North Carolina Dodsons and Dotsons

Dodson and Dotson Pioneer Families of North Carolina

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Early Dodsons/Dotsons in North Carolina counties

The list below shows the date a county was formed and early Dodsons appearing in those counties. The earliest record appears to be in Orange County 1753-1755 for an Isaac and a Charles Dodson.  Spelling is interchangeable between Dodson and Dotson.

1705 Craven from Bath
1790 Benjamin Dotson census

1745 Granville from Edgecombe
1763 William Dodson married Frances Gilliam
1768 William Dodson regarding gift to brother; mentions brother Francis
1768 Charles Dodson is deceased - wife is Frances; son is Charles
1778 NC State Oath - Nutbush District- William and Charles Dodson
1790 William Dodson census
1790 Charles Dodson census
1796 Charles Dodson gifts to son Stephen Dodson, mentions wife Elizabeth
1790 William Dotson census
1791 William Turner married Frances Dodson
1796 Record of will of Francis Dodson deceased, names sons Charles and William and daughters Frances Turner, Holley Dodson and Polly Fleming. Elizabeth Dodson was a witness
1799 Will proved - Charles Dodson Sr. Names wife Elizabeth, son Stephen, daughters Polly and Betsy; Absolom Crenshhaw was named son-in-law; he married Mary/Polly in 1792.
1801 Charles Dodson married Lucy Dodson
1810 Lucy Dotson census
1811 Daniel Dodson appointed guardian to Daniel Dodson orphan of Charles Dodson

1752 Orange from Granville, Johnston and Bladen
1753 Richard Knight vs. Charles Dodson
1755 Isaac Dodson tax list

1753 Rowan from Anson
1768 Reuben Dodson tax list Town Fork and Upper Dan River
1800 Thomas Dodson over 45, born before 1755 in census
1817 Joseph Dotson married Sadacy Rogers
1830 Margaret Dodson married John Logan
1839 Thomas J Dotson married E N Gouger

1759 Halifax formed from Edgecombe
1801 Hightower Dodson married Ruth Parker

1771 Surry from Rowan
1771 Charles, John and Reuben on tax list
1772 Charles and Reuben on tax list
1774 Reuben Dodson on McAnalley's District tax list
1774 Richard Dodson on Cleveland's District Tax list
1782 Marriage Reuben Dodson to Agnes Whitlock 
1782 Charles Dotson 500 acres on Polecat Branch
1782 Joshua Dotson
1782 Reuben Dotson 1350 acres on Snow Creek, Double creek and Beaver Island
1789 Charles Dodson 300 acres; Nancy Dodson 68 acres; Reuben 1050 acres

1771 Guilford from Rowan and Orange
1779 Land grant on Mayo River Fork to Lambeth Dodson

1781 Charles Dotson and William Dotson Militia men who marched to the assistance of Gen Green at Guilford Court house from Henry County VA
1784 Lambeth Dodson of Virginia sold 153 acres south side of the south Fork of Mayo
1787 Richard Dodson purchased land from Michael Mason
1790 Richard Dodson census
1800 Richard Dodson 12 acres on waters of North Buffalo on his corner; Charles Dodson chain carrier 
1802 Charles Dodson married Sarah Wilson
1812 Jeremiah Dodson married Eulety Brown
1823 will of Richard Dodson; probated 1829. Names wife Mary; youngest son Daniel; other children Sally, Charles, Mary, Jeremiah - Wife Mary and son Richard Dodson are executors

1771 Chatham from Orange
1790 George Dotson census
1790 William Dotson census
1800 Thomas Dotson 1 male born 1755 or earlier

1777 Burke from Rowan
1778 and 1779 George Dodson in land records
1790 Esau Dotson census

1777 Caswell from Orange
1777 Rolly Dodson tax list, Richmond District
1778 James Robinson vs. William Dotson
1778 Rawley Dodson and wife Mary of Caswell county sold 50 acres
1784-1793 Rowley Dodson accountant for an estate
1803 Ralph Dodson Tax List
1808 Micajah Dodson mentioned
1812 William T Dodson married Sally Young
1817 John F Dodson married Isabella Baynes
1820-1836 Records of Stephen Dodson
1841 Matthew Dodson - Warden of the Poor
1850 Estate Matthew Dodson
1852 Estate Stephen Dodson

1777 Nash from Edgecombe
1782 100 acres Hightower Dodson

1778 Wilkes from Surry, Dist of Washington
1779 Richard Dodson 180 acres Capt Allen's Tax District
1781 Charles Dodson 100 acres on Prathers Creek, branch of New River; sold 1782
1795 John Dodson 115 acres
1797 Elijah Dodson0 acres 1 white poll tax
1797 Elijah Dodson Overseer of a road
1789 Will of Jeffrey Johnson names grandchildren James, Rachel and Winnifred Dodson
1790 Patty Dotson census
1800 William Dodson 300 acres on Beaver Creek
1801 William Dodson sold 200 acres on Brushey Mountain
1805 Tax list: Joel, Joshua, Martha (Patsy), William and William
1810 Rev William Dotson census

1814 Property of Richard Dotson being sold for non-payment of 1812 taxes - 100 acres on Roaring River 

1779 Montgomery from Anson
1790 Hightower Dotson census

1779 Warren from Bute
1793 William Dodson Jr witness on power of attorney
1794 Orphan apprenticed to William Dodson
1810 Stephen and William Dodson census

1785 Rockingham from Guilford
1797 Daniel Dodson 500 acres on the Dan River
1800 Daniel Dotson in Rockingham 1 male born 1755 or earlier
1801 Elijah Dodson 134 acres on Clouds Creek
1810 Daniel, Ralph and Lewis Dodson census
1810 Lewis Dodson sold land on Town Creek, Rockhouse Creek and Fishing Creek
1810 Suzanne is named as widow of Lewis Dodson
1810 Court orders provisions for widow and family of Daniel Dodson
1814 Land Sale - may be heirs of Daniel: John and wife Polly Dodson, Hannah Dodson, Spencer Kellam and wife Jane, and Jonathan White and wife Betsy
1815 John and Lewis on Tax list
1818 Elijah Dodson, heir of Daniel Dodson, sold land.

1788 Iredell from Rowan
1801 William Dodson of Iredell County sold 100 acres on Bishops Creek in Wilkes County

1789 Stokes from Surry
Reuben Dodson lived in portion of Surry that became Stokes.
1788 Elisha Dodson is deceased; Nancy is widow
1790 Nancy Dodson census
1790 Reuben Dodson census
1796 Reuben Dodson land sale
1804 Will of Reuben names wife Agnes; Obey (Obediah); other children not named
1810 Agnes Dodson census
1811 Charles Whitlock names daughter Agnes Dodson in will
1817 Heirs of Agnes Dodson are sons Alexander, Lambeth and Sabrina Dodson Neal sold the house and land where the Dodsons had lived on both sides of Snow Creek. G Washington was also a son.

1792 Cabarrus from Mecklenburg (Mecklenburg from Anson 1763)
1796 James Taylor married Nancy Dotson
1810 Thomas Dodson (born 1766 to 1784) census

1799 Ashe from Wilkes
1810 J Dotson and R Dotson census
1815 Tax List - James and Reuben Dotson