Brodribb Family of Somerset

Brodribb Family of Somerset, Wiltshire and Tasmania

The Brodribb or Broadribb family are to be found mainly in Somerset & Wiltshire. There are a number of extensive pedigrees, many unfortunately without sources & quite a few gaps in the relevant Church registers. When I first came across my connection to the family, I found online a tree, which has since vanished. I have the names given & I will put them here, in the hope that somebody can either confirm or disprove them...

Thomas Brodribb born 1515 & died 1558 [source not known, henceforth snk!] Thomas Broderibbe was definitely alive in 1557 as he was mentioned in the wills of his wife Margery's parents; Ralph Hannam & Joan Hannam, both of Evercreech, Somerset]. He married Marjory  Hannam born about 1523 & she was also still alive in 1557. They had a son John Brodribb born about 1545 & died 1582 [snk. John was mentioned in Ralph Hannam's will of 1555, along with siblings James, Margery, Mary, Stephin, Alice & Elleynor]. John is said to have married an Alice Eugenie  who died in 1629 [snk] and they too had a son John Brodribb born about 1579 & died in 1617 [source not known]; his wife was apparently Edith Gullocks born 1578 [They may have married in Wells in 1597. snk]. Their son John Brodribb [abt 1605-1654 snk] married on the 23rd August 1637 at Shepton Mallet to Anne Pepot [ 1606-1676 snk]. They had a son Robert Brodribb, said to be born at Clutton abt 1640 & was buried at Clutton 17th January 1724/5. [some sources list his burial as 21 January 1723/4 at Clutton, but I am told this is not in the register?] Finally we are up to well documented Brodribbs;

Robert Brodribb married on the 9th April 1668 at High Littleton, Somerset to Mary Purnell, daughter of Robert Purnell & his wife Elizabeth. They had issue, including; John 1670 [of Maypole Farm & married Mary Dyer], Abraham abt 1670 [a clothier of Hallatrow & married Mary Kingston], Robert abt 1672 [a clothier of High Littleton & married Sarah ?], Jabez abt 1680 [see below] , James abt 1685, Jane [ married a Mr Jordan] , Ann [ married a Mr. Kingdon] & Mary [buried 24 May 1708 at Clutton]

Robert Brodribb of Clutton, yeoman wrote his will on 26 June 1718 and left 20s to his eldest son John & 5s to John's children; 20s and a great brass pan that formerly belonged to his grandmother to his son Robert & 5s to his children; 20s to son James. To son Jabez Brodribb a sixth part in the coalworks of Clutton and the tools. To his daughter Jane Jordane 20s and 5s to each of her children; to daughter Ann Kineton 20S and 5s to each of her children. The rest to his wife Mary who was also to be executrix. The witnesses were John Perry, John Webb junior and Betty Purnell. Robert Brodribb was buried at Clutton on the 17th January 1724/5.

Mary Brodribb of Clutton, Widow wrote her will 2 Jan 1728/9 and had it witnessed by Thomas and Ann Fear. To her son John she left a furnace, a cheese press and a book of Martyrs. To her son Robert the red easy chair and a book of Martyrs. To sons John and Robert the furnace at the door [not sure how it was to be shared!]. To daughter Jane Jordan her gown & silk quilted coat and the rest of her wearing apparel to be shared with her other daughter Ann Kingdon. To son Jabez the large oak chest and great Bible. To Granddaughters Martha Jordan the bedstead, Mary Walter [?] a beadstead. To her three granddaughters Ester Brodribb, Martha Jordan and Ann Brodribb all her books of "phisic and chirurgary" equally. To son James 5s. The residue to daughter Jane Jordan who is also executrix.

Jabez Brodribb was born about 1680 at Clutton, Somerset & was buried at St Augustine of Hippo, Clutton, Somerset on the 14th of May 1729. He was of Clutton & Farmborough. His wife was named Mary, although I have not yet found their marriage. Jabez & Mary Brodribb had two known children; Elizabeth baptised on the 13th September 1728 at Chelwood Independent Chapel & Joseph Brodribb, said to have been born at Barrow Hill, Somerset in 1726. He was baptised on the 9th June 1726 at Clutton & on 15th June 1726 at Chelwood Independent Chapel & apparently died on the 20th May 1804 at Camely House, Somerset, England & was buried 25th of May 1804 at Clutton, Somerset. He was a JP & of Charlton & Farmborough.  However, these events are apparently not supported by the Clutton register, which contains the burial records for a Joseph Brodribb on the 20th August 1805. Notes & Queries June 8 1912 does record the inscription of his gravestone, & this supports the earlier dates. " In memory of Joseph Brodribb who died May 20 1804, aged 78 years, also of Elizabeth his wife, daughter of William Purnell of Havyott Manor, Wrington, who died Octr 19 1803, aged 73. Grant O'Lord rest and light and a joyful resurrection and a merciful judgement."

Joseph Brodribb of Clutton married on 22nd October 1751 at St Leonards, Shiphan, Somerset. The register states that Betty was of Shipham and Joseph was of Clutton [ marriage settlement papers held at Bristol Records Office] to Elizabeth "Betty" Purnell, daughter of William Purnell & Elizabeth Jeffries daughter of James Jeffries of Publow]. Elizabeth was baptised at Wrington, Somerset on the 5th June 1729. Joseph & Elizabeth Brodribb had 7 known children;
1. Jabez Brodribb b. 19 August 1752 [possibly at Barrow Hill] & baptised 28th September 1752 at St Leonard, Chelwood, Somerset & apparently died in 1785.
2. William Brodribb b. 1753 [Camely House, Somerset? Source not known], baptised 27 November 1753 at St Leonard, Chelwood & died 17 December 1831 at Bristol, buried at Clutton. See Below for more detail .
3. Joseph Brodribb b. 1756 & baptised at Chelwood Independent Chapel 16 August 1756. Died on the 24th September 1805. Joseph married Ann Palmer on the 10th July 1785 at Clutton and they had 4 issue.
4. Mary Brodribb born abt 1759. Mary died at Chew Magna 28 July 1839 aged 80 years after a short illness [Bristol Mercury 3 Aug 1839]
5. Matthew Brodribb was apparently born 22 September 1760 & died aged 71 on 7 March 1831 at Parsonage House, Ubley after a short illness [Bristol Mercury 22 March 1831]. He married on 26th May 1791 to Anne Hammet & they had 5 issue.
6. Ann Brodribb was born abt 1763 & died 30 July 1850 aged 87 years [Notes & Queries 8 June 1912 & her gravestone]
7. Elizabeth "Betty" Brodribb born abt 1765 & died 28 Feb 1823 at Chew Magna [Note & Queries & gravestone.]

William Brodribb married on the 3rd March 1783 at Bedminster, Bristol to Elizabeth Adams [born 1761 at Chelwood House & baptised 20th July 1761 at Chelwood Independent Chapel, the daughter of John Adams & Ann Bush & died 11 October 1800 aged 39. She was buried at Clutton on the 17th October 1800]. William Brodribb was variously described as of Stanton Wick & Stanton Drew, Somerset. William & Elizabeth had I think 11 children, although not all the baptisms have been found;

1. James Purnell Brodribb
b. 21 June 1783 & baptised 24 November 1783 at St Mary Magdalene, Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Buried 5 May 1784 at Clutton, Somerset.
2. Anna Maria Brodribb
2nd December 1784 & baptised 1 Feb 1785 at St Mary Magdalene, Chewton Mendip, Somerset
d. Buried 20 October 1820 at St Mary, Stanton Drew, Somerset.
Married 10 February 1808 at Stanton Drew, Somerset to Thomas Wight Preston and had 8 children.
3. Joanna Brodribb
Baptised on 6 May 1788 at St Sampsons, Cricklade, Wiltshire
d. 23 October 1863 at Clutton & was buried there.
She married on the 16th May 1818 at Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucestershire to William Brodribb [ 1 April 1790-17 Aug 1862, son of John Brodribb & Elizabeth Hillman] . Joanna & William had 4 children [Elizabeth Adams Brodribb 1818, Mary Brodribb 1820, Anna Maria Brodribb 1825 & William Brodribb 1826]
4. William Adams Brodribb
Baptised 25 September 1789 at St Sampson's, Cricklade, Wiltshire
Died 1 July 1861 at Hazelwood [Hasselwood] Brighton, Victoria & buried at St Andrews, Brighton.
Married on 19 September 1808 at Horfield Parish Church, Gloucestershire to Prudence KEEN.
My line, see below for more information
5. Elizabeth Brodribb
born about 1790, died ? May be the Elizabeth Brodribb christened on the 17th December 1786 at Hinton Blewett, Somerset, daughter of William & Betty Brodribb.
Married William KEEN on 16 March 1812 at St James, Bristol, witnesses were Francis KEEN & George KEEN
6. John Brodribb
b. Baptised 28 June 1791 at St James, Cameley, Somerset.
d. buried at St Mary's, Stanton Drew 16 July 1847, aged 55.
According to the baptism records of his children, John was a Labourer until 1826 & from 1830 was listed as Schoolmaster of Stanton Wick.
Married at St James, Bristol by Banns on 18 Jan 1819 to Melinda Sage [some pedigrees give her name as Codrington] born abt 1797 in Stanton Drew. Melinda Brodribb was buried at St Mary's, Stanton Drew 24 November 1868 aged 72. They had 8 known children.
7. Samuel Bush Brodribb
b. Baptised 26 June 1793 at St James, Cameley, Somerset.
d. 1846 [registered June 1/4 1846 at Brentford, Middlesx] & buried 23 June 1846 at St Paul, Hounslow Heath, London
Appointed Quartermaster of the 7th Hussars 10th Jan 1829. Captain & Quartermaster 14th Kings Light Dragoons 24 April 1838.
Lived in Portobello Barracks, Mount Kevin Square, Dublin, Halifax, Newfoundland, Jamaica, Kirkee, Bombay, India [arriving there on the Repulse September 6 1841 from London with his wife and 5 children] & was said to have lived at Cape Colony, South Africa, but the latter looks very unlikely. It may be only his children who lived there as adults.  Samuel Bush Brodribb  had 5 known children with his wife Eliza Armstrong whom he married 11th November 1828 at St Nicholas Within, Dublin, Ireland. 1. Elizabeth Adams Brodribb was baptised 23 September 1829 at St Paul's Church of Ireland, Dublin. 2. Samuel John Brodribb b. 1833 at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada [according to his death record] and died 15th July 1894 at Rondebosh, Cape Town, South Africa and is buried there at St Paul's. 3. Louisa Brodribb ~ no dates known for her, but she is said to have married Major William Lancelot Hutchinson and had a daughter May Brodribb Hutchinson. 4. William Armstrong Brodribb b. 7 September 1843 at St Catherine, Middlesex, Jamaica. Married on 13th November 1873 at Saint John, Woolwich to Frances M Hutchinson [she was the widow of Major Owen Loyd]. 5. Georgiana Cathcart Brodribb b. abt 1836 and died 14th May 1845 from injuries sustained while running with scissors on the verandah of her home 11th May 1845, Kirkee, Bombay. This family soon after suffered another loss as Eliza aged 38 died on the 1st June 1845 at Kirkee, Bombay of Cholera. Poor Georgiana's poignant death notice in the Bombay Times can serve as a warning to all those children told not to run with scissors....
The Bombay Times 28 May 1845 " At Kirkee on the 14th May aged 9 years, Georgiana Cathcart, the beloved child of S Brodribb, Esq, Quartermaster HM's 14th Dragoons. Her death was occasioned by falling accidentally on a sharp pointed pair of scissors with which she was running in the verandah of her father's house. She lingered on in much pain from Sunday the 11th till the following Wednesday when she expired. The funeral was attended by nearly all the officers and non-commissioned officers of HM's 14th Dragoons then present at Kirkee [Bombay]"
8. Joseph Brodribb
b. ?
d. ?
9. Sarah Emma Brodribb
b. Baptised 28 August 1798 at St Mary, Stanton Drew, Somerset
d. 1868 Midsomer Norton District, Somerset.
 Married William Pope a storekeeper & Grocer of Camerton on the 31st May 1820 at St Augustine, Clutton. They had at least five daughters, Anne, Mary b.1828, Guileilma b. 1826,  Emma b. 1831 & Anna Elizabeth in 1841.
10. Louisa Amy Brodribb [or Louisa Ami]
b. ? Baptised 28 August 1798 at St Mary, Stanton Drew, Somerset
d. ?
11. Mary Anne Brodribb
b. 1 April 1800 & Baptised 25 December 1809 at St Mary & St Peter, Winford, Somerset.
d. ?
Married James Wilkins on 14th February 1820 at Holy Trinity, Stapleton, Gloucestershire.

William Adams Brodribb was a lawyer & he and his wife Prudence Jane Keene [baptised 19 July 1786 at Banwell, Somerset, the daughter of George Keene & Nancy Gage.] Prudence died on the 30th July 1856 at Brighton, Victoria, Australia & is buried at St Andrews, Brighton. In Somerset they lived at Morton House, Thornbury.

Photograph thanks to Jo Watson

Unfortunately, in his duties as a lawyer, William Adams Brodribb was asked to administer an oath of secrecy on a group of men who, unbeknownst to Brodribb intended to poach deer at Berkley Castle. on the 19th January 1816, while they were there a gamekeeper called William Ingram was shot & killed & so the men were guilty of murder.  Brodribb was also considered guilty and was committed to Gloucester Gaol on the 28th January 1816 & was sentenced on the 3rd of April 1816 to seven years transportation to Van Diemens land. He was sent from Gloucestershire Gaol to the hulk Justitia at Woolwich on the 22nd of May & departed for Australia on the Sir William Bensley on 11th of October 1816, leaving behind Prudence and his four children.

Fortunately for William, onboard his ship was the new Lieutenant Governor William Sorrell who was sympathetic to emancipation. When the ship's steward became ill several days into the voyage William was called upon to assist with his duties. The ship arrived in Sydney in March 1817. On the 1st of May it was announced by Government house that Mr. W A Brodribb was appointed to act as a clerk to the bench of Magistrates. Sorrell arranged for Brodribb to accompany his part to Hobart on board the Conchin & when the ship docked in Hobart, newspaper items listed William Brodribb as part of the new Governor's party. The other prisoners arriving on the Elizabeth Henrietta.

From the Hobart Town Gazette Saturday 12 April 1817.

William sent for his no doubt very relieved family & they travelled to Sydney on the Friendship & continued on to Hobart in the Duke of Wellington arriving on the 15th February 1818. He was conditionally pardoned on the 14th December 1818 & received a full pardon on 7 August 1821. He was re-admitted to practice as a solicitor of the King's Bench, Westminster and in January 1819 was permitted to practice as an attorney in Hobart. According to advertisements in the Hobart Gazette he lived in the Old Verandah House, Elizabeth St, Hobart.

William Adams Brodribb                                                      Prudence Jane nee Keene Brodribb
Both photos from Jo Watson, portraits by Thomas Griffiths Wainewright, Convict artist.

William Adams Brodribb and Prudence Jane Keene had eight children, 4 born in England & 4 in Tasmania.
1. William Adams Brodribb
b. 27 May 1809 in London [reputedly], baptised 8th September 1810 at St Andrew, Banwell, Somerset.
d. 31 May 1886 in Sydney, Australia
Married [1] 1844 to Eliza Matilda Kennedy [ 19 March 1816 Appin, NSW - 19 October 1868 at Brockly, Brighton] & they had ten children.
Married [2] 29 April 1875 to Catherine Kennedy Hume [abt 1834-21 Oct 1887]
2. Lavinia Zenobia Anne Hasell Brodribb
b. 20 March 1812, baptised 3 August 1814 at Thornbury, Gloucester, England
d. 11 April 1892 at Armadale, Victoria, Australia
Married William Bennett in Hobart Town on 14th November1833 and had 9 children
3. Albert Eugene Brodribb
b. abt 1814 in Morton, Gloucestershire, baptised 10th April 1814 at St Andrew, Banwell, Somerset.
d. 19 March 1860 on board the Lincolnshire of a ruptured blood vessel.
Worked for Coghill & Brodribb & lived at Sutton Grange, near Castlemaine.
Married to Ellen Neal [at least according to pedigrees, but I can't find the marriage]. In his will, he names his wife Rose Helen. She is likely to be the Rose Helen Brodribb who marries in 1867 in Hay, NSW to Robert Southby.
4. Edward Charles Buckingham Brodribb [or Buckham]
b. abt Feb 1816 in England, baptised 22 April 1816, Thornbury, Gloucestershire. Also baptised 1st September 1816 at St Andrew, Banwell, Somerset. Possibly in all the distress of  his father's conviction it wasn't realised that Edward had already been baptised.
d. 16 Feb 1870 at Carlton, Victoria, buried at Melbourne General Cemetery.
of Tarrawonga, Lachlan River, NSW [often given the middle name of Buckram or Buckrun in error]
Married in 1857 to Eliza Neal & they had six children. Eliza died on 11th Jan 1920 at Conolly St, Eucha & is buried at Melbourne General Cemetery.
5. Frederick George Brodribb
b. 26 December 1819 in Tasmania & baptised 27 March 1831 at Green Ponds, Tasmania.
d. 31 March 1840 in Tasmania & buried at St Davids, Hobart.
6. Francis Claudius Brodribb
b. 18 July Green Ponds, Tasmania & Baptised 27 March 1831 at Green Ponds, Tasmania
d. 28 January 1904 Queensland, Australia
of Wyallah, Towoomba.
Married 2 May 1860 at St Andrews, Brighton, Melbourne to Ellen Louise Baker. She died in 1905 Qld, Australia.
They had 5 children.
7. Frances Maria Brodribb
b. 10 March 1822 at Green Ponds, Tasmania & baptised 27 March 1831 at Green Ponds, Tasmania
d. 14th October 1911 at Bel Yet, Burnside, South Australia & buried 15th October 1911 North Road Cemetery, Nailsworth, Adelaide, South Australia.
Frances Maria Brodribb married on the 5th September 1840 at St David's Cathedral, Hobart, Tasmania to Captain Henry Cowell Hawson. Henry was born on the 26th October 1814 at Darmouth, England, the eldest son of Henry Hawson & Elizabeth Emlyn Cowell. Captain Henry & Frances Maria [nee Brodribb Hawson] had 11 Children [more on their family later on the Hawson page]
8. Kenric Edmund Brodribb
b. 21 March 1825 & Baptised 27 March 1831 at Green Ponds, Tasmania
d. 3rd July 1898 Brighton, England
Married [1] 20 Feb 1855 Wesleyan Centenary Chapel, Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria to Mary Anne Butler. [Mary Ann had previously been married to Mr Macdougal] They had a son Frederick William Brodribb born 7 Dec 1855 & died at St Kilda 24 Nov 1856. He is buried at St Kilda Cemetery. Their second child was stillborn 25th October 1857 & poor Mary Ann died on the 1st November 1857 & was also buried at St Kilda.
Married [2] on the 28th September 1861 at St Peters, East Melbourne, Victoria to Wynnie Murray.
9. Henry Augustus Brodribb
b. 1827
d. 1829 Tasmania.
He apparently followed his dog to the river & drowned. He is shown as the youngest child, deceased on the death certificate of his father. [Thanks to Jo Watson for this information]

Frederick George Brodribb                                       Frances Maria Brodribb
Both portraits by Thomas Griffith Wainewright.

Grave of Prudence Jane [nee Keene] Brodribb, William Adams Brodribb & their grandson Francis Charles Bennett.

Many thanks to Jo Watson, Ellen Duffy, Helen Warner, Barry Lynes & anyone else who has shared Brodribb information.

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