Matthew is Thirteen and turns Fourteen in November 2000 he loves computer games especially Playstation,   Matthew was a good swimmer, but we cannot get him near the water anymore, --must be a teens thing, but loves music, especially loud Rock music. Matthew plays the piano and drums (a bit). Matthew likes to be creative in my workshop, playing with my tools and equipment.    Matt also loves camping, fishing the great outdoors and adventure and is an Army Cadet with the 53rd RCU (Regional Cadet Unit)  at Wanneroo, Matt has also studied the Martial Art of Ninja.





     Andrew is eleven and turns twelve in June 2000.   Andrew loves Australian rules football, he has played Ozzie rules for 5 years now,  his favourite team is of Course the West Coast Eagles.  Andrews other interests are Basketball, swimming, Ninja and Playstation.   Andrew also loves camping, fishing and the 'bush'




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