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  I have been researching for over 35 years. Although my family lines are found in now West Virginia from the early 1800's, they were in Pennsylvania, Maryland and other neighboring areas prior to that, so there are links to many states and locations on this site.  You can search this site and the links below will take you to many other states and a variety of family lines.   ~   Betty Dotson Renick

Links to Genealogy for all 50 States

Link to WV Source Documents

My WV family research is posted on my tree at Ancestry.com The link goes to my father's profile. 
You can explore early WV families from there.

Genealogy Search Links, Sites and Research Tips

US Genweb Search

LDS Family Search Site

Cyndi's List of Links

Formation WV Counties

Formation of Illinois Counties

Formation KY Counties

Formation of MD Counties

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Formation of PA Counties

Formation of VA Counties

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DNA Testing and What it Proves


Transcriptions of Rev War Pension Applications

Searching in West Virginia

Map of Current WV Counties

WV Birth Death Marriage Records

 Genealogy Library

Search WV Pioneer Archive Postings

Hacker's Creek Pioneers (Lewis and Surrounding WV Counties)

WV Genealogical Research

Free WV Census Reports

Hodam Cemetery Roane County WV


Family Name Links

John Boggs Family of WV

Early Bucher Booher Family 

Cheuvront Family in America

Connolly Family in America

Dewees Family History
Dodson and Dotson Families in America Enoch Family in America Greathouse Family in America Hinkle and Elsworth Families in America

Hinkle Family History

Hylbert Family in America  

Lockhart Family of WV

Lockhart Burials Wirt County WV

McCutcheon Family of (West)Virginia

Book: The McClung Genealogy

McClungs of Virginia and WV


Renick Family in America

Download Renick Pioneers Book

Sprague Family in America

Thorn(e) Family in America

Walker Family in WV

Other WV Family Lines


and County Histories

Gilmer County Biographies


Harrison and Doddridge County WV Families

Haymond's History of Harrison County

Hardesty's History of Harrison

Hardesty's History of Doddridge County 


Calhoun and Wirt and Pleasants County WV Families

Pioneer Families of Calhoun

Hardesty's History of Calhoun

Moccasin Rangers of Calhoun

Grantsville in 1942

Hardesty's History of Wirt

Hardesty's History of Pleasants 


Jackson County WV  Families

Pioneer Families

County History

Jackson County Website

Hardesty's History of Jackson

Links to Information on my Personal Lines 



My Family Lines Documents and Photos 

Books, Family Trees about my Family Names

My Family Lines for 16 Generations

Stories about My Ancestors

My Military Ancestors and their Service

Our families are the nucleus of the larger world and where we find the food, shelter, protection, provision and social interaction in our early years. Much later in life when we begin to yearn for the protection and comfort of family, many of the special people of our youth are gone. To have known those people is a blessing since we share their biological genes and often their dreams. They are a part of who we are today, how we live and how we believe.  Information about the ancestors who have created our very beings will hopefully make us more secure in the understanding of their humanity. They were not just names in old Bibles or on tombstones. These people lived in a changing country and faced ordeals we can only read about. At the same time, they faced the age-old decisions about love, marriage, caring for a family, religion, education, sickness and death, the same as we face.

Use this material freely in your search or as a reference. On some of my original writings on this site, I have disabled the ability to copy and paste since several people have copied and posted to their websites and then copyrighted my material. I have done this on a few pages while most information, which is general in nature, can be copied. You are welcome to print any information on any of these pages by clicking the print key on your computer and using the material in your research. If you are actively researching one of my family lines, please contact me so we can exchange information. If you wish to use my materials on another website, please contact me for permission.

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