Miscellaneous Stuff.
Miscellaneous Stuff.

    I've gotten a wide variety of emails over the years about odd little corners of Wynkoop history that for one reason or another defy categorization; which is why I've started this catch-all page. Some of the questions I've been asked don't really relate to family history proper and yet they're not really about what you'd call rumor or innuendo either. Hence this category.

    Keep your eye on this page. Over time, you'll see what I mean.

    In the meantime keep those emails coming. I learn just as much as you do when I get the chance to answer them. You can contact me at [email protected].

    All my best,


Wynkoop & Company, Philadelphia.
     Lithographers from 1869 to at least 1880.

Jeremiah Wynkoop.
     From Carl Becker's The Spirit of '76.'

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