Nicholas Fish's Funeral.
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Nicholas Fish's Funeral.



    The funeral of Nicholas Fish was held yesterday in St. Mark's Church, at Tenth-st. and Second-ave. The service, the simple ritual of the Episcopal Church, was performed by the Rev. Dr. L. W. Batten, assisted by the Rev. E. A. Dodd and the Rev. E. J. Burlingham. The Rev. Drs. Morgan Dix and W. H. Vibbert, of Trinity Church, were among the congregation.
    About the altar were many large floral pieces from friends of the family. The pews to the left of the central aisle, four deep, were reserved for Mr. Fish's family. To the right of the aisle were seated delegations from the Society of the Cincinnati, the Historical Society and a hundred members of Alpha Chapter of Delta Psi Fraternity.
    Six bearers carried the coffin of dark polished oak to the altar rail. They were preceded by the clergymen and these pallbearers: Senator G. P. Wetmore, Charles A. Peabody, Frank S. Wetherbee, W. Watts Sherman, George W. Folsom, Commander Rodgers, U. S. N.; F. K. Pendleton, Dr. J. McG. Woodbury, Talbot Olyphant, Louis L. Lorillard, George G. De Witt and Richard Martin.
    After the coffin walked the mourners--the widow, on the arm of Hamilton Fish: Stuyvesant Fish, with his daughter; Dr. Stuyvesant Fish Morris and Miss Morris. Mrs. Hamilton Fish Benjamin and two daughters and two sons. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd S. Bryce and Mrs. Rodgers. Following them were the ushers--Dr. D. W. Wynkoop, D. Le Roy Dresser, Alford Cooley, Hamilton Fish Benjamin, Maitland Armstrong, T. J. O. Rhinelander, William H. Benjamin and J. H. Prentice.
    The choir sang the burial chant as a processional and Chopin's funeral march after the reading of the lesson. The hymns were "Rock of Ages" and "Nearer, My God, to Thee," the latter being sung by the choir after the creed was said. The members of Delta Psi marched around the coffin, each placing a small piece of cypress on it.
    The church was crowded. Among those of the congregation outside of the Fish family were Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Frelinghuysen and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mortimer, of Tuxedo.
    All the pallbearers and ushers accompanied the body to Garrison's-on-the-Hudson, where the burial took place. Mr. Fish was a great-grandson of Peter Stuyvesant, whose body lies in the crypt of St. Mark's Church.


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