Dodson and Dotson Events in Early Virginia History

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Records below are from a variety of sources including The Dodson (Dotson) Family of North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia, A History and Genealogy of Their Descendants, Volumes 1 and 2 by Mrs. Sherman Williams, compiler and editor and the Rev Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., publisher.  Southern Historical Press Inc., Easley,  SC 1989.  These 2 volumes provide excellent documentation about the line of Charles Dodson of North Farnham Parish in Richmond County and his descendants.  Charles' will dated 11 January 1702 names sons Charles, Thomas, Bartho Richd, William, John, Lambert; daughters Anne and Elizabeth and wife Anne Dodson.     Some early records on his line are posted Here

Below are references to other Dodson/Dotsons in other areas of Virginia prior to 1750.  


1622 31 July Robert Dodson Jr. came to Virginia at the expense of Robert Dodson Sr aboard the ship James.

1623 30 April Robert Dodson Jr. said that he had firsthand knowledge of the plantations east of Jamestown.

1624 16 February John Dods is listed as living in Virginia at the "Neck of Land" near the James River

1650/51 Northumberland County Gervase Dodson arrived in county

1652 October 29 Northumberland County George Dodson witness in court - might be a transcription error since Gervase Dodson's name was written in many different ways.

1652 28 November Gervase Dodson gave oath as surveyor Recorded 21 July 1653 

1656 - 1659 Northumberland County Gervase Dodson several land grants and surveys recorded

1658 29 November Northumberland County Thomas Dodson 1200 acres on the high lands above the head of the Dividing Creeks 

1660 26 June Northumberland County Gervase Dodson lashed for being a Quaker

1661 6 June Northumberland County will of Gervase Dodson

1661 Nov 20  No county listed Edward Dodson 920 acres land grant

1663 March Northumberland County land record sale of land by Wilbur and Sarah Mauder to Thomas Dodson - the land upon which he lives 

1664 Northumberland County Power of attorney from Jane Wiley to Symon Dodson

1664 3 October Henrico County 376 acres awarded to Tho. Ligon and Capt Wm. Farrar for transporting 8 persons including Wm. Dodson

1668 17 October Westmoreland County Thomas Dodson, Yeocomoco Necke, will names wife Francis, son Thomas Dodson who is not yet age 21      

1672 1 February Westmoreland County Will of Thomas Garrard mentions 100 acres in Maryland in possession of Samll Dodson

1674 5 February Middlesex County marriage Francis Dodson and Elizabeth Harrelson  

1684 15 July Middlesex County Francis Dodson, son of Francis and Elizabeth Dodson born 

1686 Old Rappahannock County Charles Dodson named as executor in will of John Lincolne.

1686 Jan 29 Old Rappahannock County Charles Dodson named as executor in will of Edward Johnson.

1687 Middlesex County Francis Dodson on list of men who "upon further examination that the persons underwritten are thought by this Court capable to serve as footmen and to finde themselves with Armes."

1688 20 October Henrico County William Dodson and James Franklin jointly patented land in  on Swift Creek; 360 acres for transportation of 8 negroes.

1690 4 March Middlesex County John Hackney Dodson, son of Francis Dodson baptized

1690 Oct 23 Henrico County Land granted to Henry Wathall for transporting 7 persons - one of which was William Dodson

1691 28 November Henrico County William Dodson  appraiser estate of Thomas Davis

1695 21 January Henrico County William Dodson witness will of Thomas Wells 

1695 20 February Middlesex County Rachel Dodson, daughter of Francis and Mabell Dodson born

1701 29 Aug Lancaster County Mary Dodson named in will in  as a cousin of Alice Stretchley. 

1703 1 September Middlesex County Mabel Dodson, daughter of Francis and Mabel Dodson baptized

1704 Henrico County William Dodson listed on Rent Rolls 100 acres

1706 Middlesex County Francis Dodson and Nathaniel Dodson are mentioned in Vestry Book of Christ Church Parish.

1706 1 February Henrico County William Dodson to son Charles Dodson, 1 ewe and 1 cow calf. 

1706 13 April Middlesex County Jane Dodson, daughter of Francis and Mabel Dodson born

1708 2 May Middlesex County Rebecca Dodson, daughter of Francis and Mabel Dodson baptized.

1712 10 April Henrico County William Dodson witnessed the will of Robert Man

1715 8 January Middlesex County Francis Dodson died; burial 11 Jan 1715

1717 8 February Middlesex County Mabel Dodson died; buried 12 Feb 1717

1726 7 April Middlesex County Will of John Dodson alias John Hackney Dodson proven 4 October 1726 names sisters Rachel, Mabell, Rebeckah.

1727 14 April Middlesex County Marriage Mabel Dodson to Richard Stevens

1727 15 September Middlesex County Rachel Dodson married William Baker

1729 10 October Middlesex County Rebecca Dodson died.

1740 27 April Prince William County David Dodson will, recorded 18 July 1740 mentions wife Amy; brothers Thomas, George, Greenham, Abraham, Joshua and William Dodson.

1746 18 October Henrico County, Dale Parish date of Will of William Dodson. Recorded April 1747.  Names son Thomas Dodson, son William Dodson, son Stephen Dodson, daughter Ann Shackleton, grandson Edward Dodson, son of Stephen.  Executor son William Dodson

1750 28 August Augusta County Thomas Dodson added to list of tithables.