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The Gemeente Archief Holdings.
Gemeente Archief Holdings.

GAA Wijnkoop Family Records:

Gemeentearchief Amsterdam
Amsteldijk 67
1074 HZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands


1. GAA Baptisms, 5/224: Pieter, the son of Pieter Jansz Wynkoop and Jaapje Evers was baptized on August 13, 1617 in Old Church, Amsterdam.


1. GAA Marriages, 676/40, April 20, 1641: Publishing of the banns for Pieter Pieterszoon Wijncoop and Jannetje Andries in Amsterdam.
2. GAA Marriages, 510/98, April 30, 1682: Publishing of the banns for Jan and Aernoldina Wijncoop in Amsterdam.

Notarial Records:

1. GAA Notarial Archives [Number missing], August 21, 1643, Notary Evert Cocq: Adriaen Willemss, from Schiedam, aged 23 years, IJsbrant Claesen, from Medenblik aged 42 years, Pieter Hartgers, from Haarlem, aged 23 years, Pieter Wijncoop, merchant on the ship "Rensselaerswijck", aged 29 years, declare on request of Jan Symenssen, from Amsterdam, skipper on the ship "Rensselaerswijck", that Willem Claesen, from Avenhorn, boatsmate, has been very bold against Kiliaen van Renselaer, the master of the ship. Van Rensselaer then fired him. The next day he returned aboard.
2. GAA Notarial Archive 1686, March 29, 1645, Notary Pieter de Bary: Arent van Curler, former commies in Nieuw Nederland and arrived here as passenger on the ship "Het Wapen van Rensselaerswijck", Dirck Woutersz, 37 years, and Jacob Wit, 28 years, respectively steersman and constable on that ship, on which Jan Simonss. was skipper, declare on request of the owners, that the ship was checked before sailing; also that the crew and officers declared that the ship was seaworthy. Left on 6 November 1644 from Manhattans after a day came in storm and thunder, which caused them to sail into the Bermudas after 9 days of heavy weather. Although tried, the ship could not be repaired."
3. GAA Notarial Archive 1073/219, 219v, 220 - N.1036: Declaration of those interested in the cargo of "Het Wapen van Rensselaerswijck."
4. GAA Notarial Archive 1073/221, 221v, 222, March 30, 1645, Notary J. v. d. Ven: Declaration of the cargo of "Het Wapen van Rensselaerswijck" consisting of 1585 Beaver skins, large and small, taken in by the skipper from Pieter Wijncoop of the Colony Rensselaerswijck.
5. GAA Notarial Archives 1074/77, June 2, 1645, Notary J. v. d. Ven: Samuel Blommaert and Johan van Wely, also in name of those interested in ship and cargo of the ship, "'t Wapen van Rensselaerswijck", on which skipper was Jan Symonssen, from Wieringen, declare that they had insured this ship and cargo as on the available policy. According to the skipper's statement the ship cannot sail and leaks because of storm and now lies in the Barramoedes; the skipper brought along some beaver furs. They renounce the ship and beaver skins in favor of the insurers. These beaver skins will, at the house of the widow Kiliaen van Rensselaer, be sold to the highest bidder but not different then under express protestation, that this happens for account and goodwill for those who are concerned.
6. GAA Notarial Archive 65/155v, February 25, 1651, Notary J. Fr. Bruijningh: Skipper Cornelis Coenraets van Kampen of the galjoot "Gelderse Bloem", 60-70 lasts. Wouter van Twiller represented the owners, commies were Gerrit Vastrick and Jan van Twiller.
7. GAA Notarial Record 1096/286-287v, (Film No. 1282), March 20, 1651, Notary J. v. d. Ven: Contract signed by Cornelis Evertsz Wijnkoop and Gysbert Phillipsen van Velthuysen in which they are to come to New Netherland with the ship Geldersse Blom, where they will be employed in construction, cultivation, woodcutting, and tobacco planting.
8. GAA Notarial Archives 2206/dd. 16590327, March 27, 1659: Jannetje Andries, widow of Pieter Wijnkoop declares to owe 500 car. guilders against 4 percents per annum to Mr. surgeon Adriaen Slabbraer, guardian for her children, her properties are specified to a value of 200 guilders.

    All of the above records, (with the exception of record Number 7 of the GAA Notarial Records, which was uncovered by me with the help of Dr. Charles T. Gehring of the New Netherland Project), were discovered through the diligence and hard work of Koen Wijnkoop, [email protected], of Luxembourg. He provided the translations for most of the above records as well, thus easing the burden of understanding placed on Dutch-impaired Americans like me. Koen very graciously sent me a photocopy of the March 20, 1651 contract for which I would like to publicly thank him. Without his interest and efforts the above inventory would be very short indeed.

    I would like to add to this inventory, so if more records come to light in the course of further research by family members both here and in Europe, I would appreciate it if you would contact me at [email protected] with the additional information. As always, I will be more than happy to give credit where credit is due.


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