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ZIEMER'S TREE  Hällen, Kjell Oskarson's farm in Öland

Oland, Sweden

The roots of my family tree have spread from the lost German lands of East Prussia and Pomerania, from the green fields of Sweden, from the valleys of Slovenia.
Branches have spread across the ocean and spanned the North American continent.
My mission is to dig ever deeper in search of our ancestors -- but also to seek out and contact living relatives wherever they may be --  so that these names from the past are not lost to the future. In that spirit, these pages are dedicated to the memory of my grandmother,
whose devotion to the family and its history got me started!
Grandma Bertha, 1954



Laney Kathleen Martin

Laney Kathleen Martin was born 2/18/2017, daughter of our cousin Kelly Blaney and Sean Martin. She is the great granddaughter of Harold and Jean, descended from Martin and Caroline Ziemer and Fritz and Theresa Heinrich.

Parker James Mays

Parker James Mays, born February 10, 2017 in Florida, is the second son of Jenafer Ferrara and Brian Mays. Parker is descended from German ancestors Martin and Caroline Ziemer and Fritz and Theresa Heinrich, by way of the late Dawn Ziemer Ferrara.

Clark Micah Miller

This new West Coast Ziemer was born September 12, 2016 to Sunny Ziemer and Micah Miller. Clark is the great-great-grandchild of Harold, six generations removed from his immigrant ancestors Martin and Caroline Ziemer and Fritz and Theresa Heinrich.

Donald Martin Ziemer IV

Yes, the fourth of that name was born April 15, 2016, the son of Donald Ziemer III and Jamie Moseley, in Las Vegas, Nevada. This Donald's namesake six generations back was Martin Ziemer from German Pomerania.

Delylah Marie Ziemer

The latest of our Ziemers is Delylah Marie, born October 16, daughter of Donald Ziemer III and Jamie Moseley. She joins her sister Abigail Rose of the Las Vegas Ziemer Family,six generations removed from her original German immigrant ancestors Martin and Caroline Ziemer.

Colton Andrew Mays

Jenafer Ferrara brought Colton into the world on June 2, 2014.He's very popular with his dad Brian and his sister Annalyse. He's the 5th generation from his forebears Frank C. Ziemer and Bertha Heinrich.

Emylio DeLaRose Melendez

Emylio DeLaRose Melendez was born December 9, 2013 to Sherri Ziemer and Julio Melendez of Chicago, IL. The little guy is the grandson of the late Donald and Rose Ziemer, descended 6 generations from his German ancestors Martin and Caroline Bonow Ziemer, and Frederick and Theresa Roloff Heinrich.

Tessa Marie Aardsma

Tessa Marie Aardsma was born March 11, 2013 to Danielle Aardsma the daughter of Walter Aardsma and granddaughter of the late Joan Olson Aardsma. Little Tessa is five generations removed from her Swedish forebears the immigrants John Olson and Mathilda Bredberg.


David Alan Heinrich July 6, 1992 - March 9, 2017

Robert George Strohm August 1, 1929 - November 18, 2016

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Press CONTENTS   to see roots and branches of Ziemer's Tree

  • ZIEMER , BONOW , and KRUCKOW from Pomerania.
  •     Explore our POMERANIAN ROOTS    "Sweet Home Pomerania" DISCOVERED AT LAST -- The villages of Martin Ziemer and the Bonows in the Old Country. Marriage records have identified their homes in the decades before immigration to the U.S.
  •     Rediscover the ZIEMERS in Chicago
  •     Browse through a Ziemer Family Photo Album
       We still look forward to a Ziemer family reunion with the "Lost Tribe" of North Side Ziemers - Glad to know they are growing and prospering!

  • Learn about the BONOWS OF CHICAGO

  • The true identity of "Buck" Bonow has proven elusive, but many of the Bonow Clan have been identified - including the Schneider, Roepke and Moll families who all lived as neighbors in the Fuller Park neighborhood of Chicago's South Side.
    I am still hoping to connect with present-day descendants of Frederick Bonow and Louise Krueckow.
  •     Search for our PRUSSIAN ROOTS
  •     HEINRICHS and ROLOFFS in AMERICA Fritz Heinrich's Excellent Adventure and the Romance of Fritz and Theresa. The tale of Fritz's immigration adventures is also a story of young love; this tradition has always been a cornerstone of our family history. Some of the truth is revealed here. Also, find out about the relationship with the Gergolla and Zulewsky Families.
  •    Take a trip to SOUTH DAKOTA   Visit the prairie land settled by our Roloff and Gergolla relatives in this photo essay and album.
  • A PHOTO GALLERY OF THE HEINRICH FAMILY Includes photographs of the Roloffs, Zulewskys, and Gergollas as well as maps and pictures of the German homeland.
  •         HARDT Family Relatives of the Chicago Heinrichs We enjoyed our visit with Herbert HARDT of Fish Creek, WI during the summer of 2006. Herb is not only a great guy and fun to know, he's a wonderful storyteller, and has shed a lot of light on relations within our family and city life back in the 1920's and 30's.
  • OLSON and BREDBERG from Sweden.
        Swedish Ancestry of John OLSON and Mathilda BREDBERG
  • Photos and More: Öland Album and
            Västergötland Album

  • OLSONS From Michigan to Colorado - Descendants of Nels Alfred OLSON
  • ECKLUNDS from Michigan and the Chicago Area - Descendants of Emma Christine OLSON and Adolph ECKLUND
  • The Memoirs of Effie Lerner, "A Saga of Swedish Immigrants" Edited and Published Complete in 8 Chapters
  • OLSON FAMILY OF CHICAGO: Descendants of John Olson and Mathilda Bredberg.

  • RADOVAN, REDEK, and MOZINA from Slovenia.
  •     Discover our Slovenian Roots
  •     Maria Redek Radovan Zupan
    There was no one who enjoyed traveling more than our mom, Alice Marie Radovan Ziemer, who passed away in June of 2010. And no one was more thrilled with the adventures of a successful genealogy trip. I will always treasure the memories of our European travels - Mom's excitement at discovering long-lost cousins in Öland, Sweden, and the satisfaction of meeting our Slovenian cousins at a castle on the banks of the River Krka. In fact, Mom was probably more excited than Dad was to track down the original village of his ancestors in present-day Poland. She responded to those aspects of genealogy - mysteries to be solved, characters colored by legend, settings with the aura of history -- and travels along the byways of Europe! All of that would naturally appeal to a woman like her! She was a woman on the go, and she'll always be remembered for her energy and enthusiasm among her other qualities.

    Read Mom's EULOGY to see what I mean.

      See our family's Celtic BRENNAN Connection in The Irish Eyes of Auntie Dot!   


    Our German ancestors have left us with several mysteries -- perhaps someone out there can help?   

    • Carl Ziemer - could this be the father of Martin, our immigrant ancestor?

    • M.I.A. -- Whatever Happened to Friedrich the Prussian? Friedrich Robert HEINRICH, the immigrant Fritz's father, was said to have died when Fritz was a year old. What happened to him?

    • "Prussian Roots" pages explore the background of Fritz Heinrich and his parents, as well as the Roloff and Gergolla Families. But we still have not identified Carl Roloff's brickyard in Elbing or Augusta's home in Marienwerder.
    • The Lost Grave of Carl Albert Roloff. Lost in a Dakota Territory blizzard? Eaten by wolves? Or just buried out on the prairie and forgotten? We may never know, but many details have come to light about the pioneering Roloffs and Gergollas. Read about them in HEINRICHS and ROLOFFS in America!

    Our visit to Sweden led to the exciting rediscovery of the family in Öland -- but there is much more to research. Cousins Kjell Oscarson and Mildred Gröndin continue to come up with more items of interest, such as the old photos of the Olson family and Emma Christine. I've also been in touch with other Swedish-side relatives on the Olson line.
    • Karl Bredburg's parents are still unknown
    • More on the history of the Family Home at Askelunda in Öland

    • The History and Genealogy of the ECKLUND Family from Charlevoix, Michigan is on line, but is always in need of updating.

    • Likewise the History of the Nels Alfred Olson Family has been explored, but I still would like to contact descendants of John Olson's daughters.

    • Radovan, The Runaway Overseer -- Louis's father was found at last! But what of the Radovans he left behind in Slovenia. I'd like to find some of the relatives on that side of the family.

    THE LATEST FROM SLOVENIA -- I haven't heard much from our Mozina relatives since our cousin Bojan of Ljubljana passed away last year. We hope to keep up the relationship with brothers Joze and Tomaz and their families, as well as Bojan's children.

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