The Van Langedyck Family.
The Van Langedyck Family.

    First and foremost you will find here Maria Janse van Langedyck's family tree. It has taken me a number of years to compile this genealogy and even now some of the information provided here is speculative, the birth order in particular, since I've been unable to find the smoking gun that definitively states that Jan Jansen van Langedyck's family consisted of the following people.

    Maria, for those of you familiar with Wynkoop family history, is the wife of Cornelis Evertsz. Wijnkoop the progenitor of most of the Wynkoop family in this country. In order to piece together her family tree I've had to rely on a knowledge of patronymics, a naming system that predates the official adoption of family names by many of our ancestors. Under this system families were known by their father's first name, for example, Jan Jansen van Langedyck, which simply put states that Jan is the son of Jan from Langedyck. Maria Janse van Langedyck is therefore Maria the daughter of Jan from Langedyck. (sen is the male ending and se is the female ending.

    Here then is the latest version of the van Langedyck family tree. I started work on this over four years ago and only just recently added Maria's brother Nicholas, (Klaes) and a sister, Volke Jans. You may find that this tree will continue to change over time as a result of newly found information.

    I would appreciate any feedback or comments regarding this family tree and would welcome any documented additions to it as well. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. At present I've only been able to carry the family into the late 1700s or so.

    In addition to the all important preliminary family tree you will also find a Bibliography of reading material on the Van Langedycks. Soon you will also find a timeline for Jan Jansen Van Langedyck with links to the source material. This section is slowly growing. Perhaps with your help we can expand it further.

    In the meantime enjoy meeting some of our cousins, aunts and uncles, not to mention a couple of great-grandparents.

    All my best,


Descendants of Jan Janszen Van Langedyck
     Jan Jansen Van Langedyck's family tree.

Origins of the Van Langedyck Family.
     When and where did Jan Jansen Van Langendyck come from.

Bibliography of Van Langedyck Books and Articles
     Van Langedyck Family Bibliography.

Jan Jansen Van Langedyck Timeline
     Jan Jansen Van Langedyck's life through known records.

Excerpts From Domine Henricus Selyns' 1686 Register of Parishioners
     Van Langedyck family members and where they lived in 1686.

Ancestry.Com - Longendyke Message Board

Ancestry.Com - Langedijk Message Board

Jan Claessen Langendyck & Goyana, November, 1658.
     Jan Claessen Langendyck is empowered to raise a Colony in the West Indies.

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