Acker Photo Album
Acker Photo Album

Anne Laura Acker - 1898 - Photograph Benjamin Dunham Acker - Photograph - Circa Mid-1920s
Anne Laura Acker
(Annie Laura)
Year: 1898
Age: 27

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Benjamin Dunham Acker
Year: circa mid-1920s

Other Images (McFadden)

Charles Backus Acker - Photograph - Circa Mid-1920s
Charles Backus Acker
Year: circa mid-1920s

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Henrietta Maude (Mugridge) Acker - Photograph
Henrietta Maude (Mugridge) Acker
Year: Unknown

Photo courtesy of Keith David Hensel

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Joseph Bernard Acker - Photograph - Circa Mid-1920s Lillian Acker - 1894 - Photograph
Joseph Bernard Acker
Year: circa mid-1920s

Additional Photos

Lillian Acker
("Lil Lil")
Year: 1894
Age: 32

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Mary Ellen (Acker) Lowery - Photograph - Early 1930s - Brooklyn, NY
Mary Ellen (Acker) Lowery
Year: early 1930s
Picture taken at 1202 Avenue N, Brooklyn, NY
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