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Guest's Name
: Melissa Bays
Guest's Home Page: Don't Have One
Date Signed: Fri Feb 1 14:03:23 2002
Referred By:
Hey, This is Melissa Bays. I Can't believe everthing you have found out about the family in the last few years. Im amazed and so excited. I'm so happy you never gave up on finding out our history... It is so important to know where you came from. I have been trying to contact you, but I dont know if you ever received my email. I really would like to hear from you. So I could ask you a few Questions.. Thanks Melissa Bays

Guest's Name: Robert Dean Hudnall
Guest's Home Page: Don't Have One
Date Signed: Wed Jan 16 13:26:28 2002
Referred By:
Mr. Jennings, I am the third son of Darrell Lee Hudnall,Sr. Looking for info on Thomas Hudnall, who is my gggrandfather. Please e-mail me at the following address: [email protected] Would like to share info. Thank you, Robert Dean Hudnall

Guest's Name: Don Pomeroy
Guest's Home Page: Don't Have One
Date Signed: Fri Dec 14 15:27:04 2001
Referred By:
Hello, have not heard from you and for some reason I cannot email you at the address you have listed. It is a puzzle to me. Try and contact me. Have a merry Christmas and a better New Year.

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Guest's Name: Debra
Guest's Home Page: Brother's Tribute
Date Signed: Wed Oct 10 00:33:01 2001
Referred By: you
Chuck, Love to come to this page and remind myself from whence I came..Keep up the good work. Also wanted to you to remind you and to pass along the information, that the Epperly get together is at the end of the Month. Have you gotten any info on this from others? Love Ya, Lil' Sister

Guest's Name: Donald Pomeroy
Guest's Home Page: They All Came Together
Date Signed: Wed Aug 29 09:58:36 2001
Referred By:
Hello Chuck, Still having problems with yoyr email address. I need to ask you a question about Vanetta. The Charleston Archives has asked me to find out how Vanetta got its name. Do you have any idea to this. Also I need to discuss with you some ideas for the next reunion. Email me and lets see if we can connect. Take care and beautiful webpage. Don

Guest's Name: Rena Worthen
Guest's Home Page: The Works of Rena Worthen & Friends
Date Signed: Thu Apr 5 21:47:39 2001
Referred By: a note on the Floyd County, Va. Mail List
You have a great Site, Chuck. I can see a lot of work and thought went into this. Keep on keepin on. Cousin, Rena

Guest's Name: Chuck Jennings
Guest's Home Page: "Yesterday"...and Today
Date Signed: Sat Mar 31 20:30:41 2001
Referred By: self
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