Albury Church Cemetery
Prince Edward County, Ontario

First transcribed by C. Loral Wanamaker and his wife Mildred Parliament in 1964, then again by others, in 1996. I have copied word for word where possible. It is a large Cemetery, estimation of at least 1000 people, with 33 rows, which is still in use today. Photo copy at least 50 pages. Because of the volume of names, it is necassary to do this in several links. Be patient and you may find a Loyalist ancestor buried in Albury!

My direct ancestors buried here are Harmon Wannamaker and his wife Dorothy. They are known as Harmanus/Hermonius Wannamaker and Dorothy Steward/Stewart throughout my genealogies. Harmanus shortened his given name by mid 1800. He was a UEL. Their son Jacob, who was known as "One Arm Jake", was also my ancestor. He was born in PE County in 1798 and married Mary Mariah Wanamaker. Her parents are also buried in this Cemetery. Henry P. Wannamaker and his wife Rachel DeBaun. Jacob and Mariah are not buried in this Cemetery.

There are many names in this cemetery which can be found in the Wannamaker & Allied Families Gedcom. If you are researching your Loyalist families in Ontario, this is one Cemetery you don't want to miss! These are some of the first UEL in PE County and their descendants. Actual Transcript in my personal possession. This full transcript was ordered from the Loyalist Cultural Centre, in Adulphustown, PE County, Ontario.

Many very old tombstones who were the Loyalists, mixed with newer burials are found through out this cemetery. My ancestors, Harmon Wannamaker and his wife Dorothy are buried in Row 24. Rachel DeBaun and Henry P. Wannamaker are buried in Row 8.
An "Extremely Important" website about Albury Cemetery is a "must see" for everybody researching the Loyalists in Prince Edward County, Ontario. This is Albury Cemetery in it's complete, includes the history of Albury and gives us very important information about the cemetery and the people buried there. Please don't miss this website hosted by Loren Bowerman. His work is phenomenal!
Albury Cemetery History & Cemetery Database

Visit Albury Church in Prince Edward County which is in Ameliasburgh.

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