Letters From Wright Siblings 1872 - 1889

Transcribed June 2000

by Pat Tennon ([email protected])



Little Rock Ark Apl 21 st 1872

My Dear Sister

Long years have I waited and the thought of never seeing you again but how could I hear. I had lost you and Joshua too even William could give no account of you so I knew not where to write but I have just received a letter from Jonathan and he had got a letter from Joshua which gave your address if I have got it right. I hope to hear from you soon. I have sold out north and removed to this city. My family have only been here a few days but we expect to stay here so I hope to hear from you often.

Jonathan had been sick but was better when he wrote. His family was well. I got a letter from Sister Betsy a few weeks ago she were all well. I was out to see her last summer. Betsy is ____ fixed is living on a piece of land Father gave her but has bought another farm adjoining has a field ? well improved. James is quite independant is getting old but is tolerably healthy yet her boys are nice industrious men all living at home , Only the oldest four children living 3 boys and one girl all grown. I have 5 children 3 boys two girls. Oldest girl is grown.

I suppose you have long since heard of Isaac and Adds death. Isaac's widow has married after living a widow some nine years Isaac has two children living both girls , the oldest married long since. Add left a widow and 2 children one boy and one girl. Betsy would be glad to hear from you so I do hope you will write to her. It is so unnatural for 2 only sisters to never see and never write to each other. If you will answer this you can hear from me often. Tell me if you know what has become of Thomas and the other boys. I have lost the track of them altogether.

I would like so much to see you all again. Long years have left their marks on us all. Only think 32 years since I saw you. You was a little tiny girl when I saw you last and today and old woman and me and old man. Is it possible yes time and tide wait for no one. One by one we pass away and is it possible we shall never meet again sometimes I think not . If we long enough I must come to see you but I am kept close at business to make a living so I don't know .But live in hopes if it is conveinant I would like so much to have your photograph. I got Williams last winter he was very poorly . He has little hopes of living long. Uncle Alex Sumner and Uncle Isaac is still living. I saw Uncle Alex ? last summer he was at Betsys on a visit he is an old man and frail but still full of fun. Write soon direct Box 250 Little Rock Ark I still Remain yours (looks like paternally) Love to All

A. P. Wright To Lydia White Texas




Youngs Port Bell co Jan 5th 1888

Dear Sister Lydia

I have wrote two letters before I found out where you lived. Well, Lydia brother Jonathan wrote me some months ago that he was coming down to Texas but did not feel able to run around to hunt us all all up so he wanted you to all to meete him at my house so we could all meete once more in this life but I could not find you in time for Jonathan is at my place and has been here some 5 or 6 days. So he want to see you awful bad but says he cannot come this time and haint got long to stay so he wants you to come to see him. I have wrote to William to come with you. This leaves us all well. Write soon on receipt of this and let me know what you will do. if you come by the Rail Road come to Killeen. It is 11 miles of me and I will meete you there and bring you to my house. This leaves us all well. write soon don't fail for Jonathan wants to see you so bad . I must close . I still remain your brother until death.

To Lydia White J H Wright (Joshua Haworth Wright)



Bethel ? Shelby co MO Aug the 18th 1889

Dear Sister I received your most kind and welcom letter and was glad to hear from you and glad to hear that you are well. We are well and hope when these lines comes to you, it may find you the same. Well, Sister I am coming down to see you all. I want you to meet me at Joshua's for I want to get all together again once more in life. Well, Sister crops are good here it has been dry for sometime but it has begun raining at last. I got a letter from Betsy last week. They were all well . I received one from Joshua a few days ago, they were well. I will write again and let you know when I will be there. I will start for South Missouri in about three or four weeks where I will spend three or four weeks. Well, I must close.

from J H Wright to Lydia White (Jonathan H Wright)



 Renee Smelley's note: I have copies of these letters as well. They were given to us by Ted White a descendant, as myself, of Headley Coburn White and Lydia Wright. Pat has transcribed these letters and sent them to me to post on my web site.


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