Zion Lutheran Church

Castroville, Medina County, Texas


Selected Early Marriages

Transcribed by Renee Smelley

July 1999




Transcribed from the Church Record Index at Zion Lutheran Church in Castroville, Texas.  These marriage records are not listed in any particular order and is only a partial transcription taken from the church records.  Surnames: Bendele, Bilhartz, Bippert, Edgar, Eichhorn, Etter, Fuos, Graff, Hass, Heath, Kriewald, Koenig,  Loessberg/Loesberg, Love, Loved, Newmann, Pierce, Renken, Reuss, Schneider, Taschler, Wagner, Weber, Weinacht, White, and Williamson



Note: Some marriage records also tell you where the license was filed. Some say filed in Castroville, which was the county seat of Medina Co., TX at one time until it was moved to Hondo. Most likely records that do not tell you where they were filed will be found in Hondo, Medina Co., TX or SanAntonio, Bexar Co., Texas. A few marriage records also contain birth dates for both spouses and some will tell you what religion they are. Most are Lutheran, but there were some Catholic and one Baptist that married Lutherans in this file. The Catholic Church also keeps records the same as the Lutherans do.


Eichhorn, Anna and Phillip Haas married 2 July 1891 at Haas Ranch, Francisco, Medina Co., Texas by Rev unknown. Both Lutherans (lincense in Castroville, 28 June 1891.)

Eichhorn, Walter and Mrs. Callaway Williamson married 1 March 1941. License in Bexar County, Texas married in Castroville.

Eichhorn, Gustav (born Geranamo, TX 25 May 1870) married Philippina Loesberg (born Lower Medina 28 March 1877) at Castroville, Texas 22 September 1896 by Rev. Humel - both Lutherans. (License in Hondo, Medina Co., TX 17 Mar 1896)

Ed Pierce (American) married Luren Eichhorn (born 18 October 1896, correct spelling is Laura) on 30 December 1915 at farm of Mr. Eichhorn by Rev. Kralik. Eichhorn - Lutheran (license 29 December 1915 in SanAntonio)

Johannes Bippert married Catharina Loesberg in Castroville 30 December 1865 by Rev. Gottlob Schall - both Lutherans.

Gustav Koenig married Anna Loesberg in Castroville 24 November 1876 byr Rev. Jordan - both Lutherans.

Louis Fuos married Katherin Loessberg in Castroville 5 March 1884 by Rev. Pfennig - both Lutherans.

August Weber married Christina Loessberg in Castroville, 25 January 1887 by Rev. Hummel.

Carl Weinacht married Horensia Haas at Francisco, the brides home, 9 July 1888, by Rev. Hummel - both Lutherans (license Castroville, July 6, 1888)

John Loesberg married Anna Elizabeth Wagner, Castroville, 13 March 1853 by Rev. Oefinger - both Lutherans.

Louis White married Mathilde Loved, Vandenberg, 4 July 1855 by Rev. Oefinger - both Lutherans.

George Haas married Ann Taschler, Francisco, 7 February 1860 by Rev. Oefinger - both Lutherans.

Otto Koenig married Mary Elisabeth Loessberg, Castroville, 5 February 1889 by Rev. Hummel - both Lutherans (license - Castroville 4 February 1889)

William Edgar (San Antonio) married Ida Maria Haas, Castroville, 18 September 1890 by Rev. Hummel - both Lutherans (License - Castroville, 17 September 1890)

Phillip Haas married Anna Eichhorn at Haas Ranch, Francisco, 2 July 1891 by Rev. unknown - both Lutherans (License - Castroville, 28 June 1891)

Herman Emil Haas (born 22 December 1866) married Lisette Renken (born 25 January 1874) in Castroville, 25 October 1893 by Rev. Hummel - both Lutherans (License - Hondo 21 October 1893)

Conrad Loessberg (born LaCoste 17 September 1867) married Anna Haas (born Francisco 2 March 1870) at Castroville, 15 January 1895 by Rev. Hummel (License - 14 January 1895)

Emil Graff (born Sause, 1 February 1860) married Emma Haas (born Francisco, 10 December 1863) at Francisco 19 December 1895 by Rev. Hummel - Haas is Catholic and Haas is Lutheran (License - 16 December 1895)

Albert Bilhartz (born Briar Branch 18 August 1868) married Lissetta Paulina Haas (born 31 July 1876) at Castroville, 27 October 1897 by Rev. Hummel - Bilhartz is Catholic and Haas is Lutheran.

Simon B. Heath (Evang.) married Adella Haas on 8 August 1902 by Rev. Rod. - both Lutherans (License 4 August 1902)

August Etter married Mary Bippert on 17 December 1904 by Rev. Rod. (license - 11 December 1904)

Henry Haas married Emma Christina Reusss on 18 December 1905 (License - 7 December 1905)

Hulda Franziska Helena Schnieder married Karl Rudolph Loesberg on 18 November 1906 (License - 10 November 1906)

Otto Bendele (farmer born 15 May 1892) married Josephine Haas (born 7 July 1898) at Castroville, 7 February 1907 by Rev. Kralik - Witness: Arthur Haas (License 2 February 1917, Hondo) Bendele is Catholic and Haas is Lutheran.

Arthur Kriewald (farmer) married Lina Mary Loesberg at Castroville, 12 October 1921, both Lutherans, (License - 8 October 1921 in SanAntonio), Witness: Alfred Kriewald, Clara Loesberg, Paul Koenig & Lora Kriewald.

Albert R. Newmann (not confirmed) married Ruby Marie Haas at Castroville, 3 October 1923, both Lutherans, Witness: Otto Bendele & wife Josephine Bendele, (License - 29 September 1923, Hondo)

Paul W. Haas (farmer) married Hattie Love in Castroville, 29 March 1927, Haas is Lutheran and Love is Baptist, (License - 17 February 1927, Hondo) Witness: Mrs Philip Haas and Mrs. Love (mothers of the couple)



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