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Charles W. Yates was born on 03 Aug 1835 in Shropshire, England. He died on 25 May 1868, in Independance, Buchanan County, Iowa. He married Margaret Sharp on 08 Nov 1865 in Independence, Iowa. He is buried in Wilson Cemetary, Independance, Iowa.

Margaret Sharp is the daughter of Robert and Barbara Sharp. She was born 19 Nov 1837 in Scotland. She is buried at Laurel Hill Cemetary in Neligh, NE

Charles and Margaret had one child. Charles Washington Yates, born 22 Feb 1866, in Independance, Iowa. Generation 2

Charles Washington Yates married Ella Neoma Bare on 04 Oct 1887 in Antelope County, NE. He died 13 Apr 1933 in Wilson Mesa, San Miguel, Colorado.

Ella is the daughter of John Bare and Caroline Hoyt. She was born on 13 Jan 1867 in Morrison, Whiteside, Illinois. She died on 18 Mar 1957 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.

Charles and Ella had 8 children.

Edith B Yates. She was born on 27 Sept 1888 in Neligh, Antelope, Nebraska. She married Lafayette Todd Porterfield on 21 Aug 1912. She died on 23 Mar 1972 in Bremerton, Kitsap, Washington.

William John Yates. He was born on 08 Mar 1890 in Antelope, Nebraska. He married Vivian Armista Emerick on 23 Jul 1926. He died on 02 Mar 1986 in Denver, Adams, Colorado.

Jesse Clarence Yates. He was born on 30 May 1892 in Grecian Bend, Antelope, Nebraska. He married Pearl E Billings on 01 Mar 1911. He died on 30 Jun 1963 in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska.

Dermont D Yates. He was born Dec 1894 in Antelope, Nebraska. He married Aileen Rose Power in 1921. He died on 18 Jan 1956 in Kern, California.

Ethel S Yates. She was born on 23 Sep 1897, in Antelope, Nebraska. She died on 11 Nov 1957 in Durango, La Plata, Colorado.

Violet Yates. She was born on 24 Jul 1900 in Antelope, Nebraska. She died on 22 Oct 1991

Mattie M Yates. She was born on 30 Sep 1902 in Antelope, Nebraska. She married Walter Watt on 14 Jun 1923 in Teluride. She died on 10 May 1975 in San Bernardino, California.

Charles W Yates. He was born on 10 Oct 1906 in Antelope, Nebraska. He died on 13 Apr 1939 in Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado.

Generation 3

William John and Vivian were married on 23 Jul 1926. They had 5 children

Amy Marie Yates. She was born 10 Aug 1932 in Fort Morgan, Colorado

Evelyn Ann Yates. She was born 22 Dec 1933 near Clearwater, Nebraska.

Living Yates. Born 13 Mar 1939 in Fort Morgan, Colorado. Married Living Bretz 3 Dec 1961

Living Yates. Born 18 May 1940 in Fort Morgan, Colorado. Married Living Henson 3 Mar 1968

Living Yates. Born 7 Mar 1943 in Fort Morgan, Colorado.

Jesse Yates and Pearl Billings were married 1 Mar 1911. They had 5 children.

Catherine Yates. She was born on 10 Jan 1912 in Clearwater, Antelope, Nebraska. She married Forest Arbogast on 10 Jun 1931 in Yankton, South Dakota. She died on 30 Aug 1995 in Neligh, Nebraska. She is buried in Laurel Hill Cemetary in Neligh, Nebraska

Willard Romaine Yates. He was born on 13 May 1913 in Neligh, Nebraska.He married Florence Trevitnick on 12 May 1934 He died on 27 Nov 1976 in Tacoma, Pierce, Washington.

Jesse C Yates Jr. He was born 18 Jan 1915 in Oakdale, Nebraska. He married Edith Ina Buck on 28 May 1936 in Center, Knox, Nebraska. He died on 17 Oct 1995 in Omaha, Douglas Nebraska. He is buried in Oakdale Cemetary, Oakdale, Nebraska.

Robert Dermont Yates. He was born 19 Jun 1918 in Clearwater, Antelope, Nebraska. He married Dorothy Ward Dec. 1937 in Albion, Boone, Nebraska. He died 6 Sep 1981 in Souiz Falls, SD

Donald Ralph Yates. He was born 23 Dec 1921 in Orchard, Antelope, Nebraska. On 6 Jan 1940 he enlisted into the Navy. On 16 Oct 1940 he was assigned to the U.S.S. Houston. 1 Mar 1942 the Houston was sank in the Java Sea, close to Java. Most survivors swam to the beach, but soon turned over to the Japanese by the Java natives, and became prisoners, Donald was one of them. He died 24 Aug 1943 at the POW camp at Moulmein in Burma.

Generation 4

Catherine and Forest Arbogast were married 10 Jun 1931. They had 2 children.

Living Arbogast. Born 6 Mar 1940. He married Carol A Demaray on 1 Aug 1964. She died 25 Nov 2004.

Ronald Dean Arbogast. He was born on 11 Oct 1943 in Clearwater, NE. He died 18 Oct. 2008 in Norfolk, Madison, Nebraska. He married Jeanette Marie Ziems, she died 15 Aug 1994 in Norfolk, Madison, Nebraska.

Willard and Florence Trevitnick were married on 12 May 1934. They had 3 cildren.

Living Yates. Born 27 Sep 1935 Living Yates. Born 31 Mar 1938 Living Yates. Born 9 Mar 1939

Jesse and Edith were married 28 May 1936 in Center, Nebraska.They had 4 children

Judith Yvonne Yates. She was born on 9 Jul 1937 in Lyle Minnesota. She married Boyd Thelmer Heckler Sep 1960 in Texas. They had 4 children. She died 9 Jul 2004 in Lincoln Nebraska.

Living Yates. Born 11 Apr 1940. Living Yates. Born 12 May 1942. Living Yates. Born 1 Jan 1945.

Robert and Dorothy were married Dec 1937 in Albion, NE. They had 4 children.

Living Yates. Born 19 Mar 1939 Living Yates. Born 22 Jul 1940 Living Yates. Born 28 Sep 1941 Living Yates. Born 3 Oct 1943

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