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Here is the ENTIRE Jewish section of film #1981155, Items 5-6 Matrika, 1800-1950 for Illava, Slovakia. This has about 3000 entries (3-4 names per entry) however some are repeated.

Births are legitimate unless noted otherwise. The following columns were omitted: midwife, circumcisor & date of circumcision (boys), day of naming (girls). If anyone is interested in this info, I will gladly look it up for you. Also, some notes were too lengthy or illegible to include, however if you are interested, I'll do my best to get that info to you. Keep in mind that Slovak, Hungarian, German, and Hebrew are foreign to me. Births recorded many years after the actual birth were included twice: once for the chronological birthdate and once for the record date and a note made to indicate this. Please feel free to report any errors at the address below.

WATCH!! Dates start over in BIRTHS 21.

PAGE                      FIRST DATE-LAST DATE ON PAGE

Births 1                  JAN 1800-AUG 1816
Births 2                  SEP 1816-JAN 1824

Births 3                  FEB 1824-JUL 1831

Births 4                  JUL 1831-MAR 1836

Births 5                  MAR 1836-FEB 1841

Births 6                  MAR 1841-APR 1844

Births 7                  APR 1844-NOV 1847

Births 8                  NOV 1847-OCT 1850

Births 9                  SEP 1850-MAY 1853

Births 10                 MAY 1853-FEB 1856

Births 11                 FEB 1856-OCT 1858

Births 12                 NOV 1858-SEP 1861
Births 13                 SEP 1861-AUG 1864

Births 14                 MAY 1864-APR 1867

Births 15                 JUN 1867-APR 1869

Births 16                 MAY 1869-DEC 1872

Births 17                 NOV 1873-NOV 1876

Births 18                 NOV 1876-JUN 1879
Births 19                 JUN 1879-JAN 1882

Births 20                 JAN 1882-MAY 1884

Births 21                 JUN 1884-DEC 1884;JAN 1871-OCT 1873

Births 22                 OCT 1873-DEC 1876
Births 23                 DEC 1876-JUL 1879

Births 24                 JUL 1879-FEB 1882

Births 25                 MAR 1882-JUL 1884

Births 26                 JUL 1884-JAN 1887

Births 27                 FEB 1887-APR 1889
Births 28                 MAR 1889-NOV 1891

Births 29                 NOV 1891-MAR 1894
Births 30                 FEB 1894-JUL 1897 

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