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Frey Angelico Chavez History Library Wynkoop Family Holdings.
Frey Angelico Chavez History Library.

Frey Angelico Chavez History Library
Wynkoop Family Holdings

Museum of New Mexico Manuscript Collection
Accession Record Box 112

Name of Collection: E.W. Wynkoop 1859-1891 Date Acquired________ Size 4"
Donor____________ Date Processed 4-17-74 Accession # M74-18
Method of Acquisition: Purchase_______ Gift_____ Loan________
History of Collection:

Description of Collection:
    E.W. Wynkoop was an Easterner who came West to make his mark on history and succeeded. He held a series of offices in the West for the Federal Government and the territorial governments of Colorado and New Mexico. During the course of his life in the West, Wynkoop became somewhat of an authority on Indians. His scrapbook and documents reveal this interest. After arriving in the Territory of New Mexico, Wynkoop was recommended for various positions by his frontier friends. Captain Jack Crawford, the poet-Scout, even wrote a poetic testimonial to Wynkoop in a letter to the Territorial Governor whom Crawford urged to appoint Wynkoop Superintendent of the Territorial Prison. Contains scrapbook and documents, plus biographical materials.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Wynkoop Scrapbook is on RESTRICTED use. Due to its fragile condition the following restrictions have been placed on the use of the Wynkoop Scrapbook:

1. No photocopying of the Scrapbook, any of its pages, etc.


Box # 112:

File # 1: Wynkoop Scrapbook

File # 2: Papers which were found in envelopes in the scrapbook.

File # 3: E. W. Wynkoop Papers donated by Ed Brown.


Commission Certificate: Appointment of Edward W. Wynkoop as Captain of Company "A", First Regiment of Colorado Volunteers. Authorized by William Gilpin, Governor of Colorado Territory, 26, August 1861. (A handwritten oath of allegiance to the United States of America signed by E. W. Wynkoop has been appended to this document.)

Appointment Certificate: Appointment of Edward W. Wynkoop as Special Agent for the General Land Office of the Department of the Interior at an annual salary of $1,400.00 beginning 1 June 1883. Signed by William Teller, Secretary of the Interior, 21 May 1883.


Dennis Nelson Cooley, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior, to Major Edward W. Wynkoop, Special U. S. Agent, Fort Larned, Kansas. 19 March 1866

Thomas Murphy, Superintendent of Indian Affairs to Colonel E. W. Wynkoop, U.S. Indian Agent, Lawrence, Kansas. 23 October 1868. (Regarding correspondence by Charles Mix, Acting Commissioner of Indian Affairs, concerning a delegation of Indians visiting Washington, D.C.)

Thomas Murphy, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, to Colonel E. W. Wynkoop. 7 December 1868

John A. Logan (?), Washington, D.C. to E. W. Wynkoop, Department Commander, Santa Fe, N.M., 13 June 1884

E. W. Wynkoop, Department Commander, Grand Army of the Republic to W. G. Fletcher, Assistant Adjutant General. Partial letter. Undated.


Wynkoop and the Cheyenne. "Edward W. Wynkoop, a Forgotten Hero", by Louis Kraft.


Wynkoop, Edward Wansaer, 1836-1891

92 W985b Bennet, William Charles, Edward W. Wynkoop, Frontiersman, by William Charles Bennett, Jr. M.A. Thesis, University of New Mexico, 1976 v, 114p. 28 cm.


I. Wynkoop, Edward Wansaer, 1836-1891

92 Wyn Wynkoop, Edward Wanshear, b. 1836,
The Tall Chief : The Unfinished Autobiography of Edward W. Wynkoop, 1856-1866 / edited and with an introductory biography by Christopher B. Gerboth. -- Denver, Colo. : Colorado Historical Society, c1994, vii, 151 p. ; 23 cm. -- (Monograph / Colorado Historical Society, ISSN 1046-3100 ; 9, 1993) (Essays and monographs in Colorado history, ISSN 0899-0409)
Includes bibliographical references (p. 141-147)
Includes index.


92 Wyn Wynkoop, Edward Wanshear, b. 1836.
The Tall Chief : ... c1994. (Card 2)

Wynkoop, Edward Wanshear, b. 1836.
2. Colorado--History--To 1876.
3. Indians of North America--Wars--Colorado.
I. Gerboth, Christopher B.
II. Colorado Historical Society.
III. Title
IV. Series
V. Series: Monograph (Colorado Historical Society) ; 9.


Orlando A. Romero
(505) 827-6521

The F.A.C. History Library
P.O. Box 2087
Santa Fe, NM


    I would like to thank Orlando Romero for his help in acquiring an inventory of the Library's Wynkoop Family Holdings. I really appreciate the help. New Mexico is a long way from where I live!

    Many thanks,


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