Becher family of Cork
The BECHER family of Cork, and its branches.

Becher family tree introduction

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Henry Becher [1511-1571] & Alice Heron

Heron Family

Fane Becher [c1546 - 1593] & Susan D'abridgecourt

Henry Becher [1573-1610] and Mary Lyon and issue

Henry Becher [1600's] and Elizabeth Notte

Thomas Becher [1640-1709] and Elizabeth Turner

John Becher [1677-1743] of Cork and Bristol

John Becher [ 1700-1738] and Mary Townsend

Michael Henry Becher [ 1735- 1778] and Catherine French

Michael Henry Becher [1773- 1847] and Susanna Vowell

Michael Henry Becher [1818-1883] and Philippa Jennings

Children of Michael Henry Becher and Philippa Jennings

Cecil Robert Becher [1874-1925] and Mabel Anna Wooldridge
Michael Henry Geoffrey Becher [1905-1986] and Florence "Pat" Jeffrey
Becher Family Newspaper Abstracts

Richard Savage French Fane Becher

Commander John Becher [1737-1783] & Ann Haysham

John Harman Becher [1764-1800]

Anne Becher [1792-1864], Richmond Thackeray & William Makepeace Thackeray

Rev Henry Becher [1702-1743] & Mary Matthews

Lionel George Becher & his descendants Joyner, William & Captain Martin Becher & others
Henry Becher [1542-1608 & Judith Riche

Jennings family

Jeffrey Family [beginning1809 ]

Florence Ethel Jeffrey [1903-1968] & Thomas Jeffrey [1877-1907]
Johns family of Cornwall, SA, Bendigo & Subiaco

Notte Family

Vowell Family

Wooldridge Family

Joyce Family of Dublin, Tasmania and Western Australia
Gregory Family of Frome

Brodribb Family of Somerset, Wiltshire & Tasmania

Borradale family of Yorkshire & Tasmania
Legge Family of Tipperary, Dublin & Tasmania
The Hawson Family of Devon, Canada & Australia

Captain Henry Cowell Hawson and Frances Maria Brodribb

Mystery Bechers
Becher dates sought!
Irish & Scottish Family names
Boyle Family of Ireland, Glasgow and Australia

Clatworthy family of Bristol
Duddlestone Family of Bristol

Stiles family of Kent & Glen Innes





The Rev Michael Henry Becher 1819-1883            Col Thomas Becher c1689


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