Wynkoop Family Bible Records.
Wynkoop Family Bible Records.

    Here you will find copies of Wynkoop family bible records and family registers. These are a vastly overlooked source of important family information. Witness the records of Judge Henry Wynkoop and Cornelius Wynkoop. In addition to the details of their family lives, the births, marriages and deaths that each family experienced, we also learn something of the writer's history and in Judge Henry's case, we learn something about Cornelis Evertsz. Wijnkoop's early years in New Netherland as well. For the family historian this information is priceless and almost impossible to come by any other way.

    I'm interested in publishing as many bible records here as I can find. If you have a family bible record that you would like to share, or know of one that might be available, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

    On a personal basis, I'm trying to track down Garret Wynkoop's family bible record. He was the 3rd son of Cornelius Evertsz. Wijnkoop and Maria Jans van Langedyck. In his last will and testament, he willed it to his son, Cornelius Wynkoop of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. If this bible record still exists it should contain the actual birthdate of Garret himself, and maybe, just maybe, the birthdates of his parents and siblings. If you know anything about this precious family record please get in touch with me at the above E-mail address.

    In the meantime, enjoy these family records and take the time to rediscover some lost family members and experience their joys and sorrows. You'll find that there is a lot more here than just names and dates.

The Family Register of Judge Henry Wynkoop of Bucks County, Pa.
     In Dutch.

A Geneological Description of the family of Henry Wynkoop
     Compiled from the Family Register of Judge Henry Wynkoop of Bucks County, PA.

Cornelius Wynkoop's Family Bible
     Family bible record of Cornelis Wynkoop [9] and Hendrika Newkirk.

Gen'l George C. Wynkoop's Family Bible
     The family bible record of General George Campbell Wynkoop of Pottsville, Pa.

George Woodward's Family Bible
     George Woodward and Margaret Wynkoop's Family bible record.

The McNair Family Bible.
     McNair and Wynkoop family records.

Strickland Wynkoop's Family Bible
     Strickland Wynkoop and Martha Egbert's Family bible record.

Anna Raguet's Family Bible Records.
     Family Records Extracted from the Bible Of Anna Raguet, Newtown, Penn.

East Texas Families: Raguet
     The family of Henry Wynkoop Raguet, descendant of James Raguet and Anne Wynkoop.

Wynkoop - Suydam Family Bible
     Family bible presented to Maria Wynkoop Meyer by her mother Elizabeth Suydam.

Rev. Peter Sylvester Wynkoop's Family Bible
     The family of Rev. Peter Sylvester Wynkoop of New York.

Register of Grand Children of R. W. and Elizabeth Lansing, Madison, 1865
     The family of Robert Wynkoop and Elizabeth Lansing.

Garrit A. Lansing's Family Record.
     Written by Robert Wynkoop Lansing.

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