Shenandoah Valley Dodson and Dotson Families


Dodson and Dotson Families of the Shenandoah Valley Virginia

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The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia stretches from Berkeley County, WV, southwest and is bounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains to the east and the Allegheny Mountains to the West.  The Massanutten Mountain range bisects the valley. 

Early landholders such as Lord Fairfax received grants of thousands of acres of Virginia land.  Wanting to attract settlers, they entered into agreements with others who traveled to Pennsylvania and Maryland, marketing land to new settlers. The colonial government of Virginia wanted settlement to provide a buffer between the settled tidewater area of Virginia and the French and Indian problems of the frontier.  Land was cheaper in the valley than in Maryland and Pennsylvania or eastern Virginia.

Upon arrival, most pioneer settlers lived in crude cabins in clearings.  They grew enough crops to feed the family and supplemented their income from fur trapping and trading. 


With more permanent settlements, revenue increased by cultivating flax, hemp, tobacco, grain, livestock, vegetables, and fruit.  Soon manufacturing began in the valley and small industries such as tanneries, lumber mills, and iron smelting furnaces were established by the middle of the 1700's.  Towns developed and those settlers who remained were able to build larger log homes and enjoy a higher standard of living.



Orange county, when first created, included the current counties of Augusta, Frederick, Culpepper, Madison, Greene, Shenandoah, Rockbridge, Rockingham, most of the present state of West Virginia, and all of Kentucky.  As the Shenandoah Valley area became settled, it was divided into new counties.   Augusta County was formed in 1738 from Orange.  Frederick County was also formed in 1738 but organized later; Hampshire was formed from Frederick in 1754.  Shenandoah was formed in 1772 but was called Dunmore County until 1778.  Rockingham County was formed in 1778.  Page County was formed in 1831 and Warren County in 1836, taking most of their territory from Shenandoah County.  Records will be found in a variety of counties based on the year of the event and where the person lived in the valley.

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The darker brown area of this map shows the general area of the Shenandoah Valley in 1780. 


The Shenandoah Valley encompassed what is now nine counties in Virginia and two counties in West Virginia.  

Important:  It appears that there were  three different branches of the Dodson/Dotson family who had settled in the Shenandoah Valley by 1800.  DNA has shown that these three lines were not connected.  

1)  John Dodson migrated from North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia to now Shenandoah County before 1756.  He owned land west of  the Massanutten mountain range and west of Edinburgh and Mt. Jackson, near Conicville.  John died with a will in Shenandoah County Virginia in 1784, and his son Peter inherited his land.   Three of John's sons Peter, Moses and Charles lived to maturity.  Both Moses and Charles were bound out in Richmond County by the church wardens of the North Farnham Parish in 1737 at ages of 11 and 8.  Both are showing on a 1753 delinquent tax list for Augusta County, having left the county.  It appears that Charles migrated to where his father lived, but later moved with his children as early settlers in Greene County Tennessee.  Charles died in 1797 and Peter in 1800, but Moses' whereabouts have not been traced.  Some descendants of this family continued to live in Shenandoah County, while others migrated to other areas.  Information about this family is recorded in  The Dodson (Dotson) Family of North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia: A History and Genealogy of their Descendants, Volume One and Two by Mrs. Sherman Williams, Compiler and Editor and The Rev Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., Publisher, Southern Historical Press, Inc. Easley SC, 1988. Read More about this John Dodson Family

2)  Thomas Dodson, migrated from Chester County PA and lived east of the Massanutten mountain range and at the foot of the Blue Ridge mountains in what became Warren/Page counties, south of Front Royal near Overall and Rileyville, Virginia.  At the same time, the Richmond County Dodsons owned land west of the Blue Ridge mountains west of the present town of Mt. Jackson County Virginia.  When both lines of Dodsons settled there, Frederick County encompassed all of these areas.  Front Royal, the county seat of now Warren County, was settled in the 1730's. As early as 1749, we find Thomas Dottson in the area south of Front Royal buying an item at an estate sale, along with a Barbara Job. In 1755 a William Dodson enlisted from Frederick County in the French and Indian War.  In 1768 Thomas Dodson sold land to Moses Moody, and in 1776 Thomas Dodson sold land to Ephraim Leeth who had married Barbara Job, widow of Caleb Job. Thomas Dotson is listed on rent rolls of Dunmore County in 1775.  In 1785, Abraham Keller collected taxes near Front Royal, and on his listing are Thomas and Thomas Jr. Dodson along with Ephraim Leeth Jr and Job families.  There were two Dodson/Dotson Revolutionary War soldiers born in what was then Frederick County - Richard Dotson in 1752 and William Dodson in 1758.  Since neither was from the Richmond County line, it is assumed they must have been connected to the second line of Dodson/Dotsons.  Both men returned to Shenandoah County after the war, but their parents' names are unknown.  DNA from descendants of Richard Dotson have shown that he was not from the Richmond County Virginia line, and DNA from his descendants matches with the Dodsons of Chester County Pennsylvania. Read More about the Pennsylvania Dodson Family 

The Massanutten mountain range that separated the two Dodson lines, also separated the Shenandoah river into a north and a south fork which meet near Front Royal, in present day Warren County, Virginia.  The South Fork flows north on the east of Massanutten mountain range, and the North Fork flows north on the west of the mountain range.  The Dodsons from Richmond County, Virginia, settled west of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River, while the Dodson/Dotsons from Pennsylvania settled on the South Fork, east of the Massanutten mountain range in the valley between the Massanutten mountain and the Blue Ridge mountains, around the current county line of Warren and Page Counties.

Locations where the Chester County PA and the Richmond County VA Dodson/Dotson lines settled are illustrated on the map below. Map is modified from one by John Wayland.  Both Dodson lines settled around 1750, but as DNA has shown, there were no connections between these lines.  These two areas of settlement in the valley were separated by the Massanutten mountain range, and it is possible that these Dodsons did not even know each other. Most of the area shown below was part of Frederick County at the time of Dodson settlements and later became Dunmore and Shenandoah in the dates listed below.  A few dates from Loudoun and Hampshire counties are listed since it is known that some from the Chester line migrated into those counties.  More research needs to be done to clearly identify the people associated with the events and to which branch they belong.  However, tax lists and other records are beginning to show that John, Charles, Peter and one William were associated with the Richmond County line, while Thomas Sr and Jr, Samuel Sr and Jr, Richard, and a second William were associated with the Chester county line. Read more about the settlers associated with the Thomas Dodson line from Chester County PA living on the south fork of the Shenandoah River.

3)  Thomas Dodson/Dodson, parents unknown, apparently moved into Shenandoah County in the early 1800's possibly from Rockingham County.  As noted, his lineage from DNA results shows that he was not connected with the Richmond County VA or the Chester County PA lines.  A descendant of a Revolutionary War soldier, William Dotson, who fought in North Carolina and died near Savannah Georgia, has a 100% match to a descendant of this Thomas Dodson/Dotson.  Based on ages of his children, it is fairly certain that it is his family who appears in the 1810 census of Shenandoah County.  It is also believed that he is the Thomas who sold land with wife Elizabeth in 1809.   His descendants are the Dotsons who moved first to near Lewisburg, (now) WV and some on to Nicholas County, now in WV.


Documented Shenandoah Valley Dodson/Dotson Events:

Orange, Augusta, Frederick, and Shenandoah counties were much larger at the time of these events.  It is believed that many of these events, particularly those associated with the Dodson/Dotsons from Pennsylvania,  occurred in what is now Warren or Page County, Virginia.

1730 to 1740 

No known Dodsons in the Shenandoah Valley during these years.  A John Dotson appears on a tax list in 1739 in Orange County, but he is in a precinct east of the Blue Ridge mountains where Madison, Virginia is now located.  It is unknown if he has any connections with the Chester County Pennsylvania or the Richmond County Virginia Dotson/Dodsons.

1738 Augusta and Frederick counties were created from Orange but neither were fully organized.

1740 to 1750

1741 June Augusta County  Elizabeth Dodson, daughter of John Dodson baptized by Rev. John Craig

1743 Frederick County organized.

1748 Augusta County Tax List - Delinquent: William Dodson

19 Jan 1749 Mary Allen wid. of Augusta County 400 acres in said Co. Surv Mr. George Hume. On Mill Creek adjacent Charles Dodson.

20 March 1749 March Augusta County - Thomas Dottson is listed as a purchaser in an estate sale for John Campbell. 

1750 to 1760

1750 Augusta County Tax List Thomas Dodson  

1750 Augusta County John Dodson to Carolina - tax delinquent

1750 Frederick County landowners - no Dodsons listed. 

1751  John Dodson, son of Charles Dodson, born "near Staunton River (he cannot recollect the name of the county) in the year 1751 or 1752 - that afterwards his father moved into the county of Shenandoah Virginia" - from his Revolutionary War pension application

1751 Sept 30 Frederick County 400 acres on Honey (Stoney?) Creek adj. Christian Mikley.  Chain carriers Charles Taylor & Christian Dellinger.  Markers - Charles Dodson and John Jones.

1752 Augusta County Tax delinquents Charles and Moses Dotson, out of county

1752 Augusta County Feb 14 400 acres on Mill Creek ajoining Charles Dotson.  Noted as a neighbor by beneficiary and administrator of Mary Allen. Land originally bought by Mary from Fairfax. 

1752  Oct 23 Richard Dotson was born in then Frederick County.  His date of birth and locations are from his Revolutionary War pension application.  DNA from his descendants does not match with descendants of the Charles Dodson line of Richmond County Virginia, but does match with Chester County Pennsylvania Dodsons.  Richard stated in his pension application that he left Shenandoah around 1772 - 1774 and went to (now) Greene County, Pennsylvania, and "after the close of the Revolution he returned to Shenandoah County, Virginia after remaining there a few years, the precise number he cannot recollect, he removed to Loudon County, Virginia and continued there about two years, from Loudon he removed to Hampshire County, Virginia,  where he lived about six years from thence he removed to Wood Co, Virginia".  Read More about the Richard Dotson Family

1753 December 24 Augusta County Survey  for John Coile of 400 acres where he lives on Mill Crk; adj. Dodson, Joseph Danham.

1754 Frederick County gained land from Augusta County but lost land to the creation of Hampshire County, now in WV

1754 Frederick County William Dotson served as a chain carrier, survey on fork of Shenandoah River 

1754 Nov 11 Frederick County  Land Grant to John Dodson of Augusta County by Lord Fairfax. 260 A in said County Surveyor Mr. George Byrne. Where he lives on Mill Cr. adj. Mary Allen. Joseph Donhm   Note: Land in Frederick formerly Augusta County.

1755 July 6 Frederick County Thomas Dodson signed as a witness.   Deed Book 4, Page 86.  Lease between Robert Grey & Margaret Grey 350 acres of land in Frederick County.  Other witnesses were W. Bethell, Ralph Hughes, Henry Nelson, Rob't Grey and Margary.  Recorded 2 March 1756.

1754 Frederick County survey 600 acres chain carrier was Moses Dodson.

1755 Frederick County William Dodson served in the French and Indian War born Virginia, 24 years of age.

1756 Sept 30 Land Purchase John Dodson 400 acres including where he lives on west side of Stoney Creek

1756 Frederick County John Dodson patented 260 acres. John and wife, Elizabeth, of Frederick County sold this land, described as 260 acres in Frederick, the part formerly Augusta, on Mill Creek adjoining Mary Allen, to Abraham Derst for 5 shillings. Abraham Derst and wife Mary of Frederick released this land to Henry Meir 8 Oct 1764 Frederick County Deeds Book 10, page 25.  Record states land "Granted by Fairfax to John Dotson by deed 11 Nov 1754, corner to Mary Allen's land, 260 acres".  Recorded 6 Nov 1764.

1756 1 June  Frederick County George Washington had formed a company of artificers under Captain William Peachy with a complement of more than a hundred men to work on the building of Fort Loudoun near the town of Winchester, Virginia where Washington was headquartered. William Dodson is listed as one of those helping to build the fort.

1754 Oct 8 (Alt date is 16 May 1761) William Dodson served as a chain carrier on a survey for Cyna/Sinna Hooper, wife/widow of James Hooper; 180 acres at fork of Shenandoah River adjacent William Russell.  William Hooper was also a chain carrier.  

1758 March 29 William Dodson was born in Shenandoah County (Frederick County) Virginia, based on his testimony when he applied for a Revolutionary War pension.  He said that he enlisted as a resident of Shenandoah County in February 1776 for two years.  He served in the company of Captain Matthias Hite in the 8th Virginia Rifle Regiment.  Although Peter, son of John and Eliza Goad Dodson, had a son William, he was dead before 1800 as reflected in Peter's will of 4 Sept 1800: "son Joseph to keep the rifle which his brother William gave him at his decease".  The Revolutionary War soldier, William, did not die until 1840.  William also testified 14 Jan 1833 that  "Since the Revolutionary War he has lived in Shenandoah County VA, and moved from there to Kentucky and has lived in Nelson Co. since that time."

1760 to 1770

1761 Frederick County May 18 a poll was taken for the Election of Burgesses,  and two burgesses from Frederick County were elected.  John Dodson voted for: Colonel Geo. Washington and Colonel George Mercer 

1763 Frederick County Dec 14 Alan Macrae of Prince William County 346 A. on Allens Creek. Surveyed by Mr. Robert Rutherford. Adjacent to Henry Kilkener, Joseph Dennam, John Dodson

1767 Frederick County Survey for John LeGarde 276 acres about 2 miles from the North River Shenandoah, adjacent Peter Dodson.  Chain carrier was Charles Dodson.

1768 April 14 Frederick County Moses Moody assignee of Thomas Dodson 136 acres on drains of South River adjacent to Henry Nelson, George Hume.  Chain carriers were Jeremiah Odell and Charles Whitson.  Surveyor Peter Stephens.

1768 April 16 Thomas Dodson/Dotson & Charles Whitson served as chain carriers for Peter Stephens, surveyor for 354 acres on Jeremy's Run on drains of the South River.  Survey for Jacob Follis/Fallis of Stafford County, assignee of Charles Whitson, assignee of Spencer Breeding of Frederick County.

1769 Frederick County Apr 21 John Legarde of  276 acres on North River of Shenandoah in said County. Surveyed by Peter Stephens. Adjacent to Peter Dodson

1770 to 1780

13 Apr 1771 – 3 Sept 1771 Frederick County Ephraim Leith assignee of Thomas Dodson very near his late survey on Jeremy’s Run a branch of South River at foot of the Blue Ridge adj. George Hume (now Alexander Wodrow’s land). Dodson agrees if part of land Thomas Bullett applied for, he will relinquish his claim. 1771 Bullitt lays no claim, and Dodson relinquishes deed to Leith.

1772 Frederick County lost land to creation of Berkeley County, now in WV and to Dunmore County, (renamed Shenandoah County in 1778).  Woodstock became the county seat when the new county was formed. 

1772 5 Aug Rebeccah Dodson Shenandoah County Baptism, daughter of Charles and Mary Dodson

1773 April 12 Marriage: Elizabeth Dodson to Thomas Ryan

1775 June 7 Marriage:  Loudoun County Susanna Dodson to Joseph Hutchison 

1775 Thomas Dotson in Dunmore (Shenandoah) County -now Page County, Virginia.  List of Persons in the District of Henry Nelson, Jr.  2 males, 6 females; 3 over 16; 5 under 16 and 0 blacks. 

1775 Samuel Dodson Sr Dunmore County Rent Rolls and tithe list of Francis Slaughter shows 'sale of deer skins' and 'sale of old gun' 

1775 Samuel Dodson Jr. Dunmore County Rent Rolls and title list of Francis Slaughter.

1775 Samuel Dodson Dunmore County showing with old mare and 1 cow. 

1775 Peter Dodson Dunmore County rent rolls Jacob Holeman's List 1 levy

1775 Charles Dodson Dunmore County rent rolls Jacob Holeman's List 2 levy

1776 February William Dodson, living in Dunmore County enlisted in the Eighth Virginia Rifle Regiment for the term of two years

1776 March 2 Thomas Dodson sold 367 acres of land on Jeremy's Run in Dunmore County.  He sold this land to Ephraim Leith who sold the land 29 May 1783 to Moses Moody. The land was located approximately 2 miles southeast of Rileyville now in Page County.  Directions: Hwy 661 to Hwy 605 then East about 1/2 mile. No record has been found for when or from whom Thomas purchased the land.  Ephraim Leeth of Dunmore Co. asne. of Thomas Dodson 367 A at foot of Blue Rg. on Jeremy's Run of S. R. of Shannandoah in said Co. Surv. Richard Rigg. Adj George Hume now Alexander Wodrow. 12 Mar 1776

1776 July 20 Loudoun County Susanah Dodson is referenced in a lease with Joseph Hutchinson (her husband) for 150 acres.  Book L, Page 169. John Augustine Washington of Westmoreland Virginia to farmer William Hutchison and Joseph and Susannah Dodson of Loudoun County.

1777 Augusta County Peter Dodson signed Legislative Petition for a separate Virginia county, west of Allegheny mountains.

1778 Approximate date of birth Shenandoah County for Ruth Dodson, daughter of Thomas, "upward of 14 yrs" in 1792

1779 July 5  Peter Dodson (Doptson) shows on Tax List Shenandoah County 

1780 to 1790

1780 June 13  Churchwardens of Shelburne Parish Loudoun County bind Mary Dodson daughter [of] Thomas Dodson Jr. to William Hutchison.

1780 Oct 19 Shenandoah County Location of Land:  John Filsmoyers of Shannandoah Co. 56 A. on Mill Cr. Br of N. R. of Shannandoah in said Co. Surv. John Hough. Adj. Jacob Coyle, John Dodson, Henry Kelkner, Samuel Overhulser.

1780 May  Location of Land:  Shenandoah County Valentine Feber Jr. of Penn. asne. of George Mooney 102 A above Stoney Cr in Shannadoah Co. Surv. John Hough. Adj. Lewis Fellinger, near Buckhill, John Dodson

1781 March Court Shenandoah Court, William Dotson - Shenandoah County Order Book 1781-84 page 14 - no further details

1781 20 July Will:  Shenandoah County John Hall - To Rachel Whitson, daughter of Ruth To the five daughters of Ruth Whitson To Charles Barnes To Thomas Dotson To George White My good friend, Ruth Whitson, Exe. Written: 30 July 1781 Witnesses: Wm. McCullough, Charles Barnes, and Nathan Smith Probated: 30 January 1783

1781 2 Aug until 5 Oct Shenandoah County Samuel Dodson - Private - Captain Linchfield Sharpe's Company of Shenandoah county (VA), under the command of Col. Elias Edmondson; of General Stephen's Brigade.

1782 Tax List:  Shenandoah County Thomas, Thomas Jr., William, Peter, Samuel and John 

1782 Dec 23 Shenandoah County Marriage:  Ruth Dotson to Will Wood, James Ireland minister

1783 January 30 Will:  Shenandoah County Probated for John Hall - Names Thomas Dotson

1783 Tax List:  Shenandoah County Thomas Sr, Thomas Jr, Samuel, William, Peter, John and John 

1783 May 9 Shenandoah County Birth: of a Margaret Dodson, daughter of Thomas 

1783 August Shenandoah Court, William Dotson - Shenandoah County Order Book 1781-84 page 219 - no further details

1784 Aug 26 Will:  Shenandoah County Recorded for John Dodson.  Will written 16 Nov 1779.  Names wife Elizabeth, son Peter, son Charles, daughter Elizabeth, married to John Coile and daughter Ann, married to Michael Callender.  Executor:  son Peter Dodson.  Witnesses Jacob Rinker, Jr., George Rinker and Henry Rinker

1784 Tax List:  Shenandoah County Thomas Sr, Thomas Jr, Samuel, William, Peter and Richard

1784 Aug 26 Shenandoah County Overseer of Poor to bind James Higdon, orphan of James, to William Dodson. He is age 15 Sept. 12, next.

1785 Shenandoah County May 12 Marriage: Elizabeth Dotson to George Pullen

1785  Tax List:  Shenandoah County Thomas Sr, Thomas Jr, Samuel, Peter and Richard. 

1786 Tax List:  Shenandoah County Thomas Sr, Thomas Jr, Peter and Richard

1786 June 15 Shenandoah County South River Survey.  Thomas Dotson and John Allen tenants to William Whitson, dec’d, heirs-cult. and in tolerable order 16 a. of second rate bottom and 100 a. of second rate high land; buildings: a log dwelling house half worn, 24 by 18 with a stone chimney and two fire places, this house is very low pitch’d; an old round oak log stable 18 by 16; an old round oak log barn 40 by 20; a very old round log barn without doors or floor and the cover worn out; 2 old cabins. This information is from the Jonathan Clark Notebook, 1786 – ‘Improvements in the Northern Neck’. It is believed that Jonathan Clark (1750-1811) an older brother of George Rogers Clark was a commissioner who was one of a group appointed to inspect improvements made on farms in a portion of the northern Shenandoah Valley. In August of 1786 this group personally visited 219 farms and recorded what they found.  Other names on the South River survey listing and living in the same area are: James McCoy/McKay, Thomas Johnson, John Curle, James Rogers, John Netherton, Henry Netherton, Abraham Keller, Adam Cunningham, Rachel Cunningham, Zachary McCoy/McKay, James Leith, James Ireland, Jeremiah McCoy/McKay, Edwin Young, John Culpepper, Mary Clevenger, Sennett Young, John Graham, Leah Leath, William Tyler, Jonathan Odell, Samuel Odell dec'd - George Pullen tenant in possession, Elizabeth Odell, widow of S., James Odell, Ruth Whitson, Joseph Barnes, John Levesque, Samuel Pariah, Ebenezer Leith - claims under Geo. deceased, Six Barnet Grover, George Priest, William Smith.  A 2nd listing covered the Powell's Fort area on June 20

1787 Tax List:  Shenandoah County Peter Dotson, Thomas Dotson Sr, Thomas Dotson Jr - with a note that a book is missing.  Peter is showing in the district of Taverner Beale Commissioner on Tax list A with 1 male above 16 and under 21, no blacks, 4 horses, mares, colts or mules and 11 cattle.  Thomas Sr and Jr are showing in the district of Charles Buck Commissioner on Tax List B.  Thomas Sr is showing with no white males above 16 and under 21; no blacks; 4 horses, mares, colts or mules and 3 cattle.  Thomas Jr. has no white males above 16 and under 21, no blacks, 1 horse, mare, colt or mule and 2 cattle.

1787 July 5 Marriage:  Shenandoah County Mary Dotson to John Miller, John Koontz minister

1788 April 10 Hampshire County Ordered that the overseers of the poor bind out Jesse Dodson, and John Hewlett poor children according to law, the former to be bound to John Spitfatham, Page 28

1788 June 4 Shenandoah County Matthias Levy 272 A (29 Oct 1787) in Shanadoh Co. on Ryals Run of Stoney Cr. adj Leonard Lonas, Ulrick Nease, Peter Dodsen.  

1788 Tax List:  Shenandoah County Thomas Sr, Thomas Jr, Peterwith a note that a book is missing.

1788 Sept 18 Shenandoah County Marriage:  Thomas Dodson married Catherine Gunner, John Koonts minister; another source shows 14 Sept 1788 with Thomas Fraylands bondsman

1789 Feb 28  Shenandoah County Land Record:  Peter Hoop Jr heir at Law to Peter Hoop dec'd 308 A. (4 Dec 1787) in Shannadoah Co. on Stoney Cr. adj. Peter Dodson formerly John Dodson, John Fry. 

1789 July 6 Land Purchase:  Hampshire County Jesse Dodson asne of Jacob Vanmeter 216 A. (20 Jan 1785) in Hampshire Co. on Pattersons Cr. adj. James Bryan. 

1789 Aug 25 Shenandoah County Land location:  Jacob Rinker Jr. 32 A (15 Oct 1787) in Shanandoh Co. on Stoney Cr. adj. Emanuel Dellinger, Jacob Rinker, John Lagard, John Dodson

1789 Tax List:  Shenandoah County Thomas Dotson, Thomas Dotson, Peter and William Dotson

1789 Aug 11 * Land Purchase:  Shenandoah County James Breeding and wife Sarah of Powels Fort, Shanandoah County to Thomas Dodson Jr of same for 200 pds, 400 acres in Powels Fort on Passage Creek. Wits: Gilbert Combs, Jacob Denton, Davie Blew recorded 25 Feb 1790

1789 Tax List:  Loudoun County  John Doddson residing with Joseph Hutchison

1790 to 1800

1790 Tax List:  Shenandoah County Thomas Dotson, Sr and Thomas Dotson Jr.

1790 Lawsuit John Daniel Moyers vs. Thomas Dodson.  Suit involved a disagreement about an unnamed son of Thomas who was employed in 1790 by company of Messers Patton Jordan and Pennebaker to dig ore in the Powell's Fort area of Shenandoah County Virginia. 

1790 Tax List:  Loudoun County John Doddson

1790 Jan 3 Shenandoah County Marriage:  Jemima Dodson married Thomas Parent; George Killings, bondsman 

1791 Tax List:  Shenandoah County Thomas Dotson, Peter and William Dotson

1791 Jan 27 * Land sale:  Shenandoah County Thomas Dodson and wife Catherine of Shenandoah Co. to George Pullen of same; for 55 pds, 100 acres in Powells fort on Passage Creek. Recorded 27 Jan 1791 and Catharine relinquished her dower. (James Breeding conveyed same to Thomas Dodson by his deed the 11th August 1789).

1791 May 28 * Land Sale: Shenandoah County Thomas Dodson and wife Catharine to Jacob Coperstone; for 55 pds;. 100 acres in Powells Fort upon Passage Creek rec. 22 April 1791

1791 Oct 6 Marriage:  Shenandoah County Charles Dodson to Barbara Berkheard, Frederick Berhead bondsman; also listed with A. Moffett minister 

1792 Tax list:  Shenandoah County Thomas Dotson is "levy free"; Peter, William Dotson 

1792 Tax list:  Loudoun County Richard Dodson

1792 June 28 Shenandoah County Thomas Dodson is summoned to appear to show why his children should not be bound out and that Adam Seibert deliver Ruth, one of the children to John Gaw.

1792 July 26 Shenandoah County Overseer of Poor Dist. #1 ordered to bind Margaret Dodson to James Allen. She is 9 yrs old last May. Same bind Ruth Dodson to John Gaw, she is upward of 14 yrs.

1792 Dec 12 Land Sale Hampshire CountyJesse Dodson to Joseph George, 260 acres for 30 pounds in the Knobly and in the gap on Patterson Creek adj. to James Ryan

1793 May 14 Commonwealth vs. Evans for begetting a bastard child of Mary Dodson is dismissed, said Mary not appearing. 

1793 Sept 9 Shenandoah County Marriage:  Polly Dotson to John Tipton, Simon Harr minister

1793 Tax List:  Shenandoah County Peter and William Dotson - William is constable.

1793 Tax List:  Loudoun County - William Dodson residing with William and Joseph Woodford and Lewis Lider.

1793 Tax List:  Loudoun County - Richard Dodson

1793 Tax List Loudoun County - Wm. Dodson residing with William Woodford.

1794 Tax List:  Shenandoah County David Dotson, Peter & William Dotson Constable

1795 - 1800  Shenandoah County Tax List:  only Dodson/Dotson listed is Peter Dodson

1795 Deed Shenandoah County references land Henry Hottle adj. Peter Dotson recorded 15 Nov 1798

1795 March 26 Dodson Land Sale:  Shenandoah County Thomas Dodson Jr and wife Catharine of Powells Fort, Shenandoah Co. to Adam Shearman, Jr. of same; for 100 pds 400 acres. Wits, Ricd, Nichols, John Rideinour.

1795 July 1 Hampshire County Tax list:  Richard Dotson  

1795 Oct 8 Marriage Bond:  Frederick County Margaret Dodson to Jesse Seybold, Book 147 Page 26.  Marriage by Alex Balmain; Bondsman William Dehaven S't

1795 October 19 Hampshire County: Ordered that Jeremiah Dodson a poor orphan child be bound by the overseers of the poor to Asa Lupton instead of Timothy Smith who relinquished his right to said apprentice. Page 92 

1795 Dec 2 Land Shenandoah County Peter Dodson 212 acres within about a quarter of a mile of Royals Meadow and near the road leading from Marlbro. Iron Works to Brocks Gap.

1795 Dec 5 Shenandoah County Josiah Leith and wife Rachel of Ohio sold land to Joseph Howey . . . a certain tract of Land Conveyed by Thomas Dodson to Josiah Leith containing one hundred and ninety seven acres and Three Quarters more or less and being on Cunningham’s Run in the county of Shenandoah and State of Virginia . . . 

1796  July 26 Hampshire County Tax list:  Richard Dodson

1797 March 30 Rockbridge County William Dotson listed on a bond regarding his marriage to Elizabeth Jones, daughter of Daniel Jones.

1797 May 5 Hampshire County Tax list:  Andrew Dodson

1797 May 24 Hampshire County Tax list:  Richard Dodson

1798 June 2 Hampshire County Tax list:  Richard Dodson and William Dodson

1798 Oct 19 Marriage:  Shenandoah County Mary Dotson, daughter of David, married Thomas Cave, John Coons minister

1799 May 17 Hampshire County Tax list: Richard Dodson and William Dodson

1799 Nov 1 Marriage:   Shenandoah County Esther Dottson to Henry Kyle A. Moffett minister; John Kyle bondsman

1800 to 1810

1800 Oct 13 Will:  Shenandoah County Peter Dodson - will dated 4 Sept 1800.  Will names his wife Mary; two sons Joseph and Jacob who were not of age; names daughters Ruth, Dorcas and Martha; daughter Easter married to Henry Kile; also says son Joseph is to keep the rifle which his brother William gave him at his decease.  Executors:  friends Thomas Ryan and Christly Dellinger.  Witnesses:  Jacob Rinker Jr. and Joseph Fultz

1800 Hampshire County  Upper District Tax List:  Richard and William Dodson

1801 Hampshire County Upper District Tax List:  Richard and William and Thomas Dodson

1802 Hampshire County Upper District Tax List:  William and Thomas and Manuel Dodson

1803 Hampshire County Upper District Tax List:  William and Thomas Dodson

1804 May 2 Marriage:  Shenandoah County Ruth Dodson to John Rodheffer; Jacob Yeager bondsman

1804 Aug 31 Marriage:  Shenandoah County Esther Dodson, daughter of Thomas Dodson, to Andrew Barnside

1804 1806 and 1807 Hampshire County Upper District Tax List:  William Dodson  

1805 Aug 3 Marriage:  Shenandoah County Martha Dodson to Philip Ludwick; Henry Kyle bondsman

1806 Aug 25 Marriage:  Shenandoah County Joseph Dodson to Elizabeth Ludwick, daughter of George Ludwick

1807 Nov 9 Marriage:  Polley Dodson daughter of Thomas Dodson to Henry Knicely.

1809 Sep 11 Land Sale:  Shenandoah County Thomas Dodson and wife Elizabeth of Shenandoah County to Thornton Drummon of same; for $120, 62 acres on the drains of Mill Creek and some of the drains of Ryals Run, being land granted to John Kemp by Patent dated 2 Aug 1804 adj. Henry Baughman, John Fry and Michael Zircles. Recorded 11 Sept 1809.

1810 to 1820

1810 Census: Shenandoah County VA Thomas Dodson with 1 male under 10, 2 males 10 to 15, 1 male 16 to 25 and 1 male 45 and over; 1 female under 10, 1 10 to 15 and 1 26 to 45.

1810 Census:  Shenandoah County VA Jacob Dodson 1 males 16 to 25; 1 female 0-9; 1 female 26 - 44 and 1 female 45 and over.

1810 Census:  Shenandoah County VA Joseph Dodson 2 white males 0 to 9; 1 male 26 - 44; 1 female 26 - 44 

History of Greenbrier County  by J. R. Cole Lewisburg, WV 1917
p. 343-345 THE DOTSON FAMILY. "Prominent among the sons and daughters of Greenbrier county in both church and State comes the Dotson family. . .  The ancestor of this family who first came to this county was Thomas Dotson, a Virginian, from Rockingham county. He was a soldier in the War of 1812 . . ." Rockingham County is south of Shenandoah, and it appears that some Shenandoah Dodson/Dotsons migrated to Rockingham and then on to Greenbrier County, now in West Virginia. 

1811 Dec 19  Greenbrier County VA Marriage:  John Dotson to Mary "Polly" Henning.  John born in Pennsylvania and died in Greenbrier County 13 Sep 1856

1813 Dec 13 Shenandoah County Jacob Dodson one of the sons and devisees of Peter Dodson, late of Shenandoah County deceased to Joseph Dodson who is also one of the sons and devisees of same; for $200, all of his right, title, interest and claim to one tract of land on a draft of Stoney creek, 200 acres, and is one moiety of a larger tract granted to John Dodson dated 13 Sept 1756 for 400 acres . . . and said John Dodson departed this life and devised all said tract and the said Peter Dodson  departed this life and by his last will and testament devised the 400 acres to his two sons the said Joseph and Jacob Dodson.  Witness:  Jacob Rinker 

1814 Hampshire County Upper District Tax List:  Jeremiah Dotson

1817 Mar 22 Marriage:  Shenandoah County Jacob Dodson to Elizabeth Craig, daughter of William Craig

1817  June 12 Greenbrier County Marriage:  Thomas Dotson to Susannah Kesler - ; born in VA 2 Feb 1794; died 9 Dec 1870 Fayette County, WV

1818 May 25 Shenandoah County Thomas Dodson age 70 years, resident in the county of Shenandoah, made application for a pension for his service in the Revolutionary War. Thomas testified that he "enlisted in the year 1775 in the state of Pennsylvania in the company commanded by Captain Kelpnoss 2nd Regt Pennsylvania in the state of Pennsylvania, that he continued to serve in the said corps or in the service of the United States until the year 1788 when he was discharged from service in Philadelphia state of Penn."

1820 to 1825

1820 June 13 Shenandoah County Thomas Dodson personally appeared again in regard to his Revolutionary War pension. He was aged 72 and testified that he was the same Thomas who had applied in 1818. He also testified: "My original occupation was that of a blacksmith but by age, disease and misfortunes of body I have been unable to pursue it. I myself comprise the whole of my family there are none of my children residing with me."

1820 Census: Shenandoah County, VA Thomas Dodson - one male 45 and over ; 1 female under age 10 and 2 females ages 26 to 45.

1820 Census:  Shenandoah County VA Joseph Dodson - 3 males 1-10; 2 males 10-16, 1 male 26 - 45; 1 female 0 -10 and 1 female 26 to 45

1820 Census:  Shenandoah County VA  Jacob Dodson 1 male 0 - 10; 1 male 26 to 45; 1 female 0 -10; 2 females 16 - 26

1820 Census:  Shenandoah County VA  Mary Dodson 1 female 26 to 26; 1 female 26 to 45 and 1 female 45 and over.

1820 Census Greenbrier County VA  John Dodson and Thomas Dodson are heads of household.

1821 Feb 7  Greenbrier County Marriage:   Richard Dotson to Mary Kesler 

1822 Dec 9 Shenandoah County Marriage:  Elizabeth Dodson, ward of Joseph Dodson, to Wesley Jones

1823 Greenbrier County June 26 Marriage:   Joseph Dotson to Betsy Copenhaver

1825 Apr 10 Death: Shenandoah County Revolutionary War pensioner Thomas Dodson died - information from his pension. There is a bill of sale and an appraisal for a Thomas Dodson in 1825 in what is now Greenbrier County, WV.  He may have gone to live with his children there.