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It is simple to join the Yar(o)rough Genealogy Research WebRing. If you encounter any problems, or you have any questions about this ring, please contact Renee Smelley.

====>How Do I Join This Ring?
*Have information related to the Yarb(o)rough Surname.
*Submit your site to the ring.
*Add the HTML fragment to your page. (You may change the font and font colors or replace your site title with your name.)
*Contact Renee Smelley to be added to the ring.
*Do not loose your ring ID# or your password!

Best of All!! There is no need to edit the HTML fragment. You will recieve it all ready to copy and paste to your HTML Editor.

Attention AOL Members!!! You will not recieve the HTML fragment in a text format in your email. After you submit your site, read your email and obtain your Site ID # and your password. Log into member management below and copy and paste the html fragment.

====>Do You have a WebRing Page?
If you are placing the webring box on a WebRing Page, link to the webring page, not to your main page. Your webring page must have a visible link to your main page, or page that contains the Yarb(o)rough Information. You must also have a link back to your WebRing page located either on your main page or your Yarb(o)rough Information page.

====>Member Management
*Obtain your Customized HTML Fragment in you ever need it again.
*Change your Webpage URL, Email Address, Password or Update your member profile.

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Last Update was on September 12, 2000
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