Wisconsin Cemeteries

Wisconsin Cemeteries

Listed on this page are links to online records for Wisconsin cemeteries. Bookmark this page so that you can quickly access records to Wisconsin cemeteries.

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Wisconsin cemeteries

Cemetery records are a great way to get vital records information, such as birth, death, and sometimes names of spouses. Often cemetery records can substitute as census records, in cases where there were no census records.

This webpage gives you access to several online databases containing Wisconsin cemetery records, as well as related genealogy in Wisconsin. The links presented to the right should get your pointed in the right direction.

You will notice that while many of the Wisconsin cemeteries resources presented here are free, some do require a fee to access.

On this page you will find the most comprehensive databases containing cemetery records of Wisconsin. We also suggest searching for "Wisconsin cemeteries" using Google.com, which will yield more such resources.

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Online Wisconsin Cemeteries

Wisconsin Cemeteries - cemetery records of cemeteries in Wisconsin is what you will find here. Tombstone transcriptions of hundreds of cemeteries in Wisconsin, including national cemeteries, public and private cemeteries, and hard-to-find cemeteries are available here. - FREE

National Cemeteries in Wisconsin

Other Wisconsin Genealogy Records

Wisconsin Public Records - conduct a search of Wisconsin public records including, birth, marriage, and death records.

Wisconsin Genealogy Records- quick access to census records, military records, links to other great Wisconsin genealogy sites, and more can be found here

Wisconsin Genealogy Queries- Perform a surname search here to see if there are any other Wisconsin genealogists who share the same family lines. Post your own queries, and get responses from other people willing to help you with your Wisconsin genealogy research

Wisconsin Birth Records - Records of Wisconsin births are indexed and accessible from this site. Enter a surname search to find Wisconsin birth records. There is also information on how to obtain Wisconsin birth certificates, as well as links to other online sources for Wisconsin birth records.

Wisconsin death records - Look up Wisconsin death records by entering a person's name

Wisconsin marriage records - Search the online Wisconsin marriage records database for names of brides and grooms.

Wisconsin Obituaries - Search for Wisconsin obituaries in thousands of newspaper titles, going as far back as 1815 up to the present time. You will also find links to other Wisconsin obituary sites.

Wisconsin City Directories - City directories for Wisconsin cities can be searched here, showing you the town your ancestors lived in, and on what day they lived there. This is a great way to identify place of residence, for purposes of obtaining other records.

Wisconsin Birth Certificates - Learn how to obtain copies of Wisconsin birth certificates and perform a search for birth certificates by entering a person's name.

Wisconsin Sex Offenders - Find registered Wisconsin sex offenders in your neighborhood by entering your ZIP code.


Wisconsin Cemeteries
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