Notte Family

Notte Family

Burkes Irish family records vaguely lists the wife of Henry Becher as Miss Noales/Noates, she is also refered to as Miss Koates or Coates. I did come across sever Anglo Irish family trees that descended from the Becher family that listed her as Elizabeth Notte, but never with any references to explain where they had found the name.

Finally I tracked one down in the Casey Index, Volume 7;

Page 1875. Funeral Certificates in Ireland in the British Museum., presented by Rev R Pocock.


Notte, Thomas of Archadown, Co Cork. Gent and heir of Anthony Notte of Surrey. He married Elizabeth Olden, daughter of Thomas Olden of Rogagan, Co Cork, Gent, & widow of John Winthropp of Gratten in England.

Had issue, 4 daughters;

Elizabeth Notte married Henry Beecher of Archadown.

Frances Notte, Elizabeth Notte, Anne Notte, Mary Notte.

Thomas Notte died at Bruffe. Recorded Ulster office March 24, 1636. Testified by Elizabeth and Frances Notte.


Also in volume 7 is his name in a list of "Loyal English" at Carbery to James I in 1608, and In the Vicar's list of wills "Thomas Notte, Aughadown Co Cork. Will dated 1635"


It is also thought [So William Casey of Aughadown tells me] that Thomas Notte built Aughadown House, now of course a ruin.


Bill Tolch sent me some information about the Notte family manor of Long Ditton at Thames Ditton, Surrey and two very informative memorial brasses from St Nicholas, parish Church of Thames Ditton. From these three sources, a Notte Tree can be drawn up.

William Notte of Long Ditton, Thames Ditton, Surrey died in November 1576 and has a brass memorial in the Church of St Nicholas, Thames Ditton. He was married to Elizabeth Smythe. She was the daughter of Robert Smyth and Katheryn Blounte. Elizabeth died in May 1587 and has a brass memorial in the Church of St Nicholas, Thames Ditton. Both their wills are in the UK Archives.
They had a son Anthony Notte who died in 1586. The name of his wife is not yet known to me. Anthony Notte had issue;

Thomas Notte was originally of Surrey, but died in County Cork in March 1536-1537. He was married to Elizabeth Olden [or Powlden], daughter of Thomas Olden & widow of John Winthropp. John Winthropp was already married to Elizabeth Risby, so may well have not been legally married to Elizabeth Powlden. John Winthrop's nephew of the same name was a founding father of Boston.
They had issue including Frances, Elizabeth, Anne and Mary Notte.

Elizabeth Notte married Henry Becher before March 1636/7.

Memorial Brass to Robert Smythe and Katheryn Blounte at St Nicholas, Thames Ditton, Surrey
Thanks to Bill Tolch for the images of the brasses.

Memorial Brass for William Notte and Elizabeth Smythe at St Nicholas, Thames Ditton, Surrey.
They apparently had 14 sons and 5 daughters. Unfortunately the Parish registers have not survived.

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