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Facts About This Template

There are just a few rules you must follow when using this template, or selling it.

You MUST leave the notice regarding the brushes used in this design in tact at the bottom of this template. It is in accordance with BrushaBrusha's PS brush usage policy. The top graphic makes use of some of the FREE PS BRUSHES from BrushaBrusha and a link-back for such use is required.

If you have never heard of BrushaBrusha or don't know what a PS brush is, Please Visit Her Site!! It is absolutely fabulous! If you use PS (photoshop®) and want a unique look for any of your graphic designs you should be using custom designed PS brushes. You can get them and use them totally free from

Specifics About This Template

This design was created by using different design elements. Here is a list of what they are: 1.)HTML , 2.)Tables , 3.) Cascading Style Sheets - Embedded , 4.)PSD Graphics , and 5.)PHP Script for the Tag Board.

In order to actually use the tag board, you MUST have your own website space and you MUST place the PHP Script on YOUR OWN SPACE. It is demonstrated here for asthetic purposes ONLY. It is NOT a working Tag Board to prevent abuse of AlienHed's Site Space. So what you see to the right is just a table containing a sample form. Remember, IT IS NOT A WORKING TAG BOARD. The script is CJ's Tag Board Script v3.0 and was included with this template.

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"(Not Applicable) A commonly used abbreviation in the English language for the lack of data in a form or table field, because it does not apply to the situation." N/A

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Brushes used in this design courtesy of