Wynkoop Inventions.
Wynkoop Inventions.

    Here you will find information on Wynkoop family inventions combed from a variety of sources. In the near future I hope to be able to add at least one of Benjamin Wynkoop's nautical inventions to this page.

    If you have information on published Wynkoop family inventions that you would like to share, or know of any information that might be available, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. I'm always looking for more material to add to this website.

    In the meantime, enjoy spending some time with some of our cleverer relations.

    All my best,


Seed Planters
     F. G. Wynkoop's Seed Planters, 1855.

Turning Lathe
     L. D. Wynkoop's Turning Lathe, 1864.

Water Wheel
     L. D. Wynkoop's Water Wheel, 1866.

Wynkoop's Double-Power Wheel
     L. D. Wynkoop's improved Water Wheel, 1866.

Water Wheel
     L. D. Wynkoop's Water Wheel, 1867.

Sad-Iron Heater
     F. G. Wynkoop's Sad-Iron Heater, 1867.

Wagon Brake
     W. K. Johnston's Wagon Brake, (assignor to himself, Edith R. Wynkoop, and Daniel Zimmerman), 1869.

The Inventing Genius.
     From the Fort Covington Sun, Fort Covington, New York, Thursday, 11 April, 1889.

Recent Inventions by Women.
     From the Washington Post, Sunday, 25 August, 1889.

Auto That Jumps One of the Features at Inventors' Show.
     From the Chicago Daily Tribune, Tuesday, 3 April, 1934.

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