Biographies of my ancestors.
Biographies of My Ancestors!
This page is currently under construction. Through my family history research I have learned a great deal about many of my ancestors. I have a goal to one day write biographies for as many ancestors as possible! I have been corresponding with some of my living relatives, and have learned quite a bit. I wanted to dedicate at least one page where I can share this information! These biographies simply consist of facts and stories that were told to me by others. Please be patient while I continue to collect and write up these biographies. If you have any information or stories about my ancestors that you would like to share, please email me!

You can click on the names at the top of the page to jump to that person's biography.

Fred Guy Patterson Mary Esther Taylor Reed Thomas Newton John Jacob Ryan, Sr.
Thomas Rigmaiden Charles Anselm Sallier Joseph Harrison Moss Martha Mary Dautreuil

Thomas Rigmaiden

Thomas Rigmaiden is the husband of my gggg-aunt, Eliza Ryan, who is the daughter of John Jacob Ryan, Sr. Thomas Rigmaiden was the first school teacher of Imperial Calcasieu. He kept a day to day journal of the events surrounding his family and neighbors. He mentions some of my direct ancestors throughout his journals. The journals cover more than 25 years and can be found on the internet by clicking here.

Fred Guy Patterson

Three months ago I didn't know anything about my gg-grandfather, Fred Guy Patterson! I've been corresponding with his daughter, my gg-aunt Arlo, who has told me some wonderful things about him.


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