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Wynkoop Family Related Material

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Bucks County Historical Society
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84 South Pine Street
Doylestown, PA 18901-4999
(215) 345-0210

Wynkoop Family Papers Inventory:


1)"The Wynkoop Bowl" (in The Historian (Vol. 6, No. 3 Summer 1970) Pp. 19-20)
2) SC-14 .242Wynkoop Family Invitation to Reunion of Descendants of Henry Wynkoop at "Vredens Hoff", July 4, 1903 1 Item, Illus.
3) GF 197Wynkoop Family, Castle, Carolyn: The Wynkoop Family, N.P., N.D. 13 p. Photocopy
4)Wynkoop Family See the Delaware Advance, Oct. 21, 1965.
5) SC-14 .2545Wynkoop, Gerardus "State of the Accounts of Gerardus Wynkoop, Esq. Collector of Excies for Bucks County, From 21st Nov. 1783, to 21st Nov. 1784" Philadelphia, John Steel, 1785 9 p. Bristol B6030.
6) SC-14 .2547Wynkoop, Gerardus "State of the Accounts of Gerardus Wynkoop, Esq. Collector of Excies for Bucks County, From 21st Nov. 1783, to 21st Nov. 1784" Philadelphia, Robert Aitken, 1786 6 p. Bristol B6257.
7)Wynkoop, Henry 1737-1818, Geyer, Virginia B. Further Notes on Henry Wynkoop, (in the Bucks County Historical Society Journal, Vol. 1, No. 10 (Fall 1976), P. 1-12
1. Wynkoop Henry 1737-1816
8) SC-14 .1583Wynkoop, Henry 1737-1816, Hammond, Julian T. Vredenshof; A Few Facts Concerning the History of an Old House, by Julian T. Hammond, Jr. [Frankford, Pa., Press of Julian T. Hammond 3rd, 1908] 16 p. Front.
(Nice write-up of the house and historical activities and then an old story from the Revolution (12 pages).)
9) SC-14 .241Wynkoop, Henry, 1737-1816 Wurts, John S. The Life of a Patriot and Jurist N.P., N.D. 3 p. Prospective and order form for a Biography never published.
10) 974.821 Mis-2Wynkoop, John Bucks County, Pa. County Commissioners
Specifications for Bucks County Prison, N.P., N.D., 1884 18 p. Proof sheets, Manuscript corrections in various places. Bound in Miscellaneous Papers Relating to Bucks County, Pa., Vol. 2
11)Wynkoop, William, 1835-1910 Kenderdine, Thaddeus S. "Captain William Wynkoop and His Company "A"", Doylestown Meeting, January 17, 1911. (In: The Bucks County Historical Society ... Papers ... Vol. IV, Pp. 164-173. Port.
12) 929.2Beatty Beatty, Charles C. Record of the Family of Charles Beatty, Who Emigrated from Ireland to America, in 1729..., Steubenville, O., Press of W.R. Allison, 1873, 120 p. Front., Ports
"Edition of one hundred and fifty copies printed for the use of the family connection only."
1. Beatty family


1)Judge Henry Wynkoop's portrait.
2)Wynkoop bowl was there but was packed away as it had just returned from another show in Harrisburg or Philadelphia.


Wynkoop, Henry, Papers (At least 3 Folders):

Backhouse, Richard, Papers Msc 163. Fol. 11: Wirts, Christian
Bill to Richard Backhouse for the purchase of Indian blankets, Doylestown, September 26, 1788. A.D. 1p.
Barnsley, Edward R., Collection Fol. 6: Raguet, James
Hicks, Isaac
Judgement declared by default, by Isaac Hicks, Justice of the Peace, in the case of James Raguet vs. John Blaker, March 26, 1832.
Barnsley, Edward R., Collection Fol. 4: Wynkoop, Jno.
Fetter, Caspar
Copy of the will of Caspar Fetter, of Manor of Moorland, Philadelphia County, September 12, 1777. 3 pp.
Witnesses: Anthony Yerkes, Jno Wynkoop, and Jno Watts.
Annexed: Certificate of Administration to John Rhoades and Daniel Bellew. November 15, 1779.
Bucks County Manumission Fol. 1: Wynkoop, Henry
Certificate of Manumission of his three slaves Northampton Township, December 16, 1793
D.S. 1 p.
Witnessed by Asa Linton and Wm. Linton.
Acknowledged before Judge Francis Murray, recorded by Wm. Linton.
Cummings Family Genealogy
Davis, General W.W.H., Collection Fol. 48: Wyncoop, Cornelius C.
Davis General W.W.H.
Biographical sketch of Cornelius C. Wyncoop and the Wyncoop family of Northampton 1717-1820. 5 pages.
Hart, Samuel Collection, Fol. 50: Wyncoop, Francinia
Wyncoop, John
Copy of a release to Enos Morris for any claims to a tract of land in which Francinia Wyncoop, and her father Francis Murray had an interest. August 1, 1817. A.D. 1p.
Jenks, Michael H., Papers Fol. 1: Raguet, James
Deed to Enos Morris of Newtown, Bucks County for a tract of Woodland, situated in Northampton Township, April 8, 1820.
Jenks, Michael H., Papers Fol. 3: Wynkoop, Gerret
Jenks, Joseph
Mortgage to Lawrence Growdon of Trevose, From Joseph Jenks and Elizabeth his wife, of Middletown for a tract of land in Middletown Township, June 26, 1767.
D.S. 3 pp.
Witnessed by Gerret Wynkoop, David Cowell, acknowledged before Henry Wynkoop. Recorded August 3, 1767.
Kulp, Michael, Fol. 24: Wynkoop, Henry
Deed, dated April 5, 1794 for land in Warwick Twp. sold by Christian Wertz to John Shaw, both of Warwickep Witnesses: Henry Wynkoop
Nicholas Wynkoop
Nightingale, John K., Papers Fol. 1: Wynkoop, Helen
Acknowledging payment of mortgage and release to James Gifford from all further claims on a tract of land situate in Warwick Township (now Doylestown), March 21, 1855.
Msc. 179, Fol. 44 Wynkoop Family
Genealogical Record, 1808
5 p.
"A geneological Description of the family of Henry Wynkoop, from its origin in America to this day, May 12th, 1808; Compiled partly from oral tradition and partly from family Registers."
Bucks County Taxables Fol. 2: Wynkoop, Gerret
Northampton Road Tax
Statement of tax levied against the inhabitants of Northampton Township for the repairing of roads. Sept. 9, 1764. A.D.S. 2pp.
Assessors: Gilliam Cornell, Robert Parsons, Gerret Wynkoop.
BM B-66 Bound Manuscript Collection: The Wynkoop House Excavation by Lyle L. Rosenberger
September 29, 1977, Bucks County Community College, Newtown, Pa. II, 79 p. Illus.

Manuscript 445:

July 1989
19 Page Descriptive Inventory of Items from the Collection of the Joseph Henry Beatty Family

To be given to the Bucks County Historical Society, Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
By the only descendant of Joseph Henry Beatty,
(Mrs.) Bettyne Beatty Hull,
of 1230 Illinois Ave., Cape May, New Jersey 08204.

Includes items pertaining to the following families:
Assheton, Beatty, Clinton, Henry, Kearns, Mays, Myers, Reading, Wanshaer and Wynkoop.

Items Pertaining To Judge Henry Wynkoop and Family:

Keyhole Plate and Door Latch from Vredensburg, Home of Judge Henry Wynkoop (Rescued from the debris of the fire)

A Root of the Cedar of Lebanon Tree at Vredensburg, (Collected July 4, 1907)
Note: This tree was killed by lightening but its stump (a big stump) was still in view before the land was cleared for a housing development. -- According to family tradition this tree was given to Henry Wynkoop by John Bartram.

Folder 1: 2 Photographs of Vredensburg (Originally Vredens Hoff), Home of Judge Henry Wynkoop -- Note the tall evergreen in the one picture, This is the Cedar of Lebanon tree.
-- also; - A Floor Plan of the House
-- also, - A Description of Vredensburg
-- also; - The Old Servants and Rappalie descent from 1505.
Note: Before the ruins were cleared for the housing development, remains of the old slave quarters could be seen - down by the creek.
Folder 2: 5, November, 1768 Letter to Henry Wynkoop at Northampton from Christina Wanshaer - this is written in Dutch, I think.
(1) Coat of Arms of Richard Wynkoop
(2) Coat of Arms of Augustus Wynkoop
(3) Article on Henry Wynkoop in the Bucks County Intelligencer of Oct. 30, 1902.
(4) Newspaper clipping : "Wynkoop Family"
Folder 4: "A Geneological Description of the Family of Henry Wynkoop From His Origin In America to This Day, May 12th, 1808, Compiled Partly From Oral Tradition, and Partly From Family Registers".
Folder 5: Items Pertaining to the Henry Wynkoop Memorial Association and Their Reunion on July 4, 1903
(1) Invitation to Emily Assheton Beatty to the reunion.
(2) Membership card in the Association of Frances Augusta Beatty.
(3) Treasurer's Report of the Association by Mary Mays Beatty, Treas.
(4) Association's list of Photographs.
(5) (Newtown) ENTERPRISE, July 25, 1903, Report of the July 4th Reunion of the Descendants of Henry Wynkoop -- with - A Listing of the Descendants According To the 6 Branches --- also -- An Account of the Burning of Vredensburg.
Folder 6: 2 small, leather covered notebooks in which John Beatty has written a Detailed Account of the Wynkoops (J.B. was a grandson of Henry Wynkoop)


Folder 20: Commission of Reading Beatty as a Surgeon in the Eleventh Pennsylvania Regiment of the Continental Army, dated "from the first day of May, 1780". Signed by Samuel Huntington, President of the Congress of the United States of America at Philadelphia on the 18th day of November, 1780 and the fifth year of our independence. A pocket Almanac for the year 1785 of Dr. Reading Beatty's (1757-1813) "Bailey's Pocket Almanac, being an American Annual Register for the Year of our Lord 1785, and of the Empire the tenth, the First after the Bissettiel" -???
-- Note: This contains a wealth of information on the government and officials of the states and of the counties of Pennsylvania, a map of the U.S.A., geographical information, import duties, stage schedules, roads, U.S. Census, coinage and much additional information.
Folder 21: Impressions of Beatty seals
Folder 22: 2 photographs of a portrait of Christiana Wynkoop Beatty- eldest child of Judge Henry Wynkoop, wife of Reading Beatty and mother of John Beatty.
Folder 23: Photograph of the home of Dr. Reading Beatty on Front (now State) Street, Newtown, Bucks Co., PA.
Folder 24: Photograph of the Old Presbyterian Church of Newtown, Pa and a snapshot of the tombstones of Reading and Christiana W. Beatty.
Folder 25: An original(?) copy listing Reading and Christina Beatty's and their children's birth and death dates.
Folder 26: Card "for excelling in Geography" presented to Sarah Beatty, youngest daughter of Dr. Reading Beatty, at Friends Academy, Fallsington, 11th (?) 12th, 1815.
Folder 27: 23 letters of the family of Dr. Reading Beatty (see next page)
Folder 28: 1815 Sarah Beatty's Book (I should think from her lessons at Fallsington Friends Academy).
Folder 29: Items Pertaining to the 1834 Robert Street Portrait of Sarah Beatty (See last page) Page 13:
Folder 61: Cover of Beverly Institute addressed to John Beatty. 1855 written on it by John's grand daughter Frances Augusta Beatty.
Folder 62: 2 letters from M.A. Beatty (Mrs. John) at Doylestown to her son (Joseph) Henry, Dated June 4, 1857 and Sept. 10, 1857.
Folder 63: Letter dated Dec. 22, 1884, written by John Beatty describing what happened at Henry Wynkoop's home, Vredensburg, when the British soldiers broke into the house - as told to him by his mother, Christina Wynkoop Beatty and his grandfather, Henry Wynkoop. --- It also tells what became of some of the slaves brought on a slave ship to Philadelphia around the beginning of the century (19th, I think). ---- Isabel (Brown), a servant mentioned in this letter is mentioned in the will of Henry Wynkoop.
Folder 64: 2 letters from Mary A. Beatty (Mrs. John). One to her daughter-in-law, Olive (Mrs. Joseph Henry B.) dated May 11, 1871. The other letter dated Oct. 1875 is to her grand children.
Folder 65: (18 pages) Recollections of a Grandmother, written by Mrs. John Beatty. -- Describes what it was like during her childhood at Evansburg, Montgomery Co., Pa.; much about books, pets, a certain horse and the War of 1812. (two copies - it appears to me that the untitled copy may have been a first draft).
Folder 66: Letter dated July 5, 1875 from Charles Price at Philadelphia to "Susan" concerning the death of their sister. (Mrs. John Beatty's grandmother was Mary Price Assheton, so this must be one of her relatives)
Folder 67: Copy of certificate dated Aug. 5, 1793, certifiying that Ralph Assheton (Mrs. John Beatty's grandfather) had attended Henry Watson's courses of Anatomical and Chirurgical lectures.
Folder 68: Photographs: 2 of John Beatty, 4 of his wife, Mary Assheton Henry Beatty, 1 of John Beatty and granddaughter (Mary Mays*, I think, eldest daughter of son Joseph Henry B.)
Folder 69: List of homes of John Beatty with a snapshot (which I took in 1932) of his Huntington Valley Home.
Folder ?: Photograph of John Beatty's Doylestown home at Broad and State Streets. People in Photo, L to R. John's granddaughter Emily Assheton Beatty (daughter of Joseph Henry B.), -? , and John Beatty by the door. Notes from Germantown Trust Co. envelope of 1939 (enclosed): John had a door made from the back parlour to the study.// Mrs. Taylor lived almost opposite and taught "Aunt Sue" (John's unmarried sister who lived with him) and later (she) moved her school to the Seminary, etc.

Incidentally my aunt, Mary Mays Beatty - see above* - told me that none of John Beatty's family ever heard of the story that this house had been part of the "underground railway" of the Civil War. (My Auntie May was our family historian.)

Photograph of Reading Beatty, eldest son of John Beatty.

A Copy of the Membership Card (?) OF Ralph Assheton (Mrs. John Beatty's grandfather) in the Royal Academy of Edinburgh (Scotland) From Nov. 1, 1758 to Nov. 1, 1759.

Folder 125: Copied from a paper-bound book, in the handwriting of John Beatty. (I found this book at Geo. Curwen's in summer of 1917 & copied it. Mary Mays Beatty.) This may be John Beatty's Book #1 28 pages.
Folder 132: Typescripts of "Letters addressed by Henry Wynkoop to Dr. Reading Beatty 1788-1790"; also copy of a letter from John Beatty, Dr. R. Beatty's elder brother and persons invited and attending the reunion at Vredenshoff-Vredensburg, 4th July 1903.
Folder 133: Henry Wynkoop's Descendants
Folder 134: Wynkoop, Judge Henry - address delivered by him, Sept 9, 1777, to the Grand Jury of Pennsylvania.
Wynkoop, Judge Henry - will and inventories of possessions. (Typescript)
Wynkoop, Gerrardus - will and inventories. (Typescript)
Folder 135: Henry Wynkoop, Soldier, Patriot, Jurist Judge Henry Wynkoop: "A brief sketch of one of the prominent sons of Bucks County, a hundred years ago", to the editor of the Intelligencer: June 1883 by John Beatty.
Typescript of "A Geneological Description..."
Folder 136: Grandpa Beatty's Acct of Wynkoop Family: John Beatty (1800-1894) of Doylestown (Original of Folder 125(?))
Note about "Brigantine Industry" and Henry Wynkoop's Letter of Marque
"Notes" Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography
Major Wynkoop (Judge Henry)
"The Life of Henry Wynkoop Colonial Judge" - Blue Pamphlet describing John S. Wurts' book. Portrait of Henry Wynkoop on cover.
Rapalje Family - List of all 11 children and who they married
Typescript of "A Genealogical Description..." Copied from the old Wynkoop Bible now owned by Mrs. William R. Wright, Ann Arbor, Michigan - Mary Mays Beatty, 1940, Egypter: Wynkoop: Churchville.
and Old Docket Entries
Folder 137: Miscellaneous notes regarding Wynkoops and church activities, etc.
Msc. 465, Fol. 41: Wynkoop Family
Fulcoly, Joanne V.
Genealogical Notes
Msc. 164 Fol. 160: Wynkoop, Henry
Rosenberger, Lyle L.
Henry Wynkoop (1737-1816), paper presented to the combined meeting of the Bucks County Historical Society and the Northampton Township Historical Society, May 23, 1976. 12 p. Photocopy of typescript.
Unknown: Wynkoop, Henry

Letters describing the 1st inauguration of General George Washington in New York City, N.Y. as 1st President of the United States.
Photocopies of original documents.


B225: Bible with Henry Wynkoop Family Records 1704.
Bible is in Dutch. Description of Bible is also in Dutch.
Original may not be copied, but may be examined.
B254: McNair/Wynkoop Bible Records 1767-(1852)
Bible published in Philadelphia in 1852.
Records copied from earlier Bible.

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