NameExperience MITCHELL
Christen1604, Leiden, Netherlands
ImmigrationAug 1623, Plymouth aboard the Ann [526,]
Moveabt 1639, Duxbury, Plymouth Co, MA
Move1664, Bridgewater, Plymouth Co, MA
Will5 Dec 1684, Bridgewater, Plymouth Co, MA [526]
Will MemoInventory 14 May, Proven 4 Sept 1689
Deathbef 14 May 1689, (Will inv) Bridgewater, Plymouth Co, MA [526]
FatherThomas MITCHELL (1566-1628)
Other spousesMary
Marriage1627, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA [2]
SpouseJane COOKE
Birth1604/1608, Leiden, Netherlands
ImmigrationAug 1623, Plymouth aboard the Ann
Deathbef 1640, Plymouth, Plymouth Co, MA [526]
FatherFrancis COOKE (>1582-1663)
MotherHester MAHIEU (1579-1666)
Birthabt 1628, Plymouth, Plymouth Co, MA [526]
Deathbef 5 Dec 1684, Bridgewater, Plymouth Co, MA [526]
Marriage6 Dec 1645, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA [201]
2 MThomas Mitchell
Birthabt 1628, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
Deathbef Dec 1688, Charlestown, Suffolk Co, MA
3 FMary Mitchell
Birth1634, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
Death1679, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA
SpouseJames Shaw
Marriage24 Dec 1652, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA [520]
Notes for Experience MITCHELL
Able to Bear Arms in Duxburrow, August 1643. Given liberty to look for land between Bridgewater and the Bay line in 1664. He was eventually granted land on the west side of the Namasskett River, between the Mattapoisett River and Acushena, and at Namassakett. [526]

Great Migrations entry (abstract):
ORIGIN: Leiden, Holland MIGRATION: 1623 on Anne FIRST RESIDENCE: Plymouth
REMOVES: Duxbury by 1639, Bridgewater between 1684 and 1689
FREEMAN: In "1633" Plymouth list of freemen in close proximity to those admitted 1 January 1632/3 [ PCR 1:4]. In Plymouth Colony list of 7 March 1636/7 [ PCR 1:53]. In Duxbury section of lists of freemen dated 1639 through March 1683/4 [ PCR 5:274, 8:174, 198, 203].
EDUCATION: His inventory included "books" valued at 14s. He signed his will.
OFFICES: Plymouth jury appearances 1647 to 1662. Surveyor of highways 1 Jun 1658 for Duxbury.
ESTATE: In 1623 Plymouth land division, George Morton and Experience Mitchell together received eight acres [ PCR 12:6]. In 1627 Plymouth cattle division "Experience Michaell" was the tenth person in the first company with Francis Cooke [ PCR 12:9].
   On 9 May 1631 Experience Michell sold to Samuell Eddy his dwelling house and part of his garden plot [ PCR 12:18].
   Assessed 18s. in Plymouth tax list of 25 March 1633 and 9s. in list of 27 March 1634 [ PCR 1:10, 27]. He was forty-ninth on the list of Purchasers [ PCR 2:177].
   In an undated entry, but probably in 1645, Mr. John Holmes of Plymouth, messenger, sold Experience Mitchell of Duxbury two acres of marsh meadow [ PCR 12:109]. On 20 March 1647 Samuel Eedy sold Experience Mitchell one acre of marsh meadow [ PCR 12:151].
   On 1 July 1650 Experience Mitchell purchased two acres of marsh meadow in Duxbury at Blewfish River from Andrew Ringe of Plymouth [ PCR 12:189]. On 20 November 1650 William Paybody of Duxbury, planter, sold to Experience Mitchell of Duxbury, planter, a house and ten acres of land at Blewfish River in Duxbury [ PCR 12:198].
   On 3 October 1662 Experience Mitchell was one of a group nominated for consideration for lands on the northerly bounds of Taunton "if any be left over" [ PCR 4:27].

4g grandfather of Henry David Thoreau, through 2nd wife Mary and daughter Sarah.

Savage's: EXPERIENCE, Plymouth, a youth, came in the Ann, 1623, had been one of the goodly comp. at Leyden, where he left a br. Thomas, who d. there. Perhaps he was under the care of Francis Cook, at least, he is of his comp. in partak. sh. of cattle 1627, and soon aft. m. his d. Jane, was of Duxbury aft. 1631, and long aft. rem. to Bridgewater, there d. 1689, aged above 80 yrs. His ch. were Elizabeth wh. m. 1645, [[vol. 3, p. 220] John Washburn; Thomas; Mary, m. 24 Dec. 1652, James Shaw, and d. 1679; Edward; Sarah; Jacob; John; and Hannah, but the order of b. is uncert. and so may be the mo. for he had sec. w. Mary. Sarah m. John Hayward; and Hannah m. Joseph Hayward, as his third w.
Will notes for Experience MITCHELL
Plymouth County Probate Records, I: 44, 45. Experience Mitchell's Will Dated 1684

These are to publish and declare to all whom it may concerne that I Exsperience Mitchell now living in the Towne of Bridgwater in the Collony of new Plimoth being through the Mercy of God of sound Judgment and memory do Ordeine and make my last will and Testament in manner following: viz: into the hands of God I Comend my sperit beleiveingly Resigneing up my soule into the everlasting armes of Gods mercy father Son and holy spirit: my Body to bee decently Interred at the discretion of my executor and other Christian friends: and for my outward estate I do will that after all my Just debts and funerall exspences be paid: my lands and other moveables be disposed of as followeth

Imprimis I give to my Son Edward michell after my deseace all my lands both upland and medow lying in the Towne of Duxborough at the place where I formerly dwelt as appeareth by deed: and if it shall please God so to order that my wife mary michell shall survive me: I Require my Son Edward to take Care of her for her Comfortable subsistence during her life: provided that she will live with him at Bridgwater: but if she rather incline to live at Duxborough: I then Order that halfe the rent of that land at Duxborough shall be to my wife during her life and after my desease my Son Edward shall have the sole dispose of it as to the letting of it out for the house; I acknowledge it to be his: allso the bed and bolster two pillowes on paire of sheets and two Blankets which are at my son Edwards and we made use of; I give them to him after our desease

as for my Son John I have formerly given him his proportion of land and my will is that he rest satissfied therewith, which was foure score acers of upland and foure acers of medow lying at namatakeset within the Towneship of Duxborough: this is the full of what I intend him as to land only there are severall moveables in his hand at present which are mine: of which one Cow a short Gun and a small Iron kettle

I Give unto my Granson Exsperience: and the remainder I give unto my son John as [for my] land lying in the Towne of Middlebery;

I give it to my Daughters Mary Shaw Sarah Hayward and Hannah Hayward and to my granson Experience Mitchell the son of my son John, to be equally devided betwene them

farther I Give to my daughter Mary Shaw twenty shillings to Hannah Hayward [forty shillings in Currant] pay: and if my stocke stand I give to my granson Thomas Mitchell one Cowe and to my grandaughter mary michell one Cow
I leave the dispose of my grandaughter mary michell with my Son Edward and Joseph Bartlet:

as for the rest of my moveables and chattels I Bequeath them to my son Edward michell whom I appoint and Ordaine sole executor of this my last will and Testament revoking all other wills and Testaments Whatsoever Witnes my hand and seale this fift of December 1684
Signed and Sealed     Experien michell
in the presence of     (Seal)
Thomas Hayward John Haward
Leiut Thomas Hayward and Ensigne John Haward the within named witnesses appeared before the magistrates of the County of Plimouth at Plimouth September the 4th 1689 and made Oath that they were present & saw Experience Mitchell deceased above named Signe Seal & Declare this Instrument as his last will and Testament & that to the best of their understandings he was of Disposing mind & memory when he so did.
Attest Saml Sprague Clerk
[On the back of the will] "The within written will is Entered and [Recorded in the] County Booke of Wills and Inventoryes: page 44 pr Saml Sprague Clerk" "Experience Mitchell his Will: 1684"
Notes for Jane COOKE
Given her parents marriage in 1603, and her siblings births in 1606, 1608 and 1611, Jane was either born in 1604, and aged 23 at marriage, or about 1609 and about 17. Most of her siblings were over 20 at marriage, so the former is more likely. There is no difinitive marriage record, however, their daughter Elizabeth was married in 1645. If she were only 17, she still would have been born in 1628. Since Jane and Experience were not yet married at the 22 May 1627 Division of Land, yet Experience was included in the Cooke family’s division, they likely married soon after. [526]
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