Bunce Genealogy and History
Leslie R. Bunce and (Miss) Vida E. Bunce ©1977

This book was compiled, written and published
by Leslie R. Bunce and (Miss) Vida E. Bunce,
Denver, Colorado.
Used by permission.

Photos from title page

Photo of Leslie R. Bunce, taken in Denver, Colorado, Nov. 1972Photo of Vida E. Bunce, taken in Denver, Colorado, Nov. 1972
Leslie R. Bunce
at age 70
Vida E. Bunce
at age 68

Note:  This is an abridged hypertext version of the book, Bunce Genealogy and History, published and copyrighted in 1977, by Leslie R. and his sister, Vida E. Bunce, used with permission.  Most of the names of living persons have been omitted for privacy reasons.

Copyright ©1999 by Bonnie M. Bunce and Betty J. (Bunce) Read

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