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17th Infantry Co. B, South Carolina Volunteers

"Evan's Tramp Brigade"


Coleman, W., Preston, Captain , wounded 2nd Manassas DOW 1/31/1863
Burley, N.A., Captain
Coleman, B. Franklin, 1st Lieut., DOD 10/28/1862
Taylor,W.P., 1st Lt., dropped 4/28/1862
McConnel, A.J., 1st Lt., KIA 7/30/1864 Crater
Coleman, J.A.F., 1st Lieut., paroled 4/9/1864  Appomattox
Parnell, J.W., 2nd Lt., dropped 4/28/1862
Feaster, Andrew C., 2nd Lt., died 10/25/1862, buried at Manassas Cemetery
Stanton, R.E., 2nd Lt., wounded 2nd Manassas, died of wounds 10/28/1862, buried Manassas Cemetery
Fant, Samuel R., 2nd Lt., promoted to Adj., paroled 4/9/1864  Appomattox

Adkins, J.B., Private
Beam, George, Private
Beam, J.T., Private
Blain, A., Sergeant
Bolin, John, Corporal
Bolin, Lewis, Corporal
Boulware, D.P., Sergeant, DOD 7/31/1861, Jonesville SC
Boulware, O., Private, DOD 9/21/1862 Lynchburg VA, buried Old City Cemetery Lynchburg, VA
Boulware, Obadiah, Private
Boulware, Osmond, Private
Boulware, Pinkney, Private, KIA 7/30/1864 Crater
Boulware, R.D., Corporal, Died 9/17/1862, Buried at Manassas Cemetery
Boulware, R.J., 2nd Sergeant, DOW received at 2nd Manassas
Boulware, Thomas, 1st Sergeant
Boulware, Thomas E., Sgt.Major, DOD 6/13/1862
Burley, A., Private
Burley, J.A., Private, paroled 4/9/1864  Appomattox
Burley, W.W., Private
Burns, J.C., Private
Burns, R.B., Private
Burns, T.D., Private
Burns, W.J., Private
Burns, William, Private
Burt, W.B., Private
Caldwell, Robert N., Private
Cameron, A.B., Private
Cameron, R.F., Private
Carter, David, Private
Castles, E., Private
Chapman, B.M., Private
Clowney, M., Private
Coleman, A.G., Private
Coleman, G.W., Sergeant
Coleman, George W., Sergeant
Coleman, H.A., Private
Coleman, H.J., Private
Coleman, H.S., Private
Coleman, Henry J., Private, wounded severely 12/14/1862, Kinston Bridge NC
Coleman, J.T., Private
Coleman, Jacob, Private, DOD 5/20/1864 Wilmington NC
Coleman, R.C., 3rd Sergeant, DOD Church Flats SC
Coleman, Robert  C., Private, 7/30/1864 Crater
Coleman, R.L., Private
Coleman, R.W., Sergant
Coleman, Robert L., Private
Crane, F.C., Private
Crane, Francis C., Private
Crane, Frank C., Private
Crosby, C.N., Private
Crosby, R., Private
Crowder, B., Private, KIA 8/30/1862 2nd Manassas
Crowder, F.A., Private
Crowder, J.W., Sergeant, KIA 7/30/1864 Crater
Crowder, Robert, Private, KIA 8/30/1862 2nd Manassas
Crowder, W.G., Private
Crowder, W.J., Private, wounded severely 12/14/1862 Kingston Bridge NC
Crowder, William J., Private
Crowler, William J., Private
Curry, J.D., Private
Curry, John D., Private
Dickerson, Hiram, Private, KIA 8/30/1862 2nd Manassas
Dickerson, John, Private
Dickerson, M., Private
Dickerson, Marion, Private
Dickerson, W.P., Private
Dickerson,William P., Private
Diefenback, J.C., Private
Donahoe, J.D., Private, POW Hart's Island
Donahoe, John D., Private
Donohoue, J.D., Private
Dove, Hiram, Private
Dove, Richard, Private
Dove, Samuel, Private
Dunnahoe, J.D., Private
Dye, Charles, Private
Dye, J.L., Private
Dye, John L., Private
Dye, John L., Corporal
Dye, J.S., Corporal, DOW 7/30/1864 Petersburg
Dye, Thomas, E., Private
Edrington, A.L., Private
Fant, Ephriamn H., Private, died 9/16/1862, buried at Manassas Cemetery
Feaster, L., Private
Feaster, W.L., Private
Fiseher, W., Private
Fisher, William, Private
Foster, John W., Private
Foster, M.S., Private
Fowler, C.E., Private
Fowler, Charles, Private
Fowler, Gass, Corporal
Fowler, T.J., Corporal, paroled 4/9/1864  Appomattox
Free, G.W., Private, paroled 4/9/1864  Appomattox
Free, George, Private
Free, Joseph, Corporal
Gillfillan, John, Private
Gorce, J., Private
Grubbs, John, Private
Hall, W.A., Private
Hammond, J.N., Private
Hanks, W.J., Private
Hanks, W.K., Private
Hawl, Wesley A., Private
Hill, C.E., Private, DOD Richmond VA
Hill, S.A., Corporal
Hill, Simeon A., Corporal
Horne, A., Private
Hunt, J.S., Sergeant, paroled 4/9/1864  Appomattox
Hunter, James L, Private
Hutcherson, J., Private
Jeffares, H., Private
Jeffers, H., Private
Jeffries, H., Private, paroled 4/9/1864  Appomattox
Jenkins, R., Private
Jenkins, R.S., Private
Jenkins, Robert S., Private
Jenkins, William J., Private, KIA 9/14/1862
Jennings, James, Private, DOD at home
Kenneday, A.J., Private
Kenneday, J.A., Private
Kennedy, J.A., Private
Knight, D.E., Private
Knight, Elijah, Private, DOD 9/20/1862, Adams Run SC
LaMott, T.J., Sergeant
LaMott, T.J., Sergeant
Lamotte, Thomas J., Private
Lea, S.F., Private
Lee, Tyre, Private
Lewis, Joseph H., Private
Logan, D.G., Lieut.
Macon, W.H., Corporal
Macon, William H., Corporal
Magill, R., Private
McBride, M.H., Private
McClaine, Henry J., Private
McCollum, J.M., 1st Sergeant, paroled 4/9/1864  Appomattox
McGowan, Daniel, Private, Shown on Elmira Prision Roster
McGill, J., Private, paroled 4/9/1864  Appomattox
McGill, J.R., Private
McGill, Robert, Private, DOD 11/12/1862 Stanton VA
McLain, H.J., Private
McLain, William, Private
Mobley, Robert, Corporal
Mobley, Robert B., Corporal
Mobley,T.A., Private
Moore, J.D., Private, died 2/12/1865 Petersburg
Morgan, W.J., Private
Morgan,William J., Private
Orman, S.J., Private, paroled 4/9/1864  Appomattox
Ormand, S.J., Private
Ormand, S.J., Private
Papey, M.E., Private
Parnell, J.W., 1st Lieut.
Peschke, E., Private
Porter, J.B., Private
Rabb, J., Private
Reynolds, L.B., Private
Roberts, Alex, Private
Roberts, L., Private
Roberts, M., Private
Robinson, J., Private
Sanders, H., Private
Sanner, V., Private
Saunders, H., Private
Sea, G.J., Private
Seymore, James, Private, DOD Goldsboro NC
Seymour, J., Private
Shirley, Ephraim F., Private, DOD 6/25/1863 Charleston SC
Smith, A.G., Private
Stevenson, J.L., Private
Taylor, J.G., Private
Taylor, John G., Private
Taylor, W.P., Private
Thomas, John R., Private
Thompson, J., Private
Webb, H.J., Private
Webb, T.B., Private
White, John, Private
Williamson, Dave, Private
Williamson, E., Private, DOW received at 2nd Manassas
Williamson, Hiram, Private, DOD at home
Williamson, James R., Private
Williamson, Robert, Private
Wing, George, Private
Woodward, J.L., Private
Woodward, Joel, Private
Woodward, William J., Private
Wright, J.D., Sergeant
Wright, John B., Sergeant
Wright, John D., Sergeant
Yongue, J.W., Private
Younge, William, Corporal

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