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Most Wanted Ancestors!
This is page is dedicated to those ancestors that I am unable to locate some point in their life. One could say that I am at a DEAD END! I have included all the information that I have gathered for these people. Some of the information here does not come from reliable sources. I have included documentation of where I got the information. If you have any info that may help me identify these ancestors and their lines, please email me!

And here they are...

Joseph Hines

Thomas Newton

Daniel Ryan

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Joseph Hines (my g-grandfather)

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bca 1860

from Lionel Joseph's birth certificate

dJan 1939

from my great aunt Sybil (Joseph's granddaughter)

Pb PdPort Arthur, TX (buried in Cavalry Cemetery, Port Arthur, TX)

from my great aunt Sybil (Joseph's granddaughter)

M Pm
SRosa Pare or Parrah B18 Dec 1877 (Christened 22 Feb 1878 Church of the Assumption of Choupique, Plaucheville, LA)


from my great aunt Sybil (Joseph's granddaughter)

CLionel Joseph B23 Sep 1893 (Avoyelles Parish, LA) D15 Jan 1961 Port Arthur, TX (buried in Oak Park Memorial Bluff, Port Arthur, TX)
CEstelle Eugenie B27 Mar 1896 D25 Aug 1971 Baton Rouge, LA
Notes: 1. Lionel was raised in Lake Charles, Lousiana by the Pierre Goudeau family. He is listed as a ward in the 1900 and 1910 Calcasieu Parish, LA census (Pierre Goudeau head of household).

2. Estelle was raised in Baton Rouge by the Bordelon family. In the census she is listed as their adopted daughter.

3. I have a photo copy of Lionel Joseph's birth certificate, a photo of his headstone, and his obituary. I also have Estelle's obituary.

Thomas Newton (great great grandfather)

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b d

from the census

M Pm
SEmma Jane
CCharles (Charlie) B? D?
CReed Thomas B09 May 1884 Beatrice, Gage, NE D22 Jun 1951 buried Highland Memorial Gardens, Lake Charles, LA
Notes:Some assumptions: The 1900 NE Census shows that Thomas, Emma J, and Charlie were all born in NY, but that Reed Thomas was born in NE. If Reed was born in NE, that means the family made its way to NE sometime before 1884 (when Reed was born). I know, through my grandmother, who is Reed's daughter, that Reed's mother went to LA and Reed followed shortly after to meet her. So somewhere between 1900 and 1904, when Reed's first child was born, Reed and his mother came to LA. My grandmother says that there is some secrecy why they left NE and that Emma J remarried an Airhart (sp?) and she is buried somewhere in Calcasieu Parish, LA under that name. I have a photo of Reed Thomas's headstone and my grandmother's amazing memory.

Daniel Ryan (great X 5 grandfather)

b d
Pb Pd
M02 Jan 1793 PmSt. Martinville, Spanish, LA
SMarguerite Barclay
CJohn Jacob B1768-1772 Pensicola, FL D07 Sep 1846
CCeleste B? D?
Notes:Through other John Jacob Ryan descendants, I have been told that Daniel Ryan's parents came from Ireland. His father was John Jacob Ryan, born 1713, and his mother was Sarah Wittenbury, born 07 Mar1789.

I have a photo copy of Daniel Ryan and Marguerite Barclay's marriage license.

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