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  Here you will find links to "Our Family Tree" at Rootsweb's World Connect Project, Family Stories, Cemetery Transcriptions, and other genealogy information that I have gathered from libraries, churches, and source documents.  So, come on in and sit a spell, I'm sure you will find something that interests you.  Give me a holler if you have any questions, and don't forget to let me know you were here by signing my guest book at the bottom of the page.

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Descendants of John Landon Churchwell Smelley  

Alabama to Atascosa County, TX

I am glad to announce that as of August 26, 2002 the Descendants of John Landon Churchwell Smelley have been added to my main "Our Family Tree" file above.  The connection to the Atascosa County, Texas Smelley family has not been found through my husband's Smelley ancestors.  The connection is between two Desmuke Cousins in Atascosa County, TX.  My uncle (dad's half brother) Francis Ralph Langley's grandmother is Mary Cecile Desmuke Langley (1899 - 1941) and she is a 1st cousin to Katherine Lucinda Desmuke Smelley (1892 - 1973).  So, this means all information after August 2002 is now being added to my main "Our Family Tree" file now. 




Remodeling Our House.  We moved into my husband's grandparents home on Dec 24, 2003 after nearly 3 months of remodeling.  This page contains a little bit of history about the house and Smelley family property as well as photos of the remodeling that took place.

The Prom Files: May 14, 2005 Video Clips


Across the U.S.A,

Carrying the American Flag

by Jim Pierce

My brother, Jim Pierce, holding the flag he ran with in October 2001.

While waiting for "Old Glory" to pass through Texola, Oklahoma, I associated briefly with Captain Bill Holmes of American Airlines.  Bill told me he was to relay the American flag on the next leg of the journey across the United States along Old Route 66.  He also explained that the flag had flown aboard a F-14 fighter aircraft over Iraq.  I asked Bill for the privilege of running with him across the state line into Texas, which was approximately one mile.  When the flag arrived pictures were taken and Bill proposed that I be the first to run with the flag from Texola.  Being a born and raised American Texan I was proud to participate in such a spectacular event and feel privileged to be the individual that carried the American Flag into Texas.  Many thanks to Bill Holmes of Chelsea, Michigan and God Bless America.


Jim Pierce




John Swanson Yarbrough Archives - There is now a site set up for John Swanson Yarbrough and his descendants.  All information about my great great grandfather Lorenzo Dow Yarbrough and his family will be located at the Archives as well as my GenLinks page.  


The John Swanson Yarbrough Timeline - Originally created by Karen Mazock.  This timeline contains documents, census transcriptions, and miscellaneous information about JSY and his family.  


Bible Records 


Books and Biographies


Court Records


Military Records


Passenger Lists

Vital Records

I transcribed the following marriage and death records from the Zion Lutheran Church Records Index in Castroville, Medina Co., Texas.  These transcriptions only contain selected marriages and deaths.



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