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The Eller Chronicles



The Ellers from the Mosel River

von Heinz F. Friedrichs

From: HESSISCHE FAMILIENKUNDE, Vol. 19, no. 8,December 1989 pp. 342-343.

On 15 July 1663 Johann Eller known as Andernach was accepted as a voting citizen in Marburg; in 1660 he received admission into the Brotherhood of Slate Roofers upon the order of the landgrave. In 1674 he paid 13 Albus (white pennies) and 6 heller for a firearm and was still mentioned in 1681/82 as Town Slate Roofer./l/ Apparently he was named after his birthplace Andernach on the Rhine where he was born and baptized around 1635 as the youngest child (Andreas, Anna born 24 Oct. 1624, Maria born 8 March 1626, Carl born 26 April 1628, Clara born 10 September 1630). His oldest brother Andreas Eller appears in 1630 in the Andernach St. Sebastian Brotherhood and Shooting Guild and took the oath of citizenship with his wife Margarethe Wust, also of Andernach, there on 22 September 1661; she died after 1661.

The surname of the two brothers already suggests one origin of Eller so that one need not look on the Rhine. Lately several people bearing the name of Eller, some from Bingen and some from the USA, presumably stemming from the Palatinate, these Ellers state with Bahlow and Gottschald/2/ that their name may go back to that of a brook on the Erle, but they have no proof of this.

Actually it turns out that the father of the brothers mentioned already underwent a name change in Andernach. Indeed Nikolaus was named in the Shooting Guild and Guild List as weaver and his brother, the unguilded Hans Jacob (Johannes) in Andernach was still called Eller, but their father appears in 1589 and 1601 in the guild list of weavers as Fryderichs called Eller because he came from Eller on the Mosel. Doubtless he belongs to the old winegrower family of Friederichs (with or without an e), which has lived in Eller and Ediger since the 13th century.

  1. NIKOLAUS FRYDERICHS called ELLER, from town of Eller- on the river Mosel. d. Andernach ~1601/03, listed in the weaver's guild 1589-1601, m. MARGARETHE KULEN, b. ..., d. Andernach after 1603 (?1621), 1603 widow in the St. Sebastians Brotherhood and Shooting Guild; 2 children II a b.

  2. a. NIKOLAUS ELLER, b. Andernach...., d. same ... 1650, listed in the Brotherhood and Shooting Guild 1621, 1622 citizen, 1623 in the Weaver's guild, also 1636, 1646 in the Eisengasse, his home with garden valued at 100 Talern, his entire property valued at 158 Talern; m. Anderach 1656, his widow resided 1656 in the Eisengasse. Children 3, a-e below.

  1. b. HANS (JOHANNES) JACOB ELLER in Andernach, b. same.... d. same, after 1656, is ungilded (unskilled), his house and garden valued in 1646 at 50 Taler. . . m..... son, III-f below.


  1. a. ANDREAS ELLER, b. same i.e Andernach .... d. same . . . after 1661, listed in 1650 in St. Sebastians Brotherhood and Extended Order, citizen 22 Oct. 1661, m. same ... MARGARETHE WUST, same ... , d. same . . . after 1661. Children?

  1. b. ANNA ELLER,- Andernach 24 Oct. 1624.
  1. c. MARIA ELLER,- same, 8 Mar. 1626.
  1. d. CARL ELLER,- same, 24 Apr. 1628,
  1. e. CLARA ELLER,- same, 10 Sep. 1630.

  1. f. JOHANN ELLER, commonly in Andernach, Johann Ellers son, b. same, cl635, d. Marburg/Ketzerbach 1684/93, 15 Jul 1663 . . in Marburg, 1669 application to the roofers guild on orders of the landgrave, 1674 zahlt Geschoss, 1681/82 town roofer, m. 1st Marburg, 11 May 1663, GERRTRUD BARTHOLD, b. ___ same. ... 5 Apr. 1635, d. 1675/80, confirmed 1646, T.v. Johannes B. and Margatrethe Treisbach; m. 2nd, 16 Jun. 1689 ANNA MARIA BRINKHEIMERI, same, 11 Jul. 1641, d. same. after l684, T.v. Johannes B. and Agnes Kuhl; children IV a-g.
  1. a. ANNA.GERTRUD ELLER, ____ Mar-bu, 18 Apr. 1665.
  1. b. JOHANNES, ____ same, 15 Dec. 1667, son V a
  1. c. JOHANN CASPAR, ____ same, 24 Apr. 1678, son V b
  1. d. CHRISTINA ELLER, ____ same, 5 Apr. 1674
  1. e. JOHANN WEIGAND, ____same, 24 Jun. 1675, confirmed 1687.
  1. f. HEINRICH, ____ same,.15 May 1683
  1. g. JOHANN FRIEDRICH, ____ same, 11 Sep. 1684, confirmed 1697
  1. a. JOHANNES ELLER, Marburg 15 Dec. 1667, d. Hanau before 16 Feb. 1725, confirmed Marburg 1679, 1688 citizen and roofer in Hanau-Altstadt, m. Hanau 12 Jul. 1688 ANNA MARGARETHE...., widow of citizen and roofer Mathes Tauber; Children VI a
  1. b. JOHANN KASPAR ELLER, ____ Marburg 24 Apr. 1670, ..., 1695 citizen and roofer in Hanau-Alstadt, m. Hanau 25 Jul. 1693 ANNA MARGARETHE .... widow ... KORNER; children VI b-e
  1. a. JOHANN DANIEL ELLER, b. Hanau 19 Jul. 1706, d. before 28 Jan. 17961, citizen and roofer in Hanau-Aldstadt, Sargeant in the artillery, 1765 titled land owner, Lieutenant, also senior church warden. m. Ist. Hanau 12 Jul. 1725 Anna Maria Niessmann, of Gelnhausen;; m. 2nd. Hanau 6 May 1766 Anna Margarethe Graulich, of Huttenheim; children VII a.
  1. VI. b. JOHAN GEORG ELLER, b. Hanau, 25 Nov. 1694
  1. VI. c. JOHANNA CATHARINA ELLER b. Hanau -31 Dec. 1698, d. same .... m. Hanau 9 Dec. 1717 (lutheran) JUSTUS BALTHASAR OHL, b. Hanau, b. Hanau 31 Jan. 1693, d...
  1. d. MATTHAUS ELLER, b. 2 Apr. 1702
  1. e. GERHARD ELLER, b. 11 Sep. 1704
  1. a. JOHANNES ELLER, b. ..., d.... citizen and roofer in Hanau-Altstadt, senior church warden, m. Hanau 10 Mar. 1755 GOTTLIEBE PHILIPPINE METHER, T. d. Joh. Jost M. in Hanau, Children VIII a


  1. a. JOHANNES ELLER, b. ... , d ..., Citizen and roofer in Hanau-Neustadt, m. Hanau 28 Jan. 1796, FRIEDERIKE ELISABETH REMY, T. d. Peter R.; children IX a-c
  1. a. JOHANN CONRAD ELLER b, ..., d. ..., citizen and roofer in Hanau-Neustadt, m. Hanau 25 May 1829, MARIA ZURCHER, T. d. Ulrich Z.; Children X a-d
  1. b. JOHANN PETER ELLER, court official and loan maker in Hanau, b. Hanau 17 May 1806, m. 20 Jun. 1849, ANNA KATHARINA LEPPERT, T. d. Friedrich L.
  1. c. HENRIETTE FRIEDRIKE ELISABETH ELLER, b. Hanau 7 Aug. 1819, d...., m. Hanau, 3 May 1847 JACOB SCARRY
  1. a. JOHANN THOMAS ELLER, b. Hanau 5 Jul. 1834, d. citizen and roofer in Hanau, m. same... 13 Mar. 1864 MARGARETHE GERTRAUD DEGENHARD, T. v. Johann Paul D.; son: XI a
  1. b. HENRIETTE FRIEDERIKE ELISABETH ELLER, b. Hanau 22 Feb. 1836, ____, ;m. same...21 Nov. 18672, GEORG FRIEDRICH STRAUSS
  1. c. JOHANN FRIEDRICH ELLER, b. Hanau 5 Mar 1840, d. ____.citizen and glazier in Hanau, m.Ist ... MARIA BACH, from Windecken; m. 2nd Hanau 10 Aug. 1891 ANNA BARBARA MARGARETHE WINKLER, widow of glazier master Ernst August Wilhelm Lehmann
  1. d. KATHARINA ELISABETH ELLER, b. Hanau 22 Dec. 1842, d. ___, m. same. ____ GEIRG FRIEDRICH STRAUSS, son X b
  1. . a. JOHANN FRIEDRICH LUDWIG ELLER, b. Hanau 15 Mar. 1868, d. ____ music teacher in Hanau, m. same. 22 Oct. 1895 CHARLOTTE SUSANNA MARIA MOLIS, b. Kassel 23 May 1876, T. v. Heinrich M.


  1. Auf die nachfolgenden Daten aus Andernach a. Rh. kmachte mich der Frie derichs-Eller-Nachkomme, Herr Rudiger Kroger, Hannover, Celler Str. 31 dankenswerterweise aufmerksam.

  2. H. Bahlow, Deutsches Namenslexikon, Munchen 1967, S. 118 u. M. Gottschald, Deutsche Namenkunde, Berlin, 1982, S.171 u. 174.

  3. Vgl. Familienzeitschr. Fredrichs, I, 1933, S. 78; 2m 1935, S. 11-18; 7, 1957, S. 9 f.-Rhein. Sippen, I, 1937, S. 10-12; 4, 1940, s. 42-46; 5, 1941, S.6-16- Sonderveroffentl., 9, 1942, S. 1-52.

  4. Die Daten entstammen dem Stadtarchiv Andernacha (AZ 402) und dem Marburger Sippenbuch von K. Stahr (Staatsarchiv Marburg).

  5. Die: Hanauer Daten uberprufte freundlicherweise Herr Max Steinbaur, Frankfort, Fontanestr. 58.


Editorial Questions and Comments

Can the Johann Kaspar Eller, IV-c or V-b in the German record, be the "Casper" Eller", father of immigrants Jacob and Melchoir Eller in American Records/l//2/ ? Can Johann Georg Eller, VI-b of the German record, be the Johan Georg Eller who arrived in Philadelphia 25 Oct. 1740/3/? The answer is not apparent but this is the most promising lead found so far in the on going effort to find a link between mid-1700 Eller immigrants to the U.S. and their place and family of origin in Germany (or Europe). The time period fits but the geography does not match. The search for more evidence continues.

5470 Andernach, located downstream on the Rhine from Coblenz which is at the point where the Mosel River flows into the Rhine.

3550 Marburg is located northeast of Andernach in Hessen, Southeast of Siegen and north of Frankfurt.

6450 Hanau is a short distance east of Frankfurt, in what was formerly Kurhessen (Hessen t-assel).

Footnote: American Records

  1. "St. Paul's Lutheran (Red Hill) KB, Montgomery Co., PA- "Jacob Eller, son of Casper Eller, born in the Palatinate, m. 11 Dec. 1753 Maria Eva Goettge, daughter of Hannes Goettge, born in Zweybrucken,"
    from Burgert, Annette K., EIGHTEENTH CENTURY IMMIGRANTS, Vol. 11, WESTERN PALATINATE, PA Ger. Soc., Vol.f XIX, Birdsboro, 1985, pp. 142.

  2. "Anno 1756 on April 17 the following young persons were confirmed in . . . Holy Communion, . . Eller, Melchair, the late Casper Eller's son in his 20th yr," from German Church Records from PA Ger. Soc., PROCEEDINGS and ADDRESSES, Vol.II, Geneal. Pub. Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1983, P. 299.

  3. Johan Georg Eller listed in Ship Passenger Records as arriving in Philadelphia 25 Oct. 1740 aboard the Samuel & Elizabeth. Strassburger, Ralph Beaver, PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN PIONEERS, Vol. I, reprinted, Geneal. Publ. Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1965.



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