The 5 items of interest is just a starter. Everything about the individual personal project is important. It gives the big picture.

Historians, family researchers and genealogists try to record information on 5 life events: birth, christening, marriage, death, and burial. It is easiest to read dates when they are written in this format: 17 May 1939. We try to obtain the date of the event, the city,town, county, and state. In the case of burials. we also record the name of the cemetery. When someone marries into the line, , we record the name of their parents (maiden name for the mother). Newspaper clippings about anniversaries, deaths, and other events in family member's lives, along with short stories and recollections written by family members are good sources for information that can be entered in the miscellaneous note field for each person when they are shared with us.

You also might want to consider writing a few paragraphs about yourself, your spouse, your parents, and grandparents which I could include in the 'miscellaneous note' for each person. Things that I think are of interest: where did they grow up, where did they live, what schools did they attend, did they have military service,, and if so, with what units and where: clubs, , lodges, , history, when did they met their spouse, what did they do for a living, did they receive any awards or citations, did they ever serve in public office, and what significant events occurred in their lives? Are you interested in the Net? You might think of others.

Are there any other people you think I should contact who might help on this project?

If this is done by letter, don't forget to enclose a stamped envelope and above all, thank them abundantly?

The major part of this was original composition by Dick Henthorn.

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