom are dead. While I was well acquainted with them, I am but slightly, if at all, acquainted with their posterity.

After passing Callison’s toward Ravenswood, we came to a building about where Lattimer’s store now stands, in which there had been a store, but was not occupied as such, until Harry (Tup) Flesher moved in. Across the creek, opposite, was a saw and gristmill, run by Zeke Vernon and Daniel Sayre. The latter married the Widow Blosser and lived about where the bridge crosses the creek on the bank of the creek above the mill. Here is where our John Blosser first became a millwright.

Almost directly back of this building lived Charles Cottle, where Harry Cottle now lives. I don’t remember Harry when he was a boy, but I remember Major. He always wore ad cap on the back of his head, and was counted a "hard case" when a boy. Well, if he won’t tell anything on me, I won’t on him.

Well, instead of crossing on a board at the sawdust pile, or in Uncle Andy Stewart’s john boat, we will cross the bridge to the other side of the creek. There were no buildings from the bridge along the creek to the Callison property. Almost opposite the bridge across the road stood a building put up by Charles Cottle, in which Allen Cottle lived. Back of this, across the bottom on a knoll lived Uncle Billy Stewart, owning most of the land in Reedy. He was one of the oldest, if not the very oldest, inhabitant of Reedy.

Dr. Carter built on this site. John McClung now lives here. He used to claim relationship to me before he got rich. He belongs to the same religious denomination that President Harding does, but they have no same political affiliations.

Passing up the road, I cannot think of any other building until we come to the schoolhouse, which was a little above Dave Law’s produce store. The building was a little better than most schoolhouses of that day, it being a frame and having a stove. But I don’t suppose there is as poor a schoolhouse in Roane County now. Here I attended school several winters, also summer schools, taught by Nash, Broaddus, and others.

We all have our opinions, and if I have the privilege of expressing mine, now is the time. I believe six months are a plenty for a winter term of school, especially under compulsory attendance. With improved equipment and teachers, if the child wants to learn, it is enough. And if he doesn’t, it is too much. But I don’t want to get into a ruckus with the Legislature of West Virginia, as they probably know as much as I do.

Across the road, where the B&O Railroad Station now stands, it being also near the Reedy News office, where the Editor of the News holds forth. The Editor, Fred E Craig, being a great local writer since the days of his boyhood when he published The Pointer, being quite a genius and owning an automobile, conceived the idea that his car would be useful for other purposes than joy riding. He hitched it to a plow in order to give a demonstration of its usefulness, but the demonstrator failed to demonstrate. As this demonstration was not advertised and financed by the West Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station, he probably thought it was not worthy of local notice. However, I think it is worthy of the annals of history, and as he has published everything I have written, it would be a shame to leave it out.

Near these points stood Dr. Cooper’s house and office. He finally sold out to Dr. Barr, who remained here several years. The next property below belonged to William P. Stewart, on which there were two residences – one in which he lived, standing about where Tom Dye’s new store building now stands, the other about where Dick Matics lived. There was also a shoe shop on this lot, in which William and Alf Stewart worked.

Directly below this was Andrew Stewart’s. On this lot was a water mill, about where the railroad crosses the creek. He was not only a miller, but also a wagon maker. In fact, he could make almost anything out of wood. His residence stood below, it being one of the oldest buildings in Reedy and most familiar looking until Aunt Barbara Stewart died a few years ago. She was the oldest resident of Reedy at the time of her death. Near, on the same lot, lives her daughter Mattie, who married Sam Roberts, who was depot agent for some time. He died and she then married Fred Amos. She and Peter Blosser are the only ones I can think of who were grown who now live in Reedy.

Mrs. Stewart had another daughter who married Andy Ott, who moved to Elizabeth, Wirt County, and a son David, who is a doctor at Creston. He built a small store building where Henry Straley and Walt and Lee McKinley hold forth, Lee keeping the post office.

They are all from the waters of Spring Creek. They are all right, however. Some Spring Creekers are addicted to the promiscuous fault of talking about people. If I was not writing about Reedy people, I would have to mention some who are thus addicted, among them being Filmore Simmons, John Hickman, George Davis and George Hylbert. Why. They will even talk about John McClung and your humble servant. Ah well, don’t blame me if I happen to talk a little, but consider my environments.

They say when Henry Straley got his first automobile and was joy riding out the ridge that it "went dead" on him and he had to hire a team to haul it in. He remarked that he had heard it said, "No man should or would own an automobile unless he was a fool or a millionaire." No doubt this was malicious talk, as he still owns an automobile.

Walt McKinley at one time owned a farm. His most prolific crop was sassafras. Lee McKinley can tell as big, if not bigger tales than I. I got a letter from Illinois requesting that I write the current history of Reedy. Lee is the man for that.

At present I am not acquainted with half the people of Reedy. I would like to say something good of everybody, but can only say that Reedy is at least as good as the average town. As to the merchants, they are plenty able to advertise and the columns of the Reedy News are open to them. But I will say, as the cattle buyer used to say when I bragged on my cattle, "They are fair to medium".

This brings us back to the little bridge. I only think of one other building that stood where the Reedy Mill now stands, but there was no one living in it at that time.

I have covered the grounds to the best of my ability. There is a great deal more that may be said about the stave business, the floods in Reedy, the fires, and the building of the railroad, but I realize that others are better able to say it.

I well remember the first time I visited Ravenswood. I was about sixteen years old (1872), and my uncle, needing goods and having a barrel or two of eggs to send to market, sent a wagon with two yoke of oxen by Lem Board, and I was permitted to go along. It was in March and the roads were very muddy. We were gone three days. I saw many things that attracted my attention, especially the big creek and the steamboats. Since then I have walked through many a time in little over half a day.

In going through we note a few things. After leaving the schoolhouse around the turn in the road at Reedy we come to John Goff's. He had been a soldier in the Mexican War. About a mile above lived Uncle Sandy Board, and nearly directly across the creek lived John Candler. These two men were great church workers. Their work is still going on no doubt in the churches of Reedy, and while they are dead, their influence still lives.

Uncle Sandy's children were a choir of singers, of which Reedy was proud. There were Chris, Dock, Lem, Pogue, Marshall and Marietta - all good singers. Dock taught many singing schools.

Next is Silas Seaman, living near Duke Station. Then we come to Jim, his son, who lived at Seaman Station and kept a tannery and shoe shop. Then to Ira Chenoweth's who was prominent in the affairs of the community.

Here we leave the main stream and cross the ridge dividing the waters of Reedy and Sandy Creeks. Passing several residences on the way, we come to where Liverpool Station now stands, where there was a small store kept by a man named Green. A prominent family lived there by the name of Hartley. If the oil works hold out good this place will probably become quite a town.

After passing a residence or two, we come to Leroy post office kept by a Mr. Baker who had a little store in connection with the same. There were some houses from here on that I did not know who lived in, but we come to the Hutchinson neighborhood, where there were some of the best farms on Sandy, if not the very best. This land looked like it had not been worn out before it had been put in grass. Duncan and Meadowdale were not on the map at that time.

Sandyville next stop - a bridge, mill, one or two stores with post office, kept by James Crum, constituted the main part of the village. They raised more tobacco on Sandy than on Reedy.

I think the origin of Silverton was the building of a flouring mill by a man named Leonard.

We then enter Ravenswood, which at that time did quite a business in produce of all kinds - staves, hoop poles, etc., it being the nearest point to the Ohio River, to a big portion to Jackson, Wirt and Roane Counties.

The teamsters would take a load in and bring back salt and such things as they needed as well as goods for the stores. The RS&G Railroad now takes the place of nearly all of these teams, and though freights are high, we find the railroad a great convenience. The railroad might have been a help to Ravenswood had it stopped there, but as it is, a great portion goes to other markets.

Then they had a wharf-boat instead of a depot, and had steamboats instead of cars, and the way I look at it, the government would have done more for the people if they had built roads instead of dams across the river. If we had no railroads it might have been different. But if I keep up criticism I may get into a confab with Congress or the Legislature of West Virginia, as no doubt they think they know as much about it as I do.

There were in Ravenswood at that time about half a dozen grocery stores, one hardware and furniture store, three drug stores all at which a teamster could get something to keep him from taking a bad cold, a tannery and flouring mill; also a newspaper, The Ravenswood News.

I judge that in Ravenswood at that time the population was about the same as Reedy, but the buildings were not so good. The town site is much better than Reedy. A great many lots have been sold recently and if manufacturing plants are established, no doubt in time it may become quite a little city.

As I realize that there are many who are better able to write about Ravenswood than I am, I will refrain from further comment.

As my uncle, A. Callison, moved from Reedy and bought property and a store, I went to Ravenswood with him and was in the store for a time.

I attended a school there taught by Rev. McMillan who was at that time pastor of the Presbyterian Church and editor of The Ravenswood News. I studied Latin, Algebra and Philosophy, but I can say as the politician who was running for office and was objected to on account of his religion, "That all the religion he had would not hurt anybody", so all I learned of these branches would not hurt anybody.

After attending school I went into his printing office to learn the printer's trade, and remained here a year or more. Although Jackson County had at that time but one newspaper, I hardly think it would compare favorably with The Reedy News. Shortly after this the Jackson Herald was started in Ripley. After the death of Rev. McMillan the Ravenswood News was sold to McGlothlin Bros., and considerable improvement was made on it.

Following Information from granddaughter, Dorothy Pauline Walker Dotson who also gathered information from his daughter, Mattie Hylbert Walker:

John William (J W or Bill) Hylbert and father, Henry Barnabas Hylbert were teachers, farmers and good carpenters. JW was born in Wirt County. J W Hylbert took teacher's examination and taught at Little Creek school in Roane Co, WV. He was a farmer and a community leader in what is now known as the Grace Community. Some community leaders in the Grace Community were J.W. and his brother George Hylbert, Billy Vandal, Jarrett and his brother Pierce Fox; Filmore Simmons, Robert Greathouse and brother Ambrose Greathouse; and Bill Hickman He met Bertha F Lockhart while teaching at Mayberry (?) school in Wirt Co. Bertha was a good student and a good scribe according to her daughter, Mattie F Hylbert Walker. Bertha married JW when she was 16 and he was 26. They went to Roane County to live. They had a log cabin on a hill near the present Gilboa Baptist Church. They then built a two-story home across Spring Creek. About the time the children were getting married and leaving home, they built a two-story home next to the Gilboa Baptist Church. He donated a portion of land for the church and the Grace School. George Andrew Hylbert, brother of JW, also stayed in the same community on what was called Coal Run, rearing his family there. Other brothers moved to Parkersburg, WV and several half-brothers went to Illinois. Half brother, L.C. (Lewis) was a missionary in China for many years.

1888 he was one of the trustees of Gilboa Baptist Church. He was still a trustee in 1917 when the church was moved to its present location.  1900 Roane County Census, Reedy District  J.W. Hilbert (wife Bertha).  April 22, 1910 Reedy News "The Sunday School at Gilboa is progressing nicely with J. W. Hylbert, superintendent". November 25, 1910 Reedy News "J. W. Hylbert returned Monday from a business trip to Ravenswood where he has been buying fertilizer. He spent Sunday with Thomas Thorn at Saxton, OH". Feb 22,1917 8000 square feet to trustees of Gilboa Church for $1.00. Deed bk 75, p 361

October 10, 1922 

According to Nature I know that before very long this life here on earth must terminate and wishing my posterity well and that harmony and love may be with them. I will make no will but leave my estate to be divided according to law. My wish is that each heir shall receive their just share and there be no lawsuits over any property. If there be difference of opinion I would (?) for three arbortrators to settle the same.  I want my wife, Bertha Hylbert, to have what she inherited from her parents which is to the best of my recollection one hundred fifty ($150.00) dollars. I want Mrs. Silas Walker to have two shares of my Bank Stock, Everett, and Elmer Hylbert each to have one share, and Mrs. D. L. Walker to have one share. Each paying for the same at the market price at the time, provided each so desire. I would like for E. T. Hylbert to serve as Executor and settle the business of my estate. My preference for Executor is Silas Walker.  In conclusion I want to say that God has been good to me and though I have come far short of serving Him as I should I trust that through His grace that we may praise Him throughout eternity for His goodness. My God bless you all.

Farewell, J W Hylbert

Obituary Reedy News :

John William Hylbert one of the prominent citizens of Roane County died at his home at Grace on Reedy route 3 Sunday August 15, 1926, He had been in failing health for the past two years. He was a son of the late Barney and Mary McCutcheon Hylbert and was born May 18, 1856 being at the time of his death at the age of 70 years 2 months and 28 days. J. W. Hylbert was united in marriage with Bertha Lockhart of Wirt County and to this union three sons and four daughters were born. Those surviving are Elmer Hylbert of Reedy route 3, Mrs. Silas Walker of Kingston, Mrs. Dwight Walker of Reedy, Mrs. L. C. Fowler of Clarksburg, and Miss Mattie Walker at home. Mr. Hylbert is also survived by two brothers James H Hylbert of Reedy route 2, George A Hylbert of Cainsburg and fours half brothers, S. L. Hylbert ____ Gifford, Ill, Jerome Hylbert of Iowa and Louis C. Hylbert a missionary in China. Two sisters Mrs. Sallie Hickman of Gifford, Ill and Bessie (Hylbert) of Iowa. early in life the deceased was converted and united with the Baptist Church and thereafter, took an active part in Sunday School and church work being prominent in the councils of his church. He also taught school in his early manhood, worked at the printers trade when a boy, later in life becoming an expert farmer and fruit grower. My Hylbert was a member of the Masonic Lodge. The Lodge held their burial services for him. The funeral services were conducted Tuesday at the Gilboa Church by his pastor Rev L Springston, and interment was made in the Hodam cemetery the remains in charge of T. W. Dye funeral director.

Estate Administered 29 August 1827 by Silas Walker administrator.

Death certificate shows cause of death as acute pericarditis.  Death information on record at Roane Co Court House, Spencer WV: John W Hylbert white male date of death August 16, 1926; rheumatism, 70 years, 2 months, 28 days; married. Dr. U. L. Dearman.

Obituary for wife, Bertha Frances Lockhart Hylbert:

Mrs. Bertha Hylbert, 76, died Aug. 26, 1943, after an illness of several months at her home near Gilboa Baptist Church on Specer Route 4. She was a daughter of the late Harrison and Phoebe Lockhart of Wirt county. She was united in marriage to J. W. Hylbert who preceded her in death. Of this union there survive four daughters Mrs. Silas (Marie ) Walker and Mrs. D. L. (May) Walker, twins, who both reside in Parkersburg. Mr. L. C. (Fern) Fowler of Clarksburg and Miss Mattie Hylbert at home. Two sons Everett T and Elmer J. Hylbert and the eldest daughter Mrs. Clara Littell, preceded her in death. She is also survived by eleven grandchildren and four great-grand children. All but one of her six grandsons are in the U. S. service. She was a member of the Gilboa Baptist Church in which she had been a faithful worker for many years. Funeral services were conducted at the Gilboa Church by Rev. L. E. Bolte of Spencer. Many beautiful floral tributes were offered. The body in charge of T. W. Dye of Reedy was laid to rest in the Hodam Cemetery. Pall bearers were her three sons-in-law Silas and Dwight Walker and L. C. Fowler and husbands of three granddaughters Fred Hawthorne, Orris Stutler and Clyde Dotson. Among those from a distance attending the funeral were: A sister Mrs. Roberts of Elizabeth, Mr. and Mrs. Silas Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hawthorne and son Robert, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hylbert, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hylbert, Golden McCutcheon and son Rufus McCutcheon, Mr. Noble and Mr. Roberts all of Parkersburg. Mrs. Helen Simmons Hylbert of Danville, Roane County. Mrs. Holly Simmons of Pt. Pleasant, Miss Faye Walker of Washington D. C., Brooks Walker, Naval student of Bethany College. Mr. and Mrs. Orris Stutler and son, Miss Daisy Simmons and Mrs. L. E. Bolte of Spencer. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Dotson and two children of Grantsville. Mr. and Mrs. Basil Scott of Gandeeville. Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds of Clarksburg.

Children of John Hylbert and Bertha Lockhart are:

16 i. Clara Leota5 Hylbert, born 04 Feb 1884 in Roane Co, WV; died 04 Feb 1922 in Possibly PA  She married Francis Emmet Little 18 Jul 1906 in Roane Co, WV by J N Fox  born 06 Feb 1878 in Brownsville, Monroe County, OH.

17 ii. Homer Hylbert, born 11 Oct 1885 in Roane Co,WV; died 02 Sep 1886 in Roane Co, WV.

18 iii. Everett Thomas Hylbert , born 03 Jun 1887 in Grace Community, Roane Co WV; died 16 Oct 1925 in Reedy, Roane Co WV of TB Buried at Hodam Cemetery . He married Gelia Dell Fox 26 Dec 1915 in Roane Co, WV; born 06 Apr 1894 in Grace, Roane Co, WV; died 31 Jul 1987 in Elizabeth, Wirt Co, WV - burial Hodam Cemetery.

11/26/1909-"A Letter From Raleigh County" was printed in the Reedy News: From Matville, W. Va.

"I am teaching in Clear Fork District of Raleigh County. I began work here Sept. 27. There are 13 boys and 13 girls. The school is well equipped with a library, charts, etc. The place where I am teaching is not far from Beckley the county seat. . . . " Everett T Hylbert

WW I Draft Registration:  Tall slender, blue eyes, black hair; farmer and postmaster living in Grace WV. Married with one child.

June 5, 1917

Obituary:  Everett T. Hylbert, son of J. W and Bertha (Lockhart) Hylbert was born June 3, 1887. He was married to Gelia Fox and to their union was born one son Kenneth. At the age of 11 years he was converted and united with the Gilboa Baptist Church and has since been one of its most progressive members and has filled many of the offices of the church, such as: Church Clerk, Sunday School Superintendent and teacher and for the past six years with Good Hope Association. He departed this life October 16, 1925 being at the age of 38 years 4 months and 13 days. He leaves to mourn his departure his wife, son, father and mother, one brother Elmer J Hylbert and four sisters Mrs. Dwight Walker, Reedy Rt. 3, Mrs. Silas Walker, Kingston, WVa, Mrs. Fannie Fowler Clarksburg and Miss Mattie Hylbert at home. Funeral services were conducted Monday October 19th at the Gilboa Baptist Church by Rev. J. M. Fox who preached from the following texts: "If a man die, shall he live again?" "Whosoever believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live". "Because I live, ye shall live also. Rev L. E. Springston assisted in conducting the service. Burial was made at Hodam Chapel by Funeral Director T. W. Dye of Reedy.

Eulogy by Rev. J. M. Fox:

Once more the funeral knell has rung and a patriot Everett T. Hylbert answered the call. He had only passed 38 milestones on life's road, and being weary on the way he fell into that dreamless sleep that knows no waking, until the great Triumphant Morning. Sad indeed some might say that life should be cut off at manhood's noon day, but it has been well said: "It matters not how long we live, but how well." Everett lived his life now righteous and died in triumphant faith of reaching a Home Eternal where sickness and sorrow never come and where no funeral cars ever run. That he was perfect in all his ways, I dare not say for he, like all mankind, was human and prone to err. I have been a very intimate friend and associate of his from early boyhood days, I know for myself that he as a God fearing, liberty loving, law abiding, manly man. And I have an abiding faith that when on October 16, 1925 he was called to stand in the shadow by the sunset sea of life, when the wanderlust of his hunger for Immortality was about to be satisfied as the quiet tide of the drowsy sea broke in soft ripples around his feet.

Obituary for Gelia Dell Fox:  Date of death July 31, 1987

Spencer W. Va. - Gelia D Hylbert McCutcheon, 92, of Elizabeth, W. Va. died Friday at the home of her son, Kenneth Hylbert of Elizabeth W. Va., after an extended illness.She was bon in Grace, W.Va., a daughter of the late Jarrett N and Mary McInturff Fox. She was a homemaker and a member of Gilboa Baptist Church where she was the organist for many years.She is survived by her husband, Roy D. McCutcheon; one son, Kenneth Hylbert of Elizabeth; two stepdaughters, Evon McCutcheon of Elizabeth, W. Va. and Lucille Bennett of Lancaster, Calif; three grandchildren, Mrs. Thomas D Pinkerton, and Dr. Kenneth W Hylbert Jr., both of State College, Pa., and Mrs. Charles Walker of Basking Ridge, J. J.; and seven great-grandchildren.Services will be 2 p.m. Sunday at the Gilboa Baptist Church with the Rev Lester Walker and the Rev Paul Russell officiating. Burial will be in the Hodam Cemetery.

19 iv. Mary Jane Hylbert, born 14 Aug 1889 in Roane Co WV; died 19 Mar 1978 in Wood Co, WV. She married Silas Walker  24 Dec 1911 in Roane County WV by J N Fox at home of JW Hylbert ; Silas born 08 Nov 1885 in Roane Co, WV; died 22 Nov 1968 in Belpre, Washington Co, OH.

In Sept 1909 Silas was living in Triplett and teaching in Mingo County. He had been a student at Marshall College for 3 terms. From the Wirt County Journal files:  December 17, 1920 - School Items: Professor and Mrs. Silas Walker have moved into the C.A. Daniell's property on Court Street.  March 4, 1921  The Gray Bible Class of the Baptist Church of Elizabeth held its annual banquet at the Court House Tuesday night, February 22nd. The following members of the class were present: Mr. and Mrs. Silas Walker and daughter, Joseph Gray, Teresa Metz, Mrs. Grover Whitecotton, Mrs. John Tanner, Mrs. Ralph Robert, Mrs. H. L. James, Mrs. Dora Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crommett, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Dailey, Ruth Roberts, Senn McClung, Camden Coe, Roy Coe, Odie McMillion, Minnie Caltrider, GeorgeHolbert, Lumus Holbert, Frank Lovett, Maurice Roberts, Emma Caltrider, Florence Copen, John Woodring, Ray Holbert Kate Chenoweth, Mabel Conley, and D. B. Craver. Supper was served at an appropriate hour after which the remainder of the evening was spent in social games.

20 v. Opha Mae Hylbert was born 14 Aug 1889 in Roane County, WV; died 30 Mar 1965 in Wood Co, Parkersburg, WV burial Mt. Olivet Cemetery. She married Dwight Lyman Walker  05 Apr 1914 in At her parents home in Roane County, WV by Rev J. N. Fox Book 12, Pg 13 Dwight was born 29 Feb 1888 in Triplett, Roane Co, WV  died 18 Apr 1977 in Wood Co, Parkersburg, WV burial Mt. Olivet Cemetery 

In April 1910 Mae was a student at the Reedy Normal School in Reedy, WV. Tuition was 75 cents per week. (Reedy News). In  Sept 1909, Dwight was teaching at Big Bend, Calhoun County (Reedy News). His first school was at Munday in Wirt County in 1905-1906. He taught school for 43 years, the last 16 were at Roosevelt Elementary School in Parkersburg, WV.  In March 1920, Dwight, his wife and 2 children moved from Kayford, Kanawha County to the farm which he had recently purchased from Oscar Cain on Wagon Run, Reedy, Route 3 (Reedy News). He attended and graduated from Glenville State Teachers College around 1940. He also attended a handwriting school in New York City and was an excellent penman and taught handwriting.  In the late 1930's Dwight and family moved from the farm to Parkersburg, WV where he taught elementary school for many years. He lived at 616 Eastlawn Avenue.  After his first wife died, he married her sister Mattie.

Obituary "The Parkersburg Sentinel" April 19, 1977, Parkersburg, WV

Dwight L Walker, 89, of 616 Eastlawn Ave., Parkersburg, died at the St Joseph's Hospital Monday afternoon (April 18). He was born in Roane County, son of the late Fieldon and Sarah Conley Walker. He was a member of the St Andrew's U. M. Church, a graduate of Glenville State College, a teacher in Wood and Roane Counties in West Virginia and Washinton County in Ohio for around 50 years. He was a member of the local and national retired teacher associations, the American Association of Retired Persons, and the Senior Citizens. He is survived by his widow, Mattie Hylbert Walker; a son Brooks of Wilmington, N. C.; two daughters, Mrs. Clyde (Pauline) Dotson and Mrs. Orris (Eloise) Stutler of St. Petersburg, Fla; a brother, Ivan Walker of Grantsville; nine grandchildren and six great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Mae Hylbert Walker; two brothers and two sisters. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 p.m. Thursday at the Leavitt Funeral Home, with burial in the Mt. Olivet Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Wednesday.

21 vi. Elmer John Hylbert, born 23 Mar 1892 in Grace Community, Roane Co, WV; died 25 Oct 1930 in Stark, Boone Co, WV. Buried Hodam Cemetery. He married Helen Virginia Simmons 04 Apr 1917 in Roane Co, WV born 19 Sep 1898 in Roane Co, WV; died 25 Oct 1986 in Roane Co, WV Buried Hodam Cemetery.

In April 1910 Mae, Malissa, Clarence and Elmer Hylbert were students at the Reedy Normal School in Reedy, WV. Tuition was 75 cents per week.  June 15, 1917 registered for draft in Saxon, OH. Listed as tall, slender, brown hair, gray eyes, married.

1930 Census Boone Co, Washington District, WV; Married at age 24 and age 18 - both Elmer and Helen are showing as public school teachers.

Obituary:  Mr. Elmer John Hylbert was born at Grace, WV March 23, 1893, son of Mrs. Bertha (Lockhart) Hylbert and Mr. J. W. Hylbert. He died Saturday, October 25, 1930, at 12:30 noon at Stark, West Virginia, where he had resided for the past two years in the teaching profession and the mercantile business. He was united in marriage April 4, 1917 to Miss Helen Virginia Simmons of Cainsburg, West Virginia, who with the following survive: three sons, Phillip Eugene, Maurice Asutin and Robert Marshall; his mother Mrs. Bertha Hylbert; and fours sisters, Mrs. Mae Walker of Reedy, WV, Mrs. Silas Walker of Kingston, WV, Miss Mattie Hylbert of Jeffrey WV and Mrs. L. C. Fowler of Clarksburg, WV. His father, J. W. Hylbert, two brothers, Homer and Everett, and one sister, Clara Littled preceded him to the great beyond. In his youth he was converted and joined the Gilboa Baptist church, to which he was a faithful member until his death. Besides his immediate relatives who deeply mourn the loss of a husband, father, son and brother, there are hosts of friends in this neighborhood and likewise in the several communities in which he has lived. He was well liked by all who knew him.  It is with deepest regret that the time has come to say goodbye, but not forever.

22 vii. Mattie Frances Hylbert, born 20 Aug 1895 in Roane Co WV; died 22 Mar 1990 in Sarasota County, FL. She married Dwight Lyman Walker 07 Jun 1965 in Parkersburg, Wood Co, WV; born 29 Feb 1888 in Triplett, Roane Co, WV. He died 18 Apr 1977 in Wood Co, Parkersburg, WV burial Mt. Olivet Cemetery

Obituary Parkerburg News Sunday March 25 1990 (Date of death March 22, 1990)

Mattie F Walker, 94, formerly of Parkersburg, of Myakka City Fla, died Thursday at the Springwood Nursing Center, Sarasota, Fla. She was bon in Roane County, daughter of the late J. W. and Bertha Lockhart Hylbert. She was a member of the St Andrews United Methodist Church Parkersburg. She was a school teacher in Roane County and had moved to Florida in 1978. She is survived by one stepson, C. B. Walker of Wilminton, NC; two stepdaughters, Pauline Dotson of Myakka City and Eloise Stutler of St Petersburg, Fla. She was preceded in death by her husband, D L Walker. Services will be held 2:30 p.m. Monday at the Leavitt Funeral Home, Parkersburg. Burial will be in the Mount Olivet Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home one hour prior to the service on Monday.


23 viii. Fannie Ferne Hylbert, born 18 Sep 1898 in Roane Co, WV; died 09 Jan 1975 in Buried Wood Co WV Mt Olivet in Pkrsburg. She married Lawrence Camden Fowler 02 Jul 1925 in Roane County WV. He was  born 02 Apr 1892 in Ritchie County, WV; died 29 Apr 1978 in WV.

Fannie Ferne Hylbert: in  1920 was teaching in Kanawha Co, WV


Other Children of Henry Barnabas Hylbert

Please Note:  I have much more information about descendants of the children listed below.  John William Hylbert is my great grandfather, so I've included the most information for him.  If you are a descendant of one of the other children of Henry Barnabas Hylbert and wish more information, please contact me at [email protected]

6. James Harrison4 Hylbert (Henry Barnabas3, John William2 Hilbert, Joseph1 Hylbert) (Source: WV Archives and History.) was born 16 Apr 1858 in Roane County VA (Source: April 1858 in 1900 census Wirt Co, WV & on gravestone.), and died 05 May 1933 in Reedy, Wirt Co, WV Bur Boggs Cemetery (Source: WV Archives and History.). He married Addie Amantha Payne (Source: WV Archives and History, Name on Marriage of daughter Esther is showing as Ida.) 28 Mar 1880 in Roane Co, WVA (Source: WV Archives and History.), daughter of Henry Payne and Editha Vandale. She was born 24 Jun 1860 in Roane Co, VA, and died 31 Mar 1932 in Reedy, Wirt Co, WV Bur Boggs Cemetery (Source: WV Archives and History.).

7. Sarah Jane4 Hylbert (Henry Barnabas3, John William2 Hilbert, Joseph1 Hylbert) was born 14 Aug 1860 in Elizabeth, Wirt Co, WV, and died 29 Dec 1942 in Montgomery AL. She married (1) Joseph Allen Burdette 21 May 1881 in Wirt Co, WVA, son of William Burdette. He was born 11 Nov 1861 in Nicholas Co, WV, and died 12 Aug 1899 in Frankton, IN. She married (2) Cyris Hickman Aft. 1899. He was born Abt. 1860.

1964 letter written by Lewis Hylbert:

William Burdett bought a piece of land at the head of Buck Run, above where Lewis Smith lived. William Burdett's son married Sallie Hylbert, and they lived there in the Burdett home for several years. Then they sold that house and land and went to Indiana where they lived for many years until after Joe Burdett died there. Later Sallie marrried Cyrus Hickman and they lived in Gifford quite a number of years. Both Cyrus and Sallie died there in Gifford Illinois.

8. George Andrew4 Hylbert (Henry Barnabas3, John William2 Hilbert, Joseph1 Hylbert) was born 05 May 1863 in Wirt Co, WV, and died 19 Mar 1942 in Roane Co, WV burial at Hodam Cemetery (Source: WV Archives and History.). He married (1) Mary Stutler (Source: WV Archives and History, Death record lists parents' names.) 04 Aug 1889 in Roane Co, WVA (Source: WV Archives and History.), daughter of Josiah Stutler and Rebecca Goff. She was born 06 Aug 1866 in Roane Co VA, and died 21 Apr 1924 in Roane Co, WV burial at Hodam Cemetery (Source: WV Archives and History.). He married (2) Lillie Nellie Walker Aft. 1920, daughter of James Walker and Sarah Bartlett. She was born 18 May 1885 in Roane Co, WV, and died 18 Jan 1949 in Roane Co WV (Source: WV Archives and History.).

9. Edgar Elisha4 Hylbert (Henry Barnabas3, John William2 Hilbert, Joseph1 Hylbert) was born 05 Jun 1864 in Wirt Co, and died 25 Feb 1900 in Boggs Cemetery Wirt Co, WV. He met Margaret Watts (Source: Census Records 1900 Wirt Co, Known as "Maggie" per death record.At marriage He is showing 20 and she 27 in 1884.) 17 Aug 1884 in Roane Co, WVA (Source: (1) Wes Cochran, Roane Co, VA (WV) marriages, (March 1988)., (2) WV Archives and History, He is showing 20 and she 27.), daughter of William Watts and Elizabeth Burr. She was born Jan 1856 in WV (Source: dgtr of William & Elizabeth Watts age 21 at marriage.), and died 02 Aug 1912 in Reedy, Roane County, WV (Source: WV Archives and History, Cause of death - carcinoma - housewife and a widow. Age 56..).

10. Samuel Leonard4 Hylbert (Henry Barnabas3, John William2 Hilbert, Joseph1 Hylbert) (Source: Census Records 1900 Wirt Co WV, page 198.) was born 16 Nov 1866 in Wirt County, WV, and died Abt. 28 Sep 1961 in Illinois. He married (1) Laura Ellen Corbitt 04 Apr 1889 in Wirt Co, WVA (Source: WV Archives and History.), daughter of Albert Corbitt and Phoebe Hodam. She was born 24 Nov 1869 in WV, and died 1912. He married (2) Anna Louise Fox 22 Dec 1912 in Roane Co, WV (Source: WV Archives and History.), daughter of Jarrett Fox and Mary McInturf. She was born 22 Dec 1874 in Roane County WV, and died 1957 in Buried Crane's Nest/Fox Cemetery.

11. Henry Clay4 Hylbert (Henry Barnabas3, John William2 Hilbert, Joseph1 Hylbert) was born 14 Feb 1869 in Wirt Co, WV, and died 18 Aug 1941 in Urbana Twship, Champaign Co, IL (Source: (1) Hylbert, Samuel L., (2) Family Tree Legends Internet Site http://www.familytreelegends.com/, http://www.familytreelegends.com/.). He married Elizabeth Ann Boggs 14 Oct 1891 in Roane Co, WVA (Source: (1) Wes Cochran, Roane Co, VA (WV) marriages, (March 1988)., (2) WV Archives and History.), daughter of Nathaniel Boggs and Elvira Boggs. She was born 1872 in Roane Co, WV, and died 1959.

12. Jerome Murray4 Hylbert (Henry Barnabas3, John William2 Hilbert, Joseph1 Hylbert) was born 15 Apr 1871 in Reedy, WV, and died 05 May 1938 in Hicksville, Defiance, OH Bur Rantow, IL (Source: Ohio Death Certificate.). He married Nora V Burson 25 Jul 1893 in Wirt Co, VA (Source: WV Archives and History.), daughter of John Burson and Maisie Ferrell. She was born 18 Jun 1873 in Calhoun County, WV, and died 12 Jun 1949 in St Joseph Twp, Williams, OH.

15. Bessie Jane4 Hylbert (Henry Barnabas3, John William2 Hilbert, Joseph1 Hylbert) was born 18 Nov 1885 in WV, and died 23 May 1978 in Emmetsburg Hospital, Emmetsburg, Palo Alto Co., Iowa. She married George Gehrt 24 Apr 1907 in License issued Champaign IL. He was born 25 Mar 1882 in Valley Twp., Stark Co., IL, and died 03 Oct 1968 in San Bernadino, CA.


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