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Most of the major Scottish BLUE families in the United States and Canada emigrated between 1748 and the mid-19th century. They settled along the east coast of North America from Nova Scotia to Georgia, with the primary settlements being in North Carolina. Later generations migrated south and west, with the exception of the New York families (S8) which largely stayed in the north. Now, 250 years later, one finds Scottish BLUE descendants all over the United States and Canada. 

My objective over the past ten years has been, and still is, to collect genealogical data on the Scottish BLUE families and their descendants, of all surnames, and to compile these data into an organized, numbered genealogy. Initially, I worked closely with Bob Blue of San Rafael, CA, who was recognized as the country's foremost expert on the BLUE family history. Much of my information has come directly from Bob, and we had as our objective the publication of a comprehensive book on the subject. Bob's untimely death in 1992 put a huge damper on my efforts, but the World Wide Web has given me both the medium and the stimulus to make my Scottish BLUE data available to researchers. 

I also want to give credit to Rev. Douglas F. Kelly who published his book, "The Scottish Blue Family from Carolina to Texas" in 1981. This has been the primary reference work for five of the major Scottish BLUE families for almost two decades. I understand that Rev. Kelly is currently working on a revised edition of his book, and I can sympathize with him with regard to the tremendous effort involved, and wish him success in his efforts. 

My Scottish BLUE files are broken down into 21 separate family groups, S1 through S21. I expect that with further research, especially in Scotland, many of these groups will merge. I hope that my efforts here will stimulate this research. This web page presents the first generation family for each of these 21 family groups. In most cases, the biographical sketch describes the earliest known history of the group, and may provide clues to direct further research.

William H. "Bill" Blue 
[email protected] 
Seattle, WA

S1. Duncan BLUE (1734-1814), m.ca1763 Margaret CAMPBELL (1740-1820). He was born on the Isle of Jura, Argyllshire, Scotland, and she was born at North Knapdale, Kintyre Peninsula of Argyllshire. They were married in Scotland and about six years later, in 1768/9, they came to America, settling in what is now Moore Co. NC (then a part of Cumberland Co.). Duncan received a king's grant of land at Lakeview NC, below the mouth of Shaddock's Creek. In his will, written 29 Aug 1806, proved Feb Term 1815, Duncan left a total of 560 acres of Moore Co. land to sons Patrick and Duncan. Eldest son John received 350 Spanish Milled Dollars. Duncan and Margaret died in NC and are buried in the Lakeview Cemetery. It is believed that this BLUE family took no active part in the Revolutionary War, but "passively sided with the King, as nearly all the Scotch families did."
S1.1* John Campbell BLUE (1765-1834), m1. _____ _____, m2.1795 Catherine McMILLAN (1765-1862).
S1.2* Patrick (Peter) Campbell BLUE (1768-1822/6), m. Phebe SHIELDS (d.aft1826).
S1.3* Sarah BLUE (b.ca1774), m. Archibald McMILLAN (b.ca1758).
S1.4* Duncan Campbell BLUE (1780-1851), m.1825 Sarah FERGUSON (1806-1878).
S1.5* Catherine "Kate" BLUE, m. Morris MORRISON.
S1.6* Effie BLUE (1780+-ca1857), m. John BLACK Jr (d.bef1850).

S2 - Malcolm BLUE of Cumberland Co., NC

S2. Malcolm BLUE (d.ca1800), m. Elizabeth _____. He first appeared in the records of Cumberland Co. NC in 1768, when he bought land on Locks Creek from Peter BROWN. This land was sold to Thomas MURPHY in 1788 and 1791. In 1789 Malcolm bought 366 acres at the head of Sandy Creek, touching Fox Branch, from Archibald McLEAN.
S2.1* John BLUE (bef1755-ca1818), m. Margaret LAMONT/LAMMOND.
S2.2* James BLUE (1764-bef1830), m. Jennet MURPHY.
S2.3 Daniel BLUE (possibly). [This may be the Daniel of Family S15].
S2.4 Duncan BLUE (possibly). [This may be the Duncan of Family S15].
S2.5 Malcolm BLUE (d.1836). He moved to SC before 1826 when, as a resident of SC, Malcolm sold to Solomon and Elizabeth COUNCIL all of his rights to land on Fox Branch and Russocks Creek in Cumberland Co. NC. [Elizabeth BLUE (b.1798) m.1824 Solomon Barlow COUNCIL in Cumberland Co. NC]. He had three children and died in FL Territory.

S3 - Malcolm BLUE of Rowan Co., NC

S3. Malcolm BLUE (d.ca1783), m. Margaret _____ (d.ca1794). They came from Scotland and founded one of the major Scottish BLUE families in America. He first appeared in the records of Rowan Co. NC in 1765, when he bought 322 acres on Crane Creek from John SMITH. This land was adjacent to the land of a Alexander DOUGLAS. In 1783 a document speaks of him as "late of Rowan Co." and names wife Margaret, sons John and Archibald, "2nd" son Dugal and youngest son James. Douglas and Dugal are interchangeable names in this family. Malcolm's will is dated 27 Mar 1783, but no date of probate has been found. Margaret's "estate papers" are dated 6 May 1794.
S3.1* John BLUE (1756-1833), m.aft1807 Barbary (BIRD) BLUE (ca1771-1860+).
S3.2* Douglas BLUE (175_-ca1836), m.1791 Charity HILL.
S3.3 Archibald BLUE, m.1791 Martha FORREST. He may have been the Archibald in the 1807 tax list of Ross Twp., Butler Co. OH.
S3.4* James BLUE (d.ca1807), m. Barbary BIRD (ca1771-1860+).
S3.5* Margaret BLUE, m.1788 David HAYES (b.1760).
S3.6* Mary BLUE, m.1788 James LAMB (1752-1823). Married in Rowan Co. NC.

S4 - Malcolm BLUE of Cantyre, Argyllshire

S4. Malcolm BLUE (1700-1766), m. Marian/Sarah SMITH (ca1710-1812). He was a native of Cantyre, Argyleshire, Scotland, and emigrated from North Knapdale, Argyleshire, in the year 1748. He brought with him his wife (named both Mary and Sarah in reference C1, Sarah in C29 and C31) and their three eldest sons. It has been said that he came with Neill McNEILL's colony, but Neill came in 1735, 13 years before the arrival of Malcolm. Malcolm did come with the swarm of refugees that fled from the Hanoverian persecution that followed the "Rising of the '45", when Prince Charles Edward's hopes were crushed at the Battle of Culloden in April 1746. It is possible that he had contact with the NcNeill Colony, but in 1748 he purchased land at Long Street Church, about 12 miles northwest of the present town of Fayetteville, Cumberland Co. NC, and built up a farm where he lived and died. This farm is still owned by his descendants (1981) and bears his name. One source indicates that Malcolm had several brothers and sisters, among whom was John BLUE who came to America from Scotland in 1755 with the forces of General BRADDOCK. Malcolm left a will naming "my oldest son John" and "my next oldest son Duncan", and four "youngest children". In the following list of children, the inclusion of Daniel and James is questionable. In the latter part of her life, Marian went to Richmond Co. NC and lived with her children. She is buried in her son John's cemetery along with sons Dugald, Neill and Malcolm. It is believed (C5) that this BLUE family took no active part in the Revolutionary War, but "passively sided with the King, as nearly all the Scotch families did."
S4.1 Daniel BLUE (b.1739). Settled in Bladen Co. NC.
S4.2* John BLUE (1740-1781), m.1769 Mary McKAY (ca1737-1833).
S4.3* Duncan BLUE (1741-1828), m1. Effie BLUE, m2.1775 Margaret GRAHAM (d.1830).
S4.4 James BLUE (b.1751).
S4.5* Dugald BLUE (1753-1836), m1.1783 Mary McLAUGHLIN (1756-1808), m2. Mary McLAURIN (b.1767).
S4.6 Neill BLUE (1755-1800). Died in Richmond Co. NC. No issue. C5 says he was b.1749.
S4.7* Malcolm BLUE (1758-1806), m. Flora McGILL.
S4.8* Sarah BLUE (1760-1832), m. Alexander WATSON (1751-1822).

S5 - The Guinea BLUE Family

S5. _____ BLUE, m. _____ _____. The Guinea Blue family originated with five brothers who emigrated from Scotland ca1800. The names of their parents are unknown at this time. They initially settled in Moore Co. NC and many of their descendants migrated west, scattering throughout AL, MS and TX. Records indicate that the Guinea Blues were acquainted with the family of River Daniel BLUE. The five brothers were:
S5.1 Archibald BLUE 
S5.2* Daniel BLUE (d.1830?), m.ca1792 Katherine McQUEEN? (b.ca1775).
S5.3* Dugald BLUE (1739-1819), m. _____ _____.
S5.4* Peter O. BLUE (ca1745-1828), m. _____ _____.
S5.5* John BLUE (ca1759-ca1835), m. _____ _____.

S5.2 Daniel BLUE (d.1830?), m.ca1792 Katherine McQUEEN? (b.ca1775). It is not certain that the Daniel who is described here is the Daniel of the Guinea BLUE family. Kelly in C1 states "the dates, places and movements of this Daniel BLUE who died in GA in 1830 certainly fit what little we know of Daniel, brother to the other four Guinea Blues. This, of course, proves nothing, so the question of identification of these two Daniels is still an open one." This Daniel came from NC to Marion Co. SC and then, ca1800 to Camden Co. GA. He probably died in Glynn Co. GA. His widow was living there in 1850. Another source quoted in C1 says Daniel may have lived in Yazoo Co. MS in 1830.
S5.2.1* Elizabeth BLUE (b.1793), m. John PILES.
S5.2.2* James BLUE (1797-1854), m1. Mary McDONALD (d.bef1840), m2. Sarah G. (HARRISON) SNOW.
S5.2.3 Daniel BLUE (ca1804-ca1852), m. _____ PYLES. C1 says he probably never married. Died in Glynn Co. GA.
S5.2.4 Mary Ann BLUE (b.1808). Born in GA. Probably never married.
S5.2.5* Alexander BLUE (1815-1889), m. Angel YONGE (b.ca1817).

S5.3 Dugald BLUE (1739-1819), m. _____ _____. Some of his descendants lived in Bladen Co. NC. One of his sons m. Ann _____ (b.ca1776) and had Archibald BLUE (b.ca1810). They are listed in the 1850 census for Bladen Co.
S5.3.1 John BLUE, m. Ann _____.
S5.3.2 Duncan BLUE 

S5.4 Peter O. BLUE (ca1745-1828), m. _____ _____. He was born in Scotland and probably emigrated from the Isle of Jura ca1771. He lived at Pinebluff, Moore Co. NC and was a founding member of the Masonic Lodge, Pansophia Lodge No. 25. Peter was a Presbyterian and helped found the Bethesda Church ca1788. He died in Moore Co. NC and his estate was divided on 17 May 1828 in that county.
S5.4.1 Isabella BLUE 
S5.4.2* Malcolm BLUE (1785-1866+), m. Viney MERRITT.
S5.4.3* Duncan BLUE (ca1786-bef1828), m. Tiny BRABHAM.
S5.4.4 Catherine ÒCreasyÓ BLUE, m. Duncan McLEAN.
S5.4.5 Sarah BLUE 
S5.4.6* John BLUE (d.1848), m. Flora Sophia McNEILL (b.1796).
S5.4.7* Archibald D. BLUE (1789-1856), m. _____ _____.
S5.4.8* Daniel BLUE (1792-1865), m.1843 Mary Luvenia Elizabeth "Viney" GILMORE (b.ca1823).
S5.4.9* Peter BLUE (1795-1862), m1. Mary _____, m2. Mary "Polly" McDONALD (1812-1903).
S5.4.10* Hector Patrick BLUE (1803-1879), m.1831 Mary McKINNON (1810-1882).

S5.5 John BLUE (ca1759-ca1835), m. _____ _____. One researcher quoted in C1 says that he settled on Mountain Creek in Hoke Co. NC and had a son Colin Bethune BLUE and a "sole descendant" in 1917, Colin L. BLUE. However, Kelly in reference C1 accepts another researcher's contention that this account is "quite mistaken", and gives John two sons, Daniel and John. Bob Blue in C39 accepts the "possibility" that this John was one of the Guinea Blues, however, he suggests a relationship with William BLUE (ca1756-1829) [S12.].
S5.5.1* Daniel BLUE (1785-1855/60), m. Elizabeth SMITH (1792-aft1860).
S5.5.2 Mary BLUE (b.ca1798). Probably never married.
S5.5.3 John BLUE (b.1800). Reference C1 indicates that John had married and had daughters Mary and Christian. Evaluation of 1830, 1840, 1850 and 1860 census records of Robeson Co. lead this compiler to the conclusion that the two ladies are John's sisters, rather than his daughters. This John appears to be unmarried through 1860, and probably never married.
S5.5.4 Christian BLUE (b.ca1803). Probably never married.

S6 - The Bridge BLUE Family

S6. Angus BLUE (1733-1823), m. Flora _____ (1746-1827). He was born in Scotland, apparently a native of the Isle of Jura in Argyllshire. Flora also was born in Scotland and died in Moore Co. NC. They came to NC ca1803, and settled near Blue's Bridge (then called Coleman's Bridge) on Drowning Creek in Moore Co. Both are buried at the Old Bethesda Presbyterian Cemetery, Aberdeen, Moore Co. Angus wrote a will, dated 28 Aug 1818, which is on file at the Moore Co. Courthouse. This Blue family was said to be "rough" and were sometimes called the "Cussing Blues", to distinguish them from the [S1.] and [S4.] Blue families who were all staid Presbyterians. They were "great money makers and keen traders". Reference B16 says he died 1828, age 90. This may be a case of someone confusing a "3" and an "8" on the gravestone.
S6.1* Daniel BLUE (1768-1844), m. Catherine McLAURIN (1765-1859).

S7 - John BLUE of Bladen Co., NC

S7. John BLUE (ca1745-1820), m. Mary McLEAN (b.1750/60). He was born in Scotland and settled in Bladen Co. NC. He appears in the 1790, 1800, 1810 and 1820 census listings for Bladen Co. He was ordained as ruling elder of Old Brown Marsh Presbyterian Church in 1814. His widow appears to have been living in the household of her daughter-in-law Catherine, widow of Dugald, in the 1840 census.
S7.1* Dugald (Duncan) BLUE (b.ca1777), m. Catherine "Katie" McKEITHAN (b.ca1780).
S7.2 Margaret "Peggy" BLUE (b.ca1784/1794), prob. m.1827 Dugald RAY. He appears to have died before 1850, for in 1850 and 1860 Margaret was living with her sister Nancy Ann. Her age is given as 66 years in both censuses.
S7.3* Flora BLUE, m. Neil McCOLLUM.
S7.4 Nancy Ann BLUE (b.ca1786). Never married.
S7.5* John R. BLUE (1788-1867), m.1822 Catherine McCALL (1795-1867).
S7.6* Mary "Polly" BLUE, m. Neill CLARK (b.ca1795).
S7.7 Duncan BLUE (not positive). Did he live in Marion Co. SC?

S8 - North Gage and River BLUE Family

S8. _____ BLUE, m. _____ _____. Prior to their emigration in 1803/4, the North Gage and River BLUEs lived in Argyllshire, Scotland. Argyll militia records during the 1797 to 1803 time period, extracted by Mr. Ian McDONALD (reference A11), indicate that a John BLUE lived in Barbea Dounie and Drynoch, Dugald (Duncan) BLUE lived in Glensaul, and Daniel (Donald) BLUE lived in Arichonan, all towns being in Argyllshire. Other BLUEs in these records are Allan BLUE of Arichonan, Alexander BLUE of Glensaul, John BLUE of Castle Sween, and Dugald BLUE of Bellanach. These may be brothers, or cousins, who did not emigrate. Other men having the surname McGURMAN/McGUIRMAN/etc, who may be BLUEs are also listed in this record. Malcolm and John settled in North Gage, Oneida Co. NY. Dugald initially went to Norfolk VA but in 1804 he joined his brothers in North Gage. The name "River BLUE" was derived from the location in which Daniel BLUE settled: the Little River area of Moore Co. NC. Reference C44 indicates that the father of this BLUE family might be Archibald BLUE, and that his father was John BLUE. This supposition was based on a baptismal record at Grianan, just north of the Carradale on the east coast of Kintire, just south of Knapdale. This was the baptism of John, son of Archibald BLUE, on 20 Jun 1762. This compiler doubts that this John is the North Gage John BLUE. It would be most unusual for John to be baptized at age 15 years.
S8.1* John BLUE (1747-1835), m. Mary McLEAN (1753-1837).
S8.2* Malcolm BLUE (1748-1828), m. Flora JOHNSTON (1758-1809).
S8.3* Dugald (Duncan) BLUE (1766-1853), m.1797 Catherine McKELLER (1773-1850).
S8.4* Daniel (Donald) BLUE (1770-1858), m.bef1790 Flora Christian LAMONDS/LAMONT (1774-1865?).

S8.1 John BLUE (1747-1835), m. Mary McLEAN (1753-1837). They were born in Scotland and lived in the North Knapdale Parish Many of the children listed below were baptized there. The records indicate that John used the surname McGUIRMIN in the 1782-1790 time period. They came to America in 1803 with his brothers Malcolm and Dugald, and settled in the North Gage, Oneida Co. area of NY state. John purchased Lot #1 of Great Lot 54, containing 71 acres, located in the northern part of Gage's Patent.  John and Mary are buried at North Gage NY.
S8.1.1 Allen BLUE (1778-1858), m. Isabell _____ (1788-1874). No issue.
S8.1.2 Sally BLUE, m. _____ _____. Had at least 2 sons and 2 daughters. One of each married as of 1849.
S8.1.3* Duncan BLUE (1781-1871), m1. Flora HAGGART (1798-1832), m2. Helen _____ (1789-1864).
S8.1.4 Marion BLUE (bp.1782) (female). baptized at Lechnaban, North Knapdale, Argyllshire, Scotland.
S8.1.5 Katherine BLUE (bp.1787), m. Daniel ROBERTSON. She was baptized at Arichonan, North Knapdale, Argyllshire, Scotland. No issue.
S8.1.6 Effie BLUE (bp.1790). baptized at Arichonan, North Knapdale, Argyllshire, Scotland.
S8.1.7 Archibald BLUE (bp.1792-1875). baptized at Arichonan, North Knapdale, Argyllshire, Scotland. Never married.
S8.1.8 John BLUE (bp.1792). baptized at Arichonan, North Knapdale, Argyllshire, Scotland.

S8.2 Malcolm BLUE (1748-1828), m. Flora JOHNSTON (1758-1809). He was born at North Knapdale, Argyllshire, Scotland. He came to America in 1803 and settled in the extreme north end of the town of Deerfield, Oneida Co. NY, which later became North Gage. Malcolm purchased Lot #1 (136 acres) of Great Lot 55 in the northern half of Gage's Patent. He sold 50 acres to each of his sons, Daniel and Alexander, and retained 36 acres for his home. He later deeded this land to his youngest son Gilbert and lived with him in his later years. Malcolm died there and is buried at Gravesville, Herkimer Co. NY. Flora is also buried at Gravesville. Only four of their children appear in the baptismal records of North Knapdale (reference A12). The others have been compiled by Robert Blue of San Rafael and appear in reference C1.
S8.2.1* John M. BLUE (1780-1860), m. Margaret McVEAN (1790-1870).
S8.2.2 Catherine BLUE (1781-1851), m.bef1803 Daniel McKAY (1776-1866). No issue. They adopted her nephew, Malcolm A. BLUE [S8.2.7.3]. They also adopted Matilda NASH who m. John H. HAGGART. Their daughter, Catherine HAGGART (1828-1883), m. Archibald BLUE [S8.2.7.1].
S8.2.3* Daniel BLUE (1784-1849), m1.1815 Mary McCALL (1793-1825), m2.1826 Janet ROBINSON (b.ca1794).
S8.2.4 Mary BLUE, m. Peter McMILLAN. They lived in Laurel Hill NC.
S8.2.5 Sally BLUE (d.1841), m. _____ _____. Had eight children, five boys and three girls. Lived in MI.
S8.2.6 Isabelle BLUE, m. _____ _____. She had eight children, five boys and three girls. They lived near her brother John at Riga, Monroe Co. NY. She was living in 1849.
S8.2.7* Alexander BLUE (1788-1872), m1.1817 Christina McVEAN (1797-1822), m2.1825 Mary BLUE (1800-1883) [S8.3.2].
S8.2.8 Archibald BLUE (bp1789-1816). Never married.
S8.2.9 Angus BLUE (bp1791).
S8.2.10 Neil BLUE 
S8.2.11 Dugald BLUE (bp1795).
S8.2.12 Ann BLUE (bp1800).
S8.2.13* Gilbert BLUE (1803-1829), m.1824 Isabell SMITH (1805-1887).

S8.3 Dugald (Duncan) BLUE (1766-1853), m.1797 Catherine McKELLER (1773-1850). They both were born in Argyllshire, Scotland, he at North Knapdale. They were married in Scotland. They came to America in 1803, first settling at Norfolk VA. He was opposed to slavery, so in 1804 they joined his brothers Malcolm and John in Oneida Co. NY. He purchased 33 acres in Lot #4 of Great Lot 54. In 1819 he sold this land and they again moved, this time to Herkimer Co. NY, and settled in the town of Russia. Dugald appears in the census of Herkimer Co. from 1820 through 1850. He died at Russia and is buried at Gravesville, Herkimer Co. NY.
S8.3.1 Sally BLUE, died at age five.
S8.3.2 Mary BLUE (1800-1883), m. 1825 Alexander BLUE (1788-1872) [S8.2.7]. No issue. His children from a prior marriage are given under his number in the 3rd generation section.
S8.3.3 Sally BLUE, m. _____ McINTOSH.
S8.3.4* Catherine BLUE (1808-1876), m.1830 Thomas McINTOSH.
S8.3.5 John BLUE (1810-1852). Never married.
S8.3.6* Archibald BLUE (1812-1875), m1.1847 Catherine LAUDER (1819-1854), m2. Mary (WALKER) ALMY (1828-1878).

S8.4 Daniel (Donald) BLUE (1770-1858), m.bef1790 Flora Christian LAMONDS/LAMONT (1774-1865?). He is known as "River" Daniel, a name based on the location of his settlement in Moore Co. NC in 1804-Little River. They both were born in Scotland and emigrated from the Isle of Jura, Argyllshire, on the ship "Pandora". On 24 Oct 1804, Daniel purchased some land and a log house in Moore Co. from Rev. John WARNER. This house, located near the junction of Wads Creek and Little River, became the Home Farm of this line of BLUEs. Daniel was a farmer and at one time, with his son Daniel, owned 1000 acres of land. He was a ruling elder of the Union Presbyterian Church and is buried at Union Cemetery. He lived the last few years of his life with his daughter, Mary, and her husband, and is listed with them in the 1850 census of Moore Co. According to C1, Christian is buried at Bethesda Cemetery, Aberdeen NC. It was believed that she went there to live with her sister, and Daniel went to live with his daughter, Mary. This conclusion may be in error. There is a Christian BLUE, d.1865, age 71 years, buried at the Bethesda Cemetery, but this is judged to be [S6.1.2] of the Bridge Blue family. The compiler has searched the 1850 and 1860 NC censuses and can find Donald (Daniel) living with his daughter Mary's family in 1850, but there are no Floras or Christians in either census that could be Daniel's wife. One is tempted to conclude that Flora Christian died before 1850.
S8.4.1* Catherine "Katie" BLUE (1790-1885), m. John LEACH.
S8.4.2* Christian BLUE (1792-1870), m. Alexander LEACH (1784-1886).
S8.4.3 Nancy BLUE (bp.1800). baptized at North Knapdale, Argyllshire. Probably died young; didn't come to America.
S8.4.4 Sarah BLUE (bp.1801). baptized at North Knapdale, Argyllshire. Probably died young; didn't come to America.
S8.4.5* Mary BLUE (1802-1858), m. Kenneth BLACK (1793-1875).
S8.4.6 Daniel D. BLUE (1804-1882), m. Anna BLUE (1804-1893) [S1.1.8]. Their children are listed under her number in the 3rd generation section of the Lakeview Blue family.
S8.4.7* Sarah "Sally" BLUE (1806-1854), m. Archibald Buie CURRIE (1814-1879).

S9 - John BLUE Family of SC and GA

S9. John BLUE (b.1780), m. Mary McDONALD. They lived in either Chesterfield or Marion Co. SC. Some of their descendants went to GA. Reference C1 says this John was a son of Dugald BLUE (1753-1836) [S4.5], however, Bob Blue of San Rafael disputes that claim.
S9.1* John BLUE (b.1807), m.1836 Mary McLEOD (b.ca1815).

S10 - Archibald BLUE Family of SC and GA

S10. Archibald BLUE (b.ca1794), m.1825 Flora McMILLAN (b.ca1798). He was born in SC and she in NC. They were married in Cumberland Co. NC. By 1840 they were living in Crawford Co. GA, and in 1850 they were living in Dooly Co. GA. In 1860 Flora was living in Gum Creek, Dooly Co. with two daughters, Mary and Flora.
S10.1* Samuel BLUE (b.ca1823), m1. Margaret _____ (b.ca1826), m2. Susanna _____ (b.ca1830), prob.m3. Elizabeth ( ) GROOM (b.ca1830).
S10.2 Mary A. BLUE (b.ca1827).
S10.3 William A. BLUE (b.ca1830). Was he living in Lowndes Co. GA in 1880?
S10.4 Isabella J. BLUE (b.ca1835), m.1855 James COLLINS in Dooly Co. GA.
S10.5 Flora Ann BLUE (b.ca1838).
S10.6 Gustavus BLUE (b.ca1839).

S11 - Effie (BLUE) GALBREATH of Cumberland Co., NC

S11. Effie BLUE, m.1780 Neil GALBREATH (1739-1810). He was probably born in Scotland and they were probably married in Cumberland Co. NC. Neil was previously married to Ann CAMPBELL (1744-1778) and had three children, Margaret GALBREATH (b.1770), Malcolm GALBREATH (b.1773) and John GALBREATH (b.1775). Effie may be a daughter of Malcolm and Elizabeth BLUE [S2.] who lived in Cumberland Co.
S11.1 Elizabeth GALBREATH (b.ca1780), m.1803 Neill BLUE (1777-1852)[S4.2.2]. Their children are listed in the 3rd generation section of the [S4.] Malcolm BLUE of Cantyre family.
S11.2 Daniel GALBREATH (b.1782).
S11.3* James GALBREATH (1785-ca1834), m1. _____ _____, m2.1815 Elizabeth _____ (1798-1855).
S11.4 Duncan GALBREATH (b.1787).
S11.5 Peter GALBREATH (b.1789).
S11.6 Barbara GALBREATH (b.1792).
S11.7 Marion GALBREATH (b.1795), m. Daniel McSWAIN.
S11.8 Mary GALBREATH (b.1798).

S12 - William BLUE of SC and NC

S12. William BLUE (ca1756-1829), m. Mary? _____. He had a land grant on the north side of Buckhorn Swamp in Robeson Co. NC on 18 May 1789. He died in Marion Co. SC, where he was living at the time of the censuses of 1810 and 1820. In 1790 he was in the Georgetown District of SC (which included present day Marion Co.), and in 1800 he lived in Liberty Co. which was the same as Marion Co. Reference C50 states: "I believe he came in from Marion Co. SC. I further believe there were two contemporary William Blues in these areas, perhaps cousins or father and son. One William is said to have been born in Kintire, Scotland. He may have had a brother Daniel (ca1760-1838) who died in Glynn Co. GA. Another brother may have been Duncan. Another brother may have been John (ca175_-ca1835). His father may have been Daniel. Meager data exists on his children but I am suggesting they were: William, Daniel, Alexander, and two daughters, names unknown. Also, Archibald (b.1796)".
S12.1 William BLUE. His existence is based on the 1800 census of Marion Co. SC in which his father is described as William BLUE Sr. However, in those days the Jr/Sr nomenclature was used to distinguish between any two members of the community having the same name, not just father and son.
S12.2* Daniel BLUE (ca179_-bef1850), m.1824 Catherine McARTHUR (b.ca1805).
S12.3* Alexander BLUE (1801-1879), m.1837 Ann Hobson ALFORD (b.ca1805).
S12.4* Archibald BLUE (b.ca1806), m. Margaret Catherine CHAPMAN (b.ca1819). Probable son of William.
S12.5* (Daughter) BLUE, m. Daniel McDUFFIE.
S12.6 (Daughter) BLUE, m. _____ CAMPBELL.
(In the 1850 census of Marion Co. SC, a Mary BLUE, age 45, and a Catherine BLUE, age 43, are listed as living next door to Alexander BLUE [S12.3]. They are probably the two daughters referred to above.)

S13 - James D. BLUE of Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY

S13. James D. BLUE (b.1846), m. Catherine "Kate" FARRELL (b.1849). He was born in Scotland and she in New York City, NY. They were living in Brooklyn, Kings Co. NY, in 1880 and 1900.
S13.1 William J. BLUE (b.1872), m. Lillian _____ (b.1874).
S13.2 Edward BLUE (b.1875).
S13.3* Alexander BLUE (1878-1905), m. Adele/Adela SCOTT (1885-1937).
S13.4 Marian BLUE (b.1886).
[Note: The child Alexander, above, is called Alexander in the 1880 census (B258) and Alfred in the 1900 census (B259). In 1900 there was an Alexander BLUE (b.1882 NY) in Suffolk Co. NY.]

S14 - Miles D. BLUE of TN and TX

S14. Miles D. BLUE (1811-1873), m1.1841 Leah BROYLES (1822-bef1866), m2.1866 Ann W. (_____) HESTER. He was born in NC and Leah was born in TN, based on the 1850 and 1860 censuses. They were married in Washington Co. TN, where Miles was living (alone) in 1840. She was a daughter of Michael and Margaret (NEWBERRY) BROYLES. They initially moved to MO, then were living in Henderson Co. TX in 1850. In this census they are five pages away from Moses H. BLUE [S3.2.1]. By 1860 they were living in Erath Co. TX, where he was a stock farmer. By 1864 he was on the tax rolls of Bosque Co. TX and he married Ann there in 1866. Miles and Ann raised four children, William T., Mary Elizabeth, Robert P. and Susan L. HESTER, who were her children from a prior marriage.
First marriage:
S14.1* Martha Ann BLUE (b.1843), m1.1861 Daniel Allen RAINEY (1837-1867), m2.1870 William B. ALLEN (ca1828-1892).
S14.2 Margaret Jane BLUE (1843-1858). Twin of Martha.
S14.3 Harvey A. BLUE (1845-1845).
S14.4* Peter F. BLUE (b.1848), m.1871 Mary Elizabeth HESTER (b.1855).
S14.5* Laura Frances BLUE (1850-1924), m.1870 James Joseph WYATT (1836-1919).
S14.6 Arkansas BLUE (1850-1850). Twin of Laura. 

S15 - Duncan BLUE of Cumberland Co., NC

S15. Duncan BLUE (d.1775), m. _____ _____. He first appeared in Cumberland Co. NC on 6 Jul 1756 when he took up land from Hugh BROWN. This land was on the southwest side of Cape Fear River, opposite the Silver Run land of William ROWAN. His will was written 6 Nov 1773 and was proved Jul 1775. An inventory of his estate was submitted Oct 1775 by Duncan and Daniel BLUE. Bob BLUE of San Rafael CA believed that he was a brother of Malcolm BLUE (1700-1766) [S4.]. This Duncan BLUE may be the recipient of a VA land grant, as abstracted in B322: "DUNCOM BLEW, 228 acs. Amelia Co. on the lower side of Sandy Riv. on both sides the Road, in the Head of a br.; adj. Daniel Brown, Lester, Searcey, King & Childrey; 20 Sep 1748, p.401. for the Importation of 5 persons to dwell within this our Colony and Dominion of Virginia who Names are Duncom BLEW, Ann BLEW, Elianor BLEW, Mary [email protected] Catherine BLEW."
S15.1* Duncan BLUE (bef1755-ca1829), m1.ca1787 Mary WATSON, possibly m2. Elizabeth _____ (b.ca1767).
S15.2 Catherine BLUE 
S15.3* Daniel BLUE (ca1740-ca1814), m. Ann _____.
S15.4 Elizabeth BLUE 
S15.5 Mary BLUE, m. _____ CAMPBELL.

S16 - Malcolm BLUE of Colonsay, Argyllshire

S16. John BLUE, m. Jenny CRAWFORD. They lived on the island of Colonsay in Argyleshire, Scotland. All of the following children except Malcolm appear in the baptismal records of Colonsay. So there is a question about including Malcolm in this family
S16.1* Malcolm BLUE (1799-bef1860), m. Mary McMILLAN (b.1804).
S16.2 Archibald BLUE (bp.1801).
S16.3 Mary BLUE (bp.1806).
S16.4 Neil BLUE (bp.1810).
S16.5 (Child) BLUE (bp.1811).
S16.6 Alex BLUE (bp.1817).

PER C58/9
S16. Malcolm BLUE (b.1770), m. _____ _____. Malcolm appears in the 1841 census of Riskbuie, Colonsay, Scotland, as a 70 year old man, and appears to be living with his daughter-in-law Mary and her children.
S16.1* Malcolm BLUE, m. Mary McMILLAN (1805?-1905).
Note: The marriage license of Duncan BLUE [S16.1.3] shows his father as Malcolm. Therefore the husband of Mary is shown here as Malcolm. It is possible that Malcolm BLUE (b.1770) was the husband of Mary.

S16. John BLUE, m. Mary McNEILL. Their children were baptized at Colonsay, Argyllshire, Scotland.
S16.1* Malcolm BLUE (bp.1811), m. Mary McMILLAN (b.180?).
S16.2 Flory BLUE (bp.1811).

S16.1 Malcolm BLUE (1770/1799/1811-bef1860), m. Mary McMILLAN (1804/5-1905). He was born at Colonsay, Argyleshire, Scotland. Malcolm did not come to North America. He died in Scotland. Mary died in Canada. Mary was a daughter of Duncan and Bell (CURIE) McMILLAN. The family is listed in the 1841 and 1851 censuses of Riskbuie on Colonsay.
S16.1.1* John BLUE (b.1832), m.1860 Ann CAMPBELL (b.ca1837).
S16.1.2* Grace/Girsal BLUE (b.1838), m1. _____ _____, m2.1862 John McAULEY (b.ca1826).
S16.1.3* Duncan BLUE (1840-ca1900), m.1863 Janet/Jenna LIVINGSTON (b.1838).
S16.1.4* Barbara BLUE (1843-1920), m.1867 Henry LAMBERT (1842-1929).
S16.1.5* Angus BLUE (b.ca1844), m.1861 Catherine GALBRAITH (b.1846).
S16.1.6* Alexander R. BLUE (b.1853), m.1885 Elizabeth REID.

S17 - Donald BLUE of Argyllshire and Nova Scotia
(Line of Pres. Ronald Wilson Reagan)

S17. Donald/Daniel BLUE (1799-1877), m.1815 Catherine McFARLAIN (b.ca1792/1801). He was born in Argyllshire, Scotland, probably at South Knapdale. They emigrated to Orangedale, Inverness Co., Nova Scotia, Canada, in March 1820. Later they settled in New Brunswick, then near Toronto. In 1839 they went to Clyde Twp., Whiteside Co. IL. The family is listed in that county in the 1850 and 1860 censuses. The move from Canada to Illinois was made as a result of Daniel's participation in the "Patriot's War", against the colonial government of Canada. To remain in Canada would have resulted in his imprisonment. Daniel died at Morrison IL. In addition to the following, they had three children who died in infancy.
S17.1* Jane BLUE (1817-1894), m. John WILSON (1809-1883).
S17.2 John BLUE (1822-1839). Never married. Died in Clyde Twp., Whiteside Co. IL.
S17.3* Alexander BLUE (1827-1859), m. Mary BESWICK (b.ca1828).
S17.4* Daniel BLUE (1835-1894), m1.1860 Helen R. BENJAMIN (d.1872), m2.1888 Ella (BIRT) HARN (1855-1922).
S17.5 Margaret BLUE (1828-1839). Died in Clyde Twp., Whiteside Co. IL.
S17.6* Isabella BLUE (b.1836), m. John BRETT.
S17.7 Charles BLUE (1837-1859). Never married.
S17.8* Catherine BLUE (b.1840), m1. _____ McKAY, m2. Dan ACKERMAN.

S18 - Daniel/Donald BLUE of Argyllshire, Scotland

S18. Daniel/Donald BLUE, m. Agnes GRAY. They lived at Campbelltown and Saddell, Argyllshire, Scotland.
S18.1 John BLUE (bp.1783). baptized at Campbelltown.
S18.2 Mary BLUE (bp.1785). baptized at Saddell.
S18.3* Dugald BLUE (1789-1866), m.1813 Elisabeth MONTGOMERY (1787-1856).

This line did not emigrate until the 4th generation:
S18.3.1.1 Robert Wilson BLUE (1835-1915), m.1858 Agnes McDOUGALL (1836-1904). He was born at West Kilbride, Scotland and she at Glasgow, Scotland. They were married at Glasgow. Robert and Agnes, and their first two children, arrived in Boston MA in 1863. They lived in the Boston area and both died there.
S18. Agnes BLUE (b.1859).
S18. Hugh BLUE (b.1862).
S18. Robert Wilson BLUE (b.1863).
S18. Alexander BLUE (b.1865).
S18. James McDougall BLUE (b.1868).
S18. Edith Caroline BLUE (b.1869).
S18.* William Montgomery BLUE (1873-1926), m.1897 Delia HARDIMAN (1880-1947).
S18. Frank BLUE (b.1877).
S18. Charles Walter BLUE (b.1880).

S19 - Catherine (BLUE) CURRIE of Richmond Co., NC

S19. Catherine "Kate" BLUE, m. John CURRIE (d.aft1834). They are believed to have been born on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and were probably married in Scotland. They came to North Carolina and became members of Harmony Church near Ellerbe, Richmond Co. NC. One source says they lived at Pine Bluff near Aberdeen in Moore Co. NC, but census records locate the family in Richmond Co. in 1850 and later years. The order of the following children is unknown and the existence of John Jr is questionable.
S19.1 Duncan CURRIE Jr
S19.2 Mary "Mollie" CURRIE, m. _____ WATSON.
S19.3 Jane CURRIE, m. _____ McLEAN.
S19.4* Sarah CURRIE (1785-aft1880), m.1814 Duncan McLEAN.
S19.5 Neal CURRIE
S19.6 Margaret "Peggy" CURRIE
S19.7 Malcolm CURRIE
S19.8 John "Cooper John" CURRIE Jr

S20 - Malcolm BLUE of Campbelltown, Argyllshire, Scotland

S20. Malcolm BLUE (ca1824-1898), m. Catherine "Katie" LOYNACHAN (1826-1912). They were born in Scotland and emigrated from Campbelltown, Argyllshire, Scotland to Washington Co. OH in 1853. They were drawn to Washington Co. by reports from friends that land was available there. Malcolm and Catherine found work with the Rev. Dyar BURGESS at Constitution in Washington Co. They earned $15 per month and saved their money. As their sons grew older, they worked to help the family, and by 1875 Malcolm held deeds to 1550 acres of land in Warren and Dunham Twps. of Washington Co. There was timber on the land, so the family went into the hauling business. Also, Malcolm and Malcolm Jr operated a stone quarry on some of their land. At harvest time, in 1898, Malcolm Sr was stung about the head by bumble bees. This poisened him so he died later that fall. Catherine was living with her son Sandy in 1900 in Warren Twp., Washington Co.
S20.1 Hugh BLUE (b.ca1848). Born in Scotland. He traveled west and never returned to Washington Co. OH. Hugh appears to have been living at Carr, Weld Co. CO in 1900. He was single and had six boarders living with him at that time.
S20.2* Malcolm D. BLUE (b.ca1850), m. Mary HAWKINS? (b.ca1851).
S20.3 James BLUE (b.ca1853). May have died young.
S20.4 Peter BLUE (b.ca1855). He appears to have been living in Whitewater, Mesa Co. CO in 1900. He was single and working as a servant to Thomas A. HOOD.
S20.5* Margaret J. BLUE (b.ca1859), m. Hiram DEMING.
S20.6* Sandy BLUE (b.1862), m. Katherine H. "Katie" OESTERLE (b.1865).
S20.7 Mary BLUE (b.1862), twin of Sandy.
S20.8 James BLUE (b.1866), m. Charlotte DEMING. No issue.

S21 - Archibald BLUE of Mariposa, Ontario, Canada

S21. Malcolm BLUE (1721-1799), m1. Sarah _____, m2. Jeannie _____.
S21.1* Neil BLUE (1774-1819), m. Mary _____.

This line did not emigrate until the 4th generation:
S21.1.1.1 Archibald BLUE (b.1830), m. Mary McPHAIL. He was born in Scotland and emigrated with his family to Canada in the mid-1850's. Their first five children were born in Scotland and their last son, Neil, was born at Mariposa, Ontario, Canada, so it is presumed that Archibald and Mary lived at Mariposa at least for a short time after arriving in Canada. Archibald and Mary both died in Canada.
S21. Mary BLUE (b.1848).
S21. Caterrein BLUE (b.1849).
S21. Sarah BLUE (b.1851), m. Alexander _____.
S21. Archey BLUE (b.1852).
S21. Malcolm BLUE (b.1853).
S21.* Neil BLUE (1857-1934), m.1883 Margaret Ellen LOWERY (1865-1930).