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More from Dr. Tim Yoho's "Yoho Page", as a Yoho foundation to Billy Lee Yoho's family.

From Werner(Joho): Postgraduate dental education courses given to general practioners and all the research you only can do when the students are out of school, has filled up my time until I could sit down quietly and give you the necessary information I can provide. You certainly have a copy of the letter you sent me and therefore I will go through it point by point, trying to straighten out some confusion or clarify where ever I can do it. First, there is no boldness at all in writing about this subject since it has been one of my silent goals (maybe once I am retired) to trace the family history back to ancient time. As to the two Joho's you found at the University of Zurich in the Orthodontic Department, we are the one and same person as you will see later on in my own curriculum. I don't know Werner Joho working at the Swiss Institute of Nuclear Research and I can't find him in the phone book in Zurich. He might be in another town. "

Editors Note: Werner was thought to live in Zurich, but later determined to live in Villigen.

"I can only congratulate you on your research which brought you back to the 1700's. As to the spelling with "Y" or "J", the only time I have seen our name spelled Yoho was on letters I got from people living in the states.

"Now, let me go back to my own family and its composition at the present day. My great grandfather, Samuel Joho, must have lived somewhere between 1850 and 1910. One of his sons, my grandfather Karl Joho died in 1938 at the age of 55 or 56, so he was born somewhere around 1885. His son, my father Carl Joho, was born on February 12th 1911 in Auenstein in the Canton of Aargau followed by dental studies in Geneva and Basle. He became a dentist in 1936 and settled in Mollis, Canton of Glaris where he is still practising half time. From his first marriage with Nelly Dubied, born in 1912, he had two children: my sister Suzanne Joho, born June 25th 1942 and myself Jean-Pierre, born January 27th 1939. My mother died in 1952 at the age of 40. My father then remarried Hanny Streiff. This second marriage did not have any children.

" As to myself, I married Claudine Konrad in 1963 and have two children, Stephanie and Thierry. After dental studies in Geneva and Zurich, I went through orthodontic training at the University of Zurich, followed by two years of graduate training at the University of Washington in Seattle. where I also did my M.S. in dentistry.

"When I showed your letter to my father, he told me that one of his uncles, Rudolf Joho, who lived in Aarau and worked as "Stadtschreiber", which is something like main secretary of the city council, had undertaken a similar research trying to gather a family tree. One of his sons, Max Joho, is still living in Basle and I will get in touch with him to see whether or not he still has those documents available. If he does, we then would get a big step further in linking the two tree. Who knows, we might get a whole forest."

Jene-Pierre's address is 1211 Geneva 4, le 19, rue Barthelemy-Menn.

Editors Note: Jean-Pierre and I corresponded a few times over the years, but no further family history was provided.


Werner Joho's Line In Switzerland

Werner Joho lives in Villigen which is in the German part of Switzerland. I also found his name in library research and sent him a letter in 1978. His responded with some interesting information about Joho history and he included what he had researched in his family line. Although I was in Switzerland in 1985, I was unable to reach him to schedule a visit.

"With interest I read your letter inquiring about your possible family roots. Joho is indeed a Swiss name and there are two possible origins which I know. One branch of the Joho's have citizenship in the village of Auenstein, Canton of Aargau. These families are of protestant faith. The other branch, where I belong are of catholic faith and come from the village of Bettwil, also in the Canton of Aargau.

" About 20 years ago I investigated my family line and could trace it back to a Peter Joho born in 1773. Further back there were no records in the village of Bettwil, probably because the books got lost during the raid by the troops of Napoleon around 1800. I know of only a Paul Joho, who is a physicist at the high school of Zurich. He is related to me by Bonaventus Joho.

" I phoned to the village of Auenstein and asked them to dig in their books about Johannes and Susanna Joho. So far I have not received an answer. We heard that there was a big wave in the states about finding family roots, after the book and movie "roots" was such a success.

"I have a Ph.D. in physics and have a research position at the cyclotron facilities of the Swiss Institute of Nuclear Research in Villigen. I spent two years from 1971 to 1973 at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada.

" Well, it was certainly interesting to hear from you and should you visit Switzerland you are cordially invited to visit me here. I wish you success in your inquiries." Werner Joho.


1Werner Joho 1938-

2.Josef Joho 1911-

3.Josef Leonz Joho 1882-1972

4.Jakob Joho 1849-1933

5.Peter Joho 1809-1881

Kathrina 1800-1870

Kaspar 1802-1880

Jakob Leonz 1804-1850

Maria Anna 1812-?

Josef 1815-?

Bonaventur 1817-?

6.Peter Joho 1778-1846


Werner Joho's address is Sonnmattstr.3; CH 5304 Endigen, Switzerland.

Editors Note: No connection was found between this line and Johannes Joho. This line needs to be traced back further to determine if this is the link to Johannes.


Tim Yoho's Line to Switzerland

My family line is traced back to Johannes Michael and Susanna Gelker Joho who lived in Sulzthal, Alsace which is on the border of Switzerland and France between the Rhine and Vosges Mts. Johannes was born ca 1678 but his birth place and parents have not been determined. He was reportedly a meat cutter and served as a soldier in Alsace. He and Sussana had at least four children one of whom was also named Johannes (1712). He immigrated to the U.S. in 1738 with his wife Susanna Lau Joho. Before coming to the U.S., Johannes was listed as a wooden shoe-maker in Sulzthal Alsace (Denver Yoho). Further information about Johannes and Susanna can be found in the description of "The First Immigrants".

1.Johannes Michael Joho (1678-?) and Susanna Gelker (?)

Johannes Conrad (1705-1729)

Johannes (1712-ca1795) probably buried at Yoho Cemetery

Anna Maria Margaretha (1714-?)

Johannes Michael (ca 1718-?)

2.Johannes Joho (1712-ca 1795) & Susanna Lau Joho (ca 1714-?)

Marie Christine (1735-1738) Born in Alsace

Maria Christinia (1740-?) Born Conewago PA.

Eva Catrina (1741-?) Conewago PA. Mar. George Lemley

Peter (1745-1823) Near Winchester VA.

John (ca 1746-?) Ibid

George (?-1795) Ibid

Henry (1752-1845) Ibid Mar. Catharine Baker

Prudence (?) Mar. Vincent Parsons

Jacob (1765-1851) Mar. Margaret Dailey

Barbara (1765-1816) Mar. James Bradford

3.Peter Yoho (1745-1823 Yoho Cemetery) and Margaret Baker (ca 1761-ca 1848)

John (1775-1853 Headley Ridge Monroe Co. OH.) Mar. Mary Gates

Margaret (1777-1809 Monroe Co. OH. Pioneer Cemetery) Mar. Simon Archer

Mary (1778-1856 Graysville WV) Married Christian Gatts

Henry Jr. (1781-1862 Yoho Cem.)

Samuel (1782-1835 Pioneer Cem.) Mar. Elizabeth Prebble

Peter (1787-1861 Pioneer Cem.) Mar. Sarah Morris

Jacob (1792-1864 Marshall Co. WV)

Isaac (1799-1881) Mar. Rhonda Mason

William (1800-?) Mar. Rebecca Dehart

Elizabeth (?) Mar. Daniel Baker (her 1st cousin)

4 Henry Yoho Jr. (1781-1862) and Annabelle Buchanan (1780-1873) Henry was a farmer and lived on Fish Creek near Graysville, WV. He bought his fathers farm from 10 other heirs.

George (1806-1890 Antioch Cem. Marshall Co. WV)

Peter (1809-1887 Yoho Cem.) Mar. Mary Jane Mayhall

Catherine (1813-1876 Parsons Cem. Burch Ridge WV) Mar. Jehu Parsons

Margaret (1813-1887 Parsons Cem.) Mar. Joseph Parsons

Rachel (1815-1898 Yoho Cem.) Mar. Lazarus Rine

James (1817-1900 Yoho Cem.) Mar. Mary Polly Garner

Elizabeth (ca 1820-?) Mar. Thomas Ruckman

Mary (ca 1823-1901 Yoho Cem.) Mar. William Yoho

Henry B. (1826-1903 Yoho Cem.) Mar. Catherine Kelley

5. George Yoho (1806-1890) and Rachel Garner (1808-1868)

Henry (1831-1910 Rines Ridge Marshall Co.) Mar. Susan Kelly

Timothy (1834-1912 Northview Cem. New Martinsville WV)

James (1837-1895 Mt. Joy Cem. Howard WV) Mar. Mary Eller

Mary (1841-1927) Mar. Nicholas Gatts

Anna Belle (1845-1924 ) Mar. James Gatts brother to Nicholas

Katherine (1848-1916 Antioch Cem.) Mar. Absolin Eller and Robert Goddard

6. Jeremiah (Jerry) (1828-1890 Guyan Townhouse Cem. OH) Founded Yoho Ohio Mar. Jane Henthorn Elizabeth (?) Mar. William Montgomery and Nicholas ?

Joshua (1843-1922 Mt. Joy Cem. Howard WV) Mar. Catherine Sarah Monroe

7. Charles Anderson Yoho (1856-1946) Mar. Alice Elizabeth Tucker Church (1865-1932)

8. Wilbert Wiley Church Yoho, Sr. (1885-1964) Galliapolis, OH Mar. Nellie Pansy Bryan Hawkins (1884-1930), they had 11 children. Mar Effie Bowen (1898-1985) The had a son, Robert Wayne Bowen Yoho, Sr. (1936-)

9. Dr. Billy Lee Yoho, JD (1925-) Mar Martha Helene Sue Carroll, (1922-)

10. Dr. Rev. Kevin R. Yoho, Dmin (1954-) Mar Julie Dianne Purdy Windsor (1957-)

Children: Kimberly Ann, Jamie Lybb, and Jonathan Richard

Billy Lee Yoho Mar Shirley Ann Stone Morris (1937-). The Kanawha Valley Morrises

Kevin's sister, Billy Lee Yoho's daughter, Karen Lee Yoho (1959-)