Maxine Hodges Stars in a 1915 Play in Los Angeles
Actress in 1915 Play - Maxine Hodges

The image shown below, which was cropped from a 1915 article in the Los Angeles Times, depicts Maxine Hodges at age twelve and describes the role in a play that she was to appear in at the Mason Theater in Los Angeles. Maxine was cast for the part of "little Miss Strickland" in the courtroom play titled "On Trial."

Maxine, born Bernadette Maxine Hodges on July 25, 1903 in Brooklyn, New York, was the daughter of Bernadette Marie (Delaney) Hodges and Jesse Thomas Hodges." 1

Grace Kingsley, in her column titled "At The Stage Door," described how Maxine came to be in the play as follows:

"Mr. and Mrs. Hodges of Brooklyn, N.Y., hoped their little daughter Maxine would become a successor to Geneo or Pavlova [because] she danced to well. Miss Maxine rebelled at the chorus work as a stepping stone, decided to accept any other kind of stage work as a means of getting on, and influenced Cohan and Harris to cast her for the child part in 'On Trial'." Now at the grand old age of 12 she is a budding star in melodrama and doesn't care enough about the ballet even to read Gertrude Hoffman's Sunday magazine supplement essays."

The caption below the picture of Maxine read, in part, that she "brings many clever and winsome traits to bear effectively upon the role which she assumes, according to all accounts."

Maxine's Application for Social Security Number, Form SS-5, Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service, signed and dated July 3, 1943 (SSN 092-20-170).

Source: Los Angeles Times, November 19, 1915, page III4.

1915 Los Angeles Times Column About Maxine Hodges Appearing in a Play Titled "On Trial"
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