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Senate House State Historic Site Wynkoop Family Holdings.
Senate House State Historic Site.

Senate House State Historic Site,
Kingston, New York
Wynkoop Family Holdings

1. Author: Van Gaasbeek family.
Title: Papers, 1773-1797.
Description: ca. 4 cubic ft.
Notes: The Van Gaasbeek family includes Abraham Van Gaasbeek (1718-1797), businessman and Trustee of Kingston Academy, who married Sarah Ten Broeck; their son Peter Van Gaasbeek (1754-1798), merchant, Revolutionary War soldier, and politician, who married Sarah DuMont. The Van Gaasbeek home was the meeting place for the first New York Senate in 1777.
    Papers of Abraham Van Gaasbeek and his son Peter Van Gaasbeek, consisting of letters, account books, bonds, receipts, and accounts. Letters concern the mercantile business, manufacture of potash, sloops, the Revolutionary War, Tories in Ulster County, political issues connected to Peter's terms as Kingston Town Supervisor, 1787-1793, and member of U.S. Congress, 1793-1795, electioneering, the disputed New York gubernatorial election of 1792, financial matters, slaves, and family concerns. Correspondents include Dirck Jansen, Peter Elting, Edward Ryan, John Bogart, William Swart, Aaron Burr, Stephen Van Rensselaer, Robert Troup, Robert Livingston, Philip Van Cortlandt, Abraham Lansing, Jacobus S. Bruyn, Severyn Bruyn, Cornelius Schoonmaker, Peter Wynkoop, Johannes Hardenbergh, Rufus King, Cornelius Roosevelt, Simon Schermerhorn, John Vanderlyn, and Peter Van Schaack.

D'Innocenzo and Turner, "The Peter Van Gaasbeek Papers : A Resource for Early New York History", NEW YORK HISTORY, 47 (April, 1966), pp. 153-159.
Van Gaasbeek, Sarah Ten Broeck. Van Gaasbeek, Sara DuMont.
Van Gaasbeek, Abraham, 1718-1797.
Van Gaasbeek, Peter, 1754-1798.
Jansen, Dirck.
Elting, Peter.
Ryan, Edward.
Bogart, John, fl. 1776-1782.
Swart, William.
Burr, Aaron, 1756-1836.
Van Rensselaer, Stephen, 1764-1839.
Troup, Robert, 1757-1832.
Livingston, Robert, 1746-1813.
Van Cortlandt, Philip.
Lansing, Abraham.
Bruyn, Jacobus Severyn, 1751-1825.
Bruyn, Severyn, 1785-1856.
Schoonmaker, Cornelius.
Wynkoop, Peter.
Herdenbergh, Johannes.
King, Rugus, 1755-1827.
Roosevelt, Cornelius.
Schermerhorn, Simon.
Vanderlyn, John, 1775-1852.
Van Schaack, Peter, 1747-1832.
Kingston (N.Y.). Town Supervisor.
United States. Congress.
Family -- New York (State) -- Kingston.
Merchants -- New York (State) -- Ulster County.
Potash industry and trade -- New York (State) -- Ulster County.
Sloops -- New York (State) -- Ulster County.
American Loyalists -- New York (State) -- Ulster County.
Elections -- New York (State)
Slaves -- New York (State)
Kingston (N.Y.) -- Industries.
Kingston (N.Y.) -- Social life and customs.
Kingston (N.Y.) -- Commerce.
Kingston (N.Y.) -- Politics and government.
United States -- Politics and government.
New York (State) -- Politics and government.
United States -- History -- Revolution, 1775-1783.
Account books. ftamc
Location: Senate House State Historic Site, Kingston, NY.
Control No.: NYHV87-A2480

* * *

2. Author: Sleght family.
Title: Papers, 1698-1812, 1785-1812 (bulk)
Description: .5 cubic ft.
Notes: Pioneer family of Kingston and Ulster County. Papers of Johannis and Hendricus Sleght, Hand I. Sleght, Capt. Henry Sleght, who was Sheriff of Ulster County, and Dr. Henry Sleght consisting of letters, deeds, wills, promissory notes, legal papers, memoranda, bills, receipts, and accounts. Letters are primarily addressed to Capt. Henry Sleght and Dr. Henry Sleght and concern politics, medicine, legal cases, financial matters, family affairs, and shipment of merchandise such as flax, tea, cloth, rum, fruits, flour, iron, and steel, 1777-1805; correspondents include John Doll, Peter Wynkoop, Daniel Tremper, John and Oliver Goodwin, Cadwallader Colden, Sam Campbell, Peter Van Gaasbeek, Cornelius E. Wynkoop, Joseph Hardenburgh, Moses Cantine, and Jacob Tremper. There are also fragments of medical notes and lectures by Dr. Henry Sleght. Item list.

Sleght, Johannis.
Sleght, Hendricus.
Sleght, Hand I.
Sleght, Henry.
Sleght, Henry.
Doll, John.
Wynkoop, Peter.
Tremper, Daniel.
Goodwin, John.
Goodwin, Oliver.
Colden, Cadwallader, 1688-1776.
Campbell, Sam.
Van Gaasbeek, Peter, 1754-1798.
Wynkoop, Cornelius E.
Hardenburgh, Joseph.
Cantine, Moses.
Tremper, Jacob.
Family -- New York (State) -- Ulster County.
Family -- New York (State) -- Kingston.
Sheriffs -- New York (State) -- Ulster County.
Medicine -- Study and teaching.
Medicine -- Practice.
Medicine -- New York (State) -- Ulster County.
Flax -- New York (State) -- Ulster County.
Shipping -- New York (State) -- Ulster County.
Tea -- New York (State) -- Ulster County.
Rum -- New York (State) -- Ulster County.
Steel industry and trade -- New York (State) -- Ulster County.
Iron industry and trade -- New York (State) -- Ulster County.
United States -- Armed Forces.
Kingston (N.Y.) -- Social life and customs.
Ulster County (N.Y.) -- Social life and customs.
Ulster County (N.Y.) -- Commerce.
Location: Senate House State Historic Site, Kingston, NY.
Control No.: NYHV87-A2479

* * *

3. Author: Forsyth, Ralph K., 1878-1947, collector.
Title: Bruyn and Forsyth family papers, 1750-1921.
Description: ca. 2 cubic ft.
Notes: The Bruyn family includes Col. Jacobus Severyn Bruyn (1751-1825), Revolutionary War officer, and his wife Blandina Elmendorf Bruyn; their sons Edmund Bruyn (1783-1847) and Severyn Bruyn (1785-1856) and wife Catherine Hasbrouck Bruyn (1787-1867); their grandchildren Augustus H. Bruyn and Mary C. Bruyn (1815-1879) who married Judge James C. Forsyth (1819-1855); and others.
    Letters concerning state and national politics, financial matters, land transactions, military preparations and victories, traveling, college life at Rutgers, Congressional affairs in Washington, duel between Clay and Randolph, social life, legal issues, household and family matters, and courting letters; correspondents include Jacobus Severyn Bruyn, Blandina Elmendorf Bruyn, Edmund Bruyn, Severyn Bruyn, Catherine Hasbrouck Bruyn, Augustus H. Bruyn, Mary C. Bruyn Forsyth, Judge James C. Forsyth, Rev. Dr. John Forsyth, Katherine B. Forsyth, Mary Isabella Forsyth, Charles E. Dudley, A. Bruyn Hasbrouck, George H. Sharpe, Peter Elmendorf, Eliza Elmendorf Ray, Cornelius Ray, the Brinkerhoff family, and Francis S. Wynkoop. Diaries of Ralph K. Forsyth concerning daily activities and a trip to Europe and Great Britain, 1902-1908, and a diary kept by Katherine B. Forsyth recording family events, 1885-1921. Notes, essays, and poems of Augustus H. Bruyn; and a scrapbook of poems, stories, and essays by Mary Isabella Forsyth (1840-1914).

Genealogical material and miscellaneous accounts, agreements, bills, deeds, inventories, and petitions.
Bruyn, Jacobus Severyn, 1751-1825.
Bruyn, Blandina Elmendorf.
Bruyn, Edmund, 1783-1847.
Bruyn, Severyn, 1785-1856.
Bruyn, Catherine Hasbrouck, 1787-1867.
Bruyn, Augustus Hasbrouck, 1817-1904.
Forsyth, Mary C. Bruyn, 1815-1879.
Forsyth, James Christie, 1819-1855.
Forsyth, John.
Forsyth, Katherine Bruyn.
Forsyth, Mary Isabella, 1840-1914.
Dudley, Charles Edward, 1780-1841.
Hasbrouck, Abraham Bruyn, 1791-1879.
Sharpe, George Henry, 1828-1900.
Elmendorf, Peter.
Ray, Eliza Elmendorf.
Ray, Cornelius, 1755-1893.
Wynkoop, Francis S.
Clay, Henry, 1777-1852.
Randolph, John, 1773-1833.
Rutgers College.
United States. Congress.
Family -- New York (State) -- Ulster County.
Real property -- New York (State) -- Ulster County.
Dueling -- Virginia.
Courtship -- New York (State) -- Ulster County.
Women -- Diaries.
College students -- New Jersey -- New Brunswick.
Great Britain -- Description and travel.
Europe -- Description and travel.
New York (State) -- Politics and government.
Ulster County (N.Y.) -- Social life and customs.
Ulster County (N.Y.) -- Genealogy.
United States -- Politics and government.
United States -- Description and travel.
Genealogies. ftamc
Scrapbooks. ftamc
Diaries. ftamc
Poems. ftamc
Location: Senate House State Historic Site, Kingston, NY.
Control No.: NYHV87-A2464

* * *

4. Author: DeWitt family.
Title: Papers, 1705-1952, 1750-1839 (bulk)
Description: 3 cubic ft.
Notes: The DeWitt family includes Charles DeWitt (1727-1787), member of Congress 1784-1786; Charles Gerritt DeWitt (1789-1839), lawyer, Congressman, diplomat; Sutherland DeWitt (1830-1917), railroad engineer; and Clinton DeWitt (1888-1964), lawyer, and resident of Cleveland, Ohio.
    Letters, account books, poems, receipts, wills, scrapbooks, genealogical material, and other papers of several members of the DeWitt family of Ulster County, N.Y., Elmira, N.Y., and Cleveland, Ohio. Papers of Charles DeWitt include correspondence with James Elliott, Robert R. Livingston, Cornelius C. Wynkoop, George Clinton, Garret DeWitt, George Washington, and John Jay concerning wheat, travelling, anti-rent troubles, politics, war matters, and family news, 1750-1786; letter copybook kept while manager of Livingston Manor concerning collection of debts, iron production and shipping, hired help, slaves, farm stock and products, and legal matters, 1750-1755; letter copybook kept while member of U.S. Congress concerning commerce, politics, and Congressional matters, 1784-1786, with letters to William Deming, Robert R. Livingston, John Lansing, Gov. Clinton, William Duer, and his family; and an account book, 1766.
    Papers of Charles Gerritt DeWitt include correspondence with his wife Catherine Godwin DeWitt, his son David Porter DeWitt, DeWitt Clinton, David Porter, Edward Livingston, and others concerning law studies, political appointments, slavery, political issues during his Congressional terms, banking, the newspaper business, and family matters, 1810-1839; correspondence, appointments, receipts, orders, and instructions from his service as U.S. Charg´┐Ż d'Affairs in Central America, 1829-1833; correspondents include Louis M'Lane and John Forsyth of the Dept. of State and M. Alvarez, minister of Foreign Affairs in San Salvador; and correspondence of his son Charles A. DeWitt and Raphael Villacortas, 1839-1843. Papers of Sutherland DeWitt and his sons Thomas DeWitt and Clinton DeWitt include letters concerning Sutherland's retirement, Sutherland's book on the history of Elmira, N.Y., the Expressmen's Mutual Benefit Association, business concerns of express companies, Clinton's law career, and family matters, 1886-1952; Sutherland's memoirs about railroad work in Canada, 1911; and clippings, photographs, and other memorabilia, 1902-1947.
    Other items include account books, receipts, bills, clippings, photographs, and genealogical notes and charts of the DeWitt and Godwin families, 1705-1952; and a 19th century manuscript copy of John DeWitt's publication, 1743, on the civil government of Holland, entitled, Memoirs of Cornelius and John DeWitt.

Some early items are in Dutch.
Some papers of Charles Gerritt DeWitt are in Spanish.
Correspondence of Charles A. Dewitt and Raphael Villacortas is in Spanish.
Partial index.
DeWitt, Charles, 1727-1787.
DeWitt, Garret.
DeWitt, Charles Gerritt, 1789-1839.
DeWitt, Catherine Godwin.
DeWitt, David Porter.
DeWitt, Charles A.
DeWitt, Sutherland, 1830-1917.
DeWitt, Thomas.
DeWitt, Clinton, 1888-1964.
Elliott, James.
Alvarez, M.
Livingston, Robert R., 1746-1813.
Wynkoop, Cornelius C.
Clinton, George, 1739-1812.
Washington, George, 1732-1799.
Jay, John, 1745-1829.
Deming, William.
Lansing, John, 1754-1829.
Duer, William, 1747-1799.
Porter, David, 1780-1843.
Clinton, DeWitt, 1769-1828.
Livingston, Edward, 1764-1836.
McLane, Louis, 1786-1857.
Witt, Johan de, 1625-1672.
Witt, Cornelius de, 1623-1672.
Forsyth, John, 1780-1841.
Villacortas, Raphael.
United States. Congress.
United States. Dept. of State.
Expressmen's Mutual Benefit Association.
Family -- New York (State) -- Ulster County.
Family -- New York (State) -- Elmira.
Family -- Ohio -- Cleveland.
Rent -- New York (State)
Agriculture -- New York (State) -- Columbia County.
Livestock -- New York (State) -- Columbia County.
Iron industry and trade -- New York (State) -- Columbia County.
Slaves -- New York (State) -- Columbia County.
Labor and laboring classes -- New York (State) -- Columbia County.
Banks and banking.
Law -- Study and teaching.
Newspaper publishing.
Express service.
Railroads -- Canada.
Railroad engineering -- Canada.
Cleveland (Ohio) -- Social life and customs.
Livingston Manor (N.Y. : Estate)
Netherlands -- Politics and government.
Elmira (N.Y.) -- History.
Elmira (N.Y.) -- Genealogy.
New York (State) -- Politics and government.
Ulster County (N.Y.) -- Social life and customs.
Ulster County (N.Y.) -- Genealogy.
United States -- Politics and government.
United States -- History -- Revolution, 1775-1783.
United States -- Foreign relations -- Central America.
United States -- Foreign relations -- El Salvador.
United States -- Diplomatic and consular service.
United States -- Description and travel.
Autographs. ftamc
Account books. ftamc
Poems. ftamc
Scrapbooks. ftamc
Genealogies. ftamc
Photoprints. ftamc
Location: Senate House State Historic Site, Kingston, NY.
Control No.: NYHV87-A2462


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Senate House State Historic Site,
Kingston, NY.

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