Loretta & Jeanne Phinney - Easter in Miami - 1933

Loretta and Jeanne Phinney Visit Miami Beach

This 1933 article from the Society page of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, shown in the image below , indicates that Loretta (Delaney) Phinney and her young daughter Jeanne Phinney were spending the Easter holidays in Miami Beach with Loretta's niece, Mrs. Maxine Rickard.1 Jeanne would have been about seven and one-half years old at the time of the visit to Florida.2 By 1933, Maxine already was a widow, her husband George L. "Tex" Rickard having died suddenly in 1929.3 One of Loretta (Delaney) Phinney's sisters was Bernadette (Delaney) Hodges, the mother of Maxine (Hodges) Rickard, making Maxine Rickard the niece of Loretta.4 This small newspaper article also provides the Phinney family address in 1933: 2601 Beverly Road, Queens, New York.

1 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Monday, April 17, 1933, p. 17 (Society page).
2 The census taken on April 29, 1930, gives Jeanne Phinney's age as four years and seven months. Thus, in 1933 she would have been about seven and one-half years of age. 1930 U.S. Census, T626 Roll 1595 Sheet 15A ED 286 Supervisors District 34 AD 4, Flushing, Queens, New York.
3 George Lewis Rickard, Certificate of Death, Number 427, January 6, 1929, Florida State Board of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics.
4 For more about the relationships, see The Maxine and Tex Story ... And the Connection to the Delaney Family, by Robert F. Delaney. Also, see the John Francis Delaney family story.

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